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BRAND NEW STORY, but the storyline won't be given away until Chapter 2 is posted. XD

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Alrighty, here's a brand new story I've been working on. What is the story about? I can't tell you until Chapter 2 is posted. It helps build the suspense. XD

Now after reading the prologue to the story, as always R&R is always appreciated, but you can also go ahead and check out Chapter 1 to the story. Be sure to visit my profile page and click on my "HOMEPAGE" link to go check out the website that was just launched TODAY! (10/6/2005). Chapter 1 is posted as well as one extra chapters too ALL of my stories. That way you don't have to wait an extra two weeks for new stuff to be posted.

It especially applies to this story. Everywhere else, only the Prologue will be available and you have a wait a FULL month for the next chapter. At the website, you'll always be one chapter ahead than from the rest of the sites.

So I hope you enjoy "Entrapment", I hope you check out the website, and I hope you enjoy everything I've been offering so far.

Oh and I have never done this in any of my stories but...


This is an expected 10-15 chapter fan fiction based off the popular Dead Or Alive videogame (released on Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Sony Playstation 2, and Microsoft XBox) series given to us by Team Ninja/Tecmo. I, in no way, have no rights to following characters Hayate, Ayane, Kasumi, or any other character that is concurrent with the previously mentioned game releases in this fan fiction. This story was written for completly entertainment purposes.

Prologue - Final Battle

The afternoon sun stood high in the clouds shining its radiance over the green of southern Japan. In the forest, many types of life forms roamed the dirt ground. Bird's soared the air, deers pranced through the branches, snakes swam in the lakes, and nature continued its daily course as the wildlife enjoyed another day of their peaceful and secluded lifestyle.

A Mugen-Tenshin ninja sat amongst the trees patrolling the area that belong to the his clan for generations.

It was a boring job, but a highly important one. The slight hint of intrusion was warning enough to alert the needed members of the Mugen-Tenshin clan to eliminate any trespassers. Over the past few years, the clan has had their plentiful share of adventures. During this period of time, he and most of the clan was glad to see that things have died down for once.

First, their village was attacked by a former clan member. Then, it was the kunochi that turned her back on the clan, whom of which is still being hunted. Then their leader became missing as he, in rumor, attempted to murder the said shinobi, his sister. Then when the leader makes his return, he remembers nothing of the Mugen-Tenshin ways, styles, or traditions. Getting him to remember his past was an adventure of its own. Then, one of the Mugen-Tenshin elders was kidnapped, brainwashed, and forced to battle against his own clan. Lastly, war was declared on the corporate company that was behind it all.

So is this ninja finally happy that he is able to rest and stop fighting? Of course. Over the past few months he has enjoyed the sweet air of the natural green forest. Sure, he would love to test his skills in another mission or battle, but he knew that he and the rest of his clan are enjoying a well-deserved rest for the work they have put into the survival of their clan.

The daylight sun has just risen around this time, as he sat on the branch; he closed his eyes and prayed. Still keeping his ears at full alert of any dangers. As he thought about the past adventures earlier mentioned, he prayed for those ninjas who lost their lives for the clan. Those were the brave ones. Every ninja that took the Mugen-Tenshin honorary oath stood in battle against the company. Every ninja showed bravery and loyalty, but it was those that died by the sword in battle that the Elders truly wanted to be remembered. Wealth could never replace the lost of a loved one, but the Elders gave what they could to those unfortunate families, expressing their gratitude to the younger generations of the fallen warriors. They will always be in his prayers. They will always be in the Elder's prayers. They will always be in the family's prayers.


The ninja's eyes popped open at the sound of the ruffle. He darted his eyes to the left then to the right but no one was in his visible view.

He heard the sound again as he drew his sword. He made no sound as he pull out a small ball. A small ball when broken against the ground will make a loud enough noise to alert the other ninjas patrolling in the same forest. But first, he had to be sure it wasn't a forest animal. He didn't want to "cry wolf" and alert the entire clan that a squirrel was running up a tree. With his sword and ball in hand and ready he quickly turned and saw a masked ninja jump down to a tree branch behind.

What a relief! It was one of his own. Another Mugen-Tenshin warrior. The masked ninja kept quiet as he reached into his pocket and retrieved a paper and handed it to our mysterious ninja.

He unfolded the paper and read the Japanese artistic writing. His eyes popped open as he read the news. He quickly darted his eyes back to the mask ninja. The unknown Mugen-Tenshin ninja only gave a nod and then disappeared into the trees.

He read the note again and thought to himself. "It can't be." He gave a quick glance to be sure no one was in his sight. "I can't stay here." He thought to himself. "I must warn the others."

He quickly relieved himself of his position and began to dart through the forest.

"The day has finally come." He said as he rushed through the branches and headed directly for the Mugen-Tenshin village.

Upon arrival, he removed his mask and walked to the front gates of the village where he was greeted by security officials. They instantly knew who he was by the encrusted officer's emblem on the shoulder of his ninja uniform. He immediately showed them the Japanese letter. Both of the guard's eyes popped open just as our mystery fellow had done upon his first viewing. They gave him a bow and allowed him to past through.

The man quickly ran into the village and was quickly stopped by another masked official. The man had no time talk, though most time the ninjas did communicate silently. The man only showed the letter to his fellow officer. Words were then finally spoken.

"Who gave you this?" The officer asked after reading the note.

"Another patroller." He replied. "He saw them and immediately alerted me."

The officer nodded. "This is great news. I will alert the Elders."


"I'll be sure to acknowledge you as the finder, for now, we need you back on patrol."

"Hai." The ninja said again with a nodded-bow.

The officer took off to his destination and the man watched as he made his exit until he was out of sight. Once he was, instead of heading back for patrol, he went deeper onto village grounds.

He was greeted by the other villagers, but he only made the conversations as quick as he could with one to two word replies to their questions and comments. Finally, he made it to his destination.

A small cottage buried deep within the village's community. There were guards outside of the home which represented the cottage held someone of importance inside. Thanks to the man encrusted officer's emblem he was easily allowed to pass through.

He walked through the doors and searched for the protected individual and within a small amount of time he found her reading along with a small group of women.

"Ayame." He quietly said.

All of the women looked up to him, but only one gave him the particular attention.

"Your daughter has been found."


Ayame's daughter was none other than the runaway shinobi, Kasumi. For years she's been on the run from her own clan whose primary intentions was to present her dismembered head to the Elders of the Mugen-Tenshin clan. Every day she fought for survival and this day was no different as she jumped through the tree branches of the unknown forest attempting to run away from the clan that wanted her dead.

She could hear them pursuing her not too far behind her. She could hear their attacks which helped her maneuver from harm's way, as she pranced through the forest. This day was like any other day. She attempted to run to get away from the violence, but her relentless former clan would pursue until either she or they were dead.

After a bit of fleeing and seeing that she would be unable to shake away the authentic clan, she decided to head for open grounds; a meadow of her familiarity where the forest ended. After a bit more of dodging and running, she made it to a beautiful flowered meadow where the trees were not too much of a distraction for her. She wanted to take every advantage away from the ninjas as possible. Unfortunately, by running away from the trees it also took the advantage away from her.

She stood out in the open as she watched a horde of ninjas jumping from the trees and began to surround. She counted each one as they flipped out of the forest setting.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5"

Each of the 5 ninjas began to circle her as she drew her katana. They, in turn, drew their swords and prepared for the battle.

Kasumi kept a close eye to her frontal view and rear to prevent any blind attacks.

The first attack was made when a ninja threw a small ball into the middle of the circle where Kasumi stood. Unknowingly, what the ball was intended to do, she quickly jumped up and over the circle to prevent any type of damage. When the ball cracked into the ground a loud explosion was given off. Before Kasumi could even land to her feet, the ninja immediately began through their metal shurikens at her falling body.

Kasumi had no choice but to express her reflexes as she used the katana to block each of the projectiles. Each reflected back to the ninja's as they exemplified their own state of grace by dodging and swaying from the ricochet objects. Unfortunately, one was not as lucky as one of the reflected projectile drove into his neck. Blood filled his clothes and his lungs as he fell to the ground choking to his death.

Once her feet touched the ground, the remaining ninjas immediately rushed in with their swords in hands and attempted to attack the hopefully vulnerable shinobi. To their dismay, Kasumi was prepared and ready for any attack, but this did not prevent the ninjas from pursing a powerful offense.

Each ninja swung their weapons and each blade was either blocked by Kasumi's katana or swayed preventing any of the blades from piercing into her skin. The blades clanged against each other as Kasumi's proved to be a very formidable opponent defending against four blades to her lonely and small katana.

In the end, Kasumi found a necessary opening as she waited for one of the ninjas to swing. Upon doing so she immediately ducked under the blade, placing her body underneath her attacker's. Using the man as a quick and temporary shield, she heard him scream aloud as two of the other ninjas inadvertently sliced their own partner. Using his scream as a signal, she quickly rolled under his legs allowing the ninja to fall to the ground. Now behind her adversaries, Kasumi quickly shoved her katana into the backbone of one of her enemies while kicking another. She quickly pulled her blade out of the spine-mutilated ninja, whom then fell lifeless to the ground and focused her attention to the two untouched ninjas. Before she could put much attention into them, she saw the injured ninja stand up and readied himself for another battle.

Blood continued to soak the injured's clothing as he and his two associates continued their battle against the runaway shinobi. Kasumi immediately knew that he wouldn't be too much of a problem too much longer. She kept her concentration on the others while still keeping a keen attentive sense to the injured. The injured focused attacking from behind while the other two focused on the front.

Kasumi and her adversaries continued their process of blocking and swaying from each other's attack up until one of the ninja's misinterpreted an attack as he felt the blade enter his ribs. While swaying away from another attack, Kasumi drove the blade feeling his side splitting even more from the sharpness of the blade. It wasn't long until the ninja fell from his pain as a puddle of his own blood formed on the ground awaiting his fall.

Finally, two left. The healthy and the injured inched their way closer to her. The injuries of the wounded didn't cease. Kasumi could tell not much fight was left in him, so she concentrated on the healthy. Their battle did not last long at all as Kasumi made quick prey out of him. After a few blocks and dodges, Kasumi manage to disarm her opponent by kicking the sword out of his hand. As it flew in the air, Kasumi and the ninja battle hand-to-hand up until the ninja fell to the ground and felt his own sword stabbed his heart.

Kasumi quickly turned to look at her last adversary. He did not attack. He only stood with a look of daze in his eyes. The part of the face Kasumi could see was pale behind his mask. He slightly stumbled showing his dizziness, but still tried to stand firm in honor of his clan. Too much blood loss, too much pain endured. Kasumi then knew the man was dying. She placed her katana back into its sheath. She gave the man one last look, then turned and walked away as she heard the body pummel to the ground.

Kasumi gave one last look at the 5 ninjas that again had to fall victim to her blade. It pained her so much that terms would come to such a violent end. Especially, against the people she considered her family. The Mugen-Tenshin ninjas were the same people she grew up with. Most may be new recruits, but there were familiar faces she remembered she had to slay with her blade in order to ensure her own safety.

She turned and began to walk away, noticing the sun was at high noon. As she re-entered the forest, she enjoyed the breeze of the air, since she worked her body so hard from earlier, she needed any type of cooling off she could.

Once back inside the tree-infested meadow. Kasumi dragged her feet along the grassy ground with her head hung low in shame.

"Why must these actions come to the death of my close ones?" She thought to herself with great remorse in her heart as she treaded along. She wanted to cry, but something held back her tears. Maybe it was her own courage or maybe she was just tired of crying. Tired of the actions taken to pursue her own survival. Tired of all of the tears and blood shed just to live another day. So tired, it drained her tear ducts to where she could never cry again. Maybe...

She continued contemplating as she looked to the sky and saw the beautiful sun beaming in her direction and the sunlight expanded around her. She felt parched. She needed water to cool her dry throat. Just as she planned on making her destination towards the lake, Kasumi was stopped in her when a projectile landed inches away from her head as it stuck to a nearby tree log.

She quickly looked up in the trees but didn't see anyone around.

She investigated the projectile. It was a Kunai, a small dagger-like weapon with a purple flower attached to a small twirling blade just near of handle of the weapon. The speed of its twirl caused some of the petals to detach from the flower and fall away to the dirt below. Then Kasumi noticed a small note attached to the projectile. A Kunai Scroll.

She reached and picked scroll and in Japanese letters it read: "BOO!"

Kasumi arched an eyebrow and looked back up into the forest trying to make out any figure lurking in the shadows.

"You're still as pathetic as I remember." Kasumi heard a familiar woman's voice speak to her.

Her brows lowered. "Sure, you can take out my squad, but what about me?" The voice spoke again.

Kasumi immediately drew her katana.

The voice continued to speak from within the forest. "I have waited for this day for so long. This time there are no distractions. This time there will be no interferences." The voice continued. "This time I will make sure you pay for the treachery you have caused to my clan."

Kasumi wasted no time but to dash through the forest. This time her attempt was to runaway from the known voice. As quick as she ran, the owner of the mysterious female voice followed closed behind with only a trail of chilly giggles.

Kasumi then flipped into the air and threw a small marble-like ball of her own to the ground. When the ball cracked it released a large amount of smoke, using the thick white air to make a quick and invisible escape. Kasumi ran and she didn't look back. She didn't hear the giggles any longer. She finally lost her.

She stopped and rested by a nearby tree, panting, trying to re-catch her breath.

"Do you think it's that easy to get rid of me?" She heard the female's voice again.

Aggravated, Kasumi yelled out. "Quit your games, Ayane!"

"Why should I?" The voice replied. "Why should I even do you the favor?"

Suddenly, Kasumi found herself dodging three shurikens that were heading for her. They lodged themselves into a nearby tree.

"How about we have a little fun?" Kasumi heard Ayane's voice call out.

Without hesitation, Kasumi, again, began to runaway from her half-sister. Dodging the branches, jumping over the stumps, and now dodging many types of projectiles that were being thrown at her from different locations within the forest ranging from the deadly metal shurikens to the explosive marble balls. Kasumi knew Ayane was only toying with her.

Kasumi decided to give Ayane a taste of her own medicine as when she jumped over another log; she vanished into the thin air, leaving a small trail of cherry blossoms to indicate her last seen position. She then re-appeared in the darkness. Using her opportunity to survey the forest for any signs of Ayane. Her voice stopped her giggling and their taunting effects, now Kasumi was only waiting for that one small piece of evidence of Ayane's whereabouts.

"That's not going to work this time." Kasumi shrieked when she heard the voice whisper in her ear so close in her presence.

She quickly turned with a stab from her katana blade, but it was as if Ayane used Kasumi's own technique against her as she vanished, never even seen by our runaway shinobi.

"Enough!" Kasumi yelled out.

"I'll tell you when you've had enough." Ayane replied from within the forest again. "Now, run, puppet."

After that was said, Kasumi saw a small white ball roll next to her foot. She quickly jumped and dodged out of the way as she continued her retreat; a loud explosion was let off behind her.

Kasumi couldn't take too much more of this; her only option was to retreat back to the meadows, again taking the tree advantage away from her opponent.

Kasumi made it back to her destination, the same fields where her last encounter was at. She pulled out her katana and readied for Ayane's arrival.

"Come on, Ayane!" She yelled out.

Then slowly the female kinochi began to make her exit out of the forest. Her lavender hair matched her purple ninja suit perfectly. She, as well, had a katana in one hand, but she had a smile of deceit on her face as she raised her head to view Kasumi.

"Aww and I was having so much fun." She teasingly spoke.

"So this is what you really want?"

The smile began to leave her face. "I've dreamed of this moment for far too long." She said. "I will finally be able to get the retribution you have caused against me and the entire clan."

"Quit your bickering. You and I both know this has nothing to do with the clan."

Ayane yelled. "This has everything to do with the clan!" She pointed her blade in Kasumi's direction. "Here you are, the all mighty princess turning your back on us and you expect to come back and get that same 'everyone look at me' treatment." She continued. "As long as I could remember, it was I that dedicated all of my years to the Mugen-Tenhin/Hajin Mon and what do I get in return? A twisted father turning me into a bastard child and a mother who acts like she wants nothing to do with me. The only father I've had in my life, I had to kill for the better of his spirit and the better of my clan." A tear rolled down Ayane's face as instant flashbacks of her disturbed childhood taunted her.

Kasumi felt saddened. "Ayane, we don't have to do this."

Ayane forced a chuckle. "Oh yeah, sure. I'll just go back to the Elders and let them know I let you escape while they severe my head." Then in an angry tone. "Do you actually think you're worth the trouble, princess?"

Kasumi didn't answer.

"I already told them I was after you. I told them I would find and kill you. They already know where we are at now." She said. "The only thing they are waiting on now is for me to return with your dead and bloody body in my hands."

Kasumi readied herself in her fighting position. "Hayate-sama will never forgive you if you kill me."

"Then explain why he sends his men to kill you. Don't preach to me about morals, princess. Your time is here and now." Ayane finished readying herself in her fighting position. "This is it, the final battle. Only one of us will walk out of here alive."

"Ayane, I don't want to fight you."

"Then just stand there and make it real easy for me."

The two stood in a cold stare with their weapons ready for their final bout. After so many years of Ayane chasing the shinobi, the final battle was finally in her hands. After so many years of growing up with the traitor, Ayane was finally going to get some type of revenge of all the events that happened in her life.

It was as if the two was waiting on the other to attack, because neither moved but continued to only watch and stare.

Suddenly, the ground moved. Both fighters looked to the ground, confused, as the rumbling began to increase.

"What's going on?!" Ayane yelled out.

Kasumi didn't answer because not even she knew what was causing the sudden earthquake. She looked to Ayane in shock and out in the corner of her eyes she saw a sparkle in the sky. She pointed. "Look!"

Ayane turned to see the same object. It was growing bigger and bigger, making its way down to the earth. The closer it got, the harder the ground shook. The massive object began to brighten the sky with a burning crimson color that spread as far as the view could see. The object sent waves of fire across the sky and literally burned away the clouds and polluted nature's air with its weird and distraught smelling smoke. It was a meteor. A meteor with a destined location to smash itself into Earth's crust.

Kasumi then yelled. "It's coming for us."

The two hesitated in the positions as all they could do was watch the large object growing in the sky quickly making its way down to the ground which was now easily seen as a huge ball of fire.

"Ayane, run!" Kasumi yelled again as she ran in the other direction.

Ayane was hesitant at first, not wanting to take orders from the shinobi, but she knew that the outcome would have been disastrous if she stood in the same spot. She quickly dashed in the same direction as Kasumi.

The two ran side by side each other, but no matter how fast they ran, the ground continued to shake and the object was gaining in closer and closer.

Suddenly, the rumbling in earth began to shake a little too hard causing for Ayane to lose her balance and fall to the ground.

"Kasumi!" She yelled out to her half-sister.

Kasumi stopped and turned too see Ayane lying on the ground. "Ayane!" She yelled back.

Kasumi hurriedly ran towards her to gather her falling sibling. She threw Ayane's arm over her shoulder for support and tried to run even more but it was too late.

The huge ball of fire was too close as it hit the ground on Ayane's & Kasumi's exact location, and caused a huge explosion. A shockwave force de-rooted the trees within its expanding area of the gigantic object.

When all was cleared there was no life to be seen. No grass or trees created by Mother Nature, no ninjas of any clan or kind, no animals of the wildlife, and no signs of life from neither Kasumi nor Ayane.

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