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Saint Dane's Secret Hobby

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Saint Dane has a secret hobby. What could it be? deswtruction? Nope. Read this, and you'll never be able to look at saint Dane the same way EVER again.

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Saint dane walked silently down the hall. After his Succsess on Veelox, knowing Bobby wouldnt be able to stop it, he had returned to secound earth for some relaxation before heading to Eelong. He was in a house that at one time belonged to someone else. Saint Dane got rid of the person in his own fashion and took the house, with everything in it. Saint Dane stopped infront of a computer. He sat down infront of it and typed in his password which was 'screw_pendragon'. He laughed softly as he opened the internet broswer... And went to Ebay. He looked over many items before finding the item he desired. Using the house's old inhabitant's account he began to bid on a neon Seahorse Benie Baby.
"Come on. The bid is going to last for only another ten minutes." Saint Dane said. He had placed a bid for twenty dollors. Soon someone had placed a higher bid than him, at 30 dollors.
"What th-. Mrcheaps again?!? This tiem I will not be out bid by you again!" Saint Dane said angerly. He bid for fifty dollors. Confident that Mrcheaps would not go higher. Mrcheaps rose his bid to 60 dollors.
"What? Grrr." Saint Dane growled. He bid even higher, at 100 dollors. The bidding proccess was going to last for another 60 secounds. Saint Dane gave a 'Hmph' in triumph. He looked at the screen, expecting to see that he had won, when he grasped the monitor in shock.
"W-What?!?" Saint Dane said in disbelief. Mrcheap had outbid him, by increasing his bid to 101 dollors at the last secound.
"Out bid by Mrcheap again?!? Your Territory is SO gone mister. After I take care of Eelong." Saint Dane said.


Far away, in Mark's room, Bobby Pendragon sat on Mark's bed with a laptop on his lap. Mark walked up and looked at the screen.
"You just spent 101 dollors on a beenie baby." Mark stated, handing him a drink.
"Yeah. It's for Courtny's Birthday. You know how she wanted it, and how I wasnt here for her birthday. So I decided to get this for her. I didnt think it the bidding would go this high though. Can you give it to Courtny when it gets here and tell her its from me?" Bobby asked Mark.
"Y'know. You have bought a beenie Baby each year for Cournty's birthday since you found out she liked them when we were little, but I will give it to her, and I will deliver the message." Mark said.
"I know. Thanks Mark. Well i'm gunna head back to Veelox now, After I get Loor anyway. Just hope they dont find out about this." Bobby said. He would never kow how the one who he has been bidding against fro beenie baby's for Cournty's birthdays , was Saint Dane. And Saint Dane was most likely glad that Bobby would never know.

this was based off of a pic i saw on Deviantart titled Saint Dane's hobby i think.
Who would have thought that Saint Dane collected Beenie Babys or was addicted to EBay?

Dislcaimer: i do not own, or claim to own saint dane or the Pendragon series. I wish i owned Spader though ^-^
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