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Tseng fic. His father had once told him that only the gods could build mountains that time could not weather, and there were no gods to be found in Shinra.

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He'd been at the top of a mountain before, once or twice. At the time he'd still been a child living in Wutai with his parents. Then he'd been impressed by the size of the Da Chao and how easy it was to see all the small details from such impressive heights. He'd stood on the balls of this tiny feet to peer as far over the rock as he could, young mind busy admiring how everything fit into a much larger, but far more beautiful and elaborate picture.

His tiny village looked so much smaller and more spread out from his newfound vantage point. Their small home looked so insignificant, he'd told his father with all the awe of a seven year old boy. The man had laughed and ruffled his hair affectionately, telling him what a precocious boy he was to be using such big words so young and reassured him it was all right if they're house looked to be too small. Everything in Wutai fell naturally into place as the gods willed it to, after all, so there was no need to worry..

Many things happened then, and years later, he climbed to a new peak in a new city. Though at first he marveled at the beauty that shown on it's fragile shell, too soon the rot inside became apparent. Shinra was a different kind of mountain, the built on lies and surplus of greed instead of a solid foundation, and Midgar was a landscape of treachery and death, instead of the simple beauty he was used to.

Here, though everything did at least fall into its carefully manipulated place in President Shinra's plans, there was too much chaos, and nothing was natural anymore here, except the lifestream Shinra's reactors sucked from the precious earth. Mechanical and lifeless people fit into their niches, going about their routine lives like dolls in a rich child's oversized dollhouse, at once fearing, hating, and admiring the company that had built and bought itself into a new god for the world to pay homage to.

Now that the peacefulness of the home he remembered from his childhood was gone, the chaos of this new world drove him daily to seek out time to pray to his gods. Though at times his attempts to hold on to something pure, calm, and unchanging were near desperation, they drove away the frantic pace of his day and brought to his heart something soothing and familiar. Prayer served to drive from his mind the thoughts of a mountain and empire that would surely one day crumble beneath the vast stupidity of an irresponsible, uncaring, and foolish king, and the lies and treachery that withered away his kingdom from under him.

His father had once told him that only the gods could build mountains that time could not weather, and there were no gods to be found in Shinra. Stuck on top of the new and rotting mountain, Tseng found himself wishing for the mountain he'd once climbed with his father, and for the calmness of home.

But he could never go back.

Instead, he would stand at the peak as ordered, with his pride intact, and try not to fall when the mountain finally crumbled.


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