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I don't think anybody feels the way i do about you know

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A/N: this is my first one shot.
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"I do" I smiled.
I have been waiting for my whole life this day. In front of me was my reason to live. The reason blood pumped through my veins.
We had done it. Despite what everyone had said. We got married.

This isn't the end of our story.
It's really just the beginning.
If I could tell, you how long I had been waiting for this you wouldn't believe me.

"You may now kiss the bride" I grinned.
I always imagined this as the best part of a wedding. This would be the best kiss ever.
The first kiss of man and wife.

Let me tell you how it began.

"Is this seat taken" I looked up from my Harry Potter. To find the most beautiful women ever standing in front of me.

She had perfect brunette hair, which was tied back in a loose bun.

She wore, black rimmed glasses which rested in front of her crystal blue eyes.
Her top read. I am the dreamer you are the dream. Clandestine. Her legs were covered by black striped drainpipes.

"No" I smiled showing off my stupid teeth.
Man I was such a dork.

"You like Fall out boy" She questioned pointing at my black ipod.

Shit. Was she gonna think I was some kinda scene kid?

"Uuugh....Yeah" I said barley above a whisper.

Anyway. We talked more. About life, Family, music whatever really.

I got so involved in conversation I ended up in Chicago. Luckily Lizzi, let me stay at hers.

I stayed there for two weeks.

Our friendship grew. But I always wanted more.

One day I couldn't take it anymore. I kissed her. She returned it. And ever since that moment, we have been madly in love.

We encountered our fair share of problems. Like her Brother who was called Jon, disapproved saying I was some dumb emo kid.

We didn't care though. We were young and in love.

My band. Called Panic! At the disco. Hit the big time. She was there through all of it. Cheering me on.

We moved in together. We spent every living moment together. My friends were her friends.

On May 17th 2009, I proposed.
We had been dating for five years.
Much to my delight, she agreed.

Which brings me back to now.
At the alter. My best friend since I was a young boy as a best man. My three band mates at the front by my mom and sisters.

It's time like this I truly know that I am the luckiest man in the world.

"Come on Lizzi Ruby Smith" I whispered in my wife's ear as we walked back down the aisle.

Who would all this would have happened to me?
Plain old boring.
Spencer Smith.

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