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Chapter 14

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Futuristic fic about the reincarnated Erik living as a very successful music artist in America, after a botched pyrotechnic episode on stage Erik came away with a bad injury to the right side of hi...

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~Monday Morning 9am~ 3 Weeks until Tour~

Annette and Meg walked together to their first meeting of the day; it was the footwork for the introduction to the tour. Annette turned to Meg as they headed down the hall, "I hear you've taken a liking to Mr. Changy, has he been a gentleman in every sense of the word?" She asked her honestly.

Meg started to blush it wasn't exactly the conversation you had with older relatives, especially her Aunt. "He has been amazing, but I think that's honestly a conversation for another time."

Annette started to laugh, "I understand; difficult to discuss with me...because I'm your Aunt. But I do want to keep you and Christine safe on this tour, I've been in this business a lot longer and I know how young impressionable women can be treated." She retorted giving Meg a glare to help convey her message.

Meg started coughing to break up the discussion that was transpiring, a deeper shade of red crept up her collar at the insinuation her Aunt was always making. "Ok...check on that. Can we drop that subject; STAT!" A small giggle emitted from her throat as she pulled on the handle to the dance room door and held it open for her Aunt.

Annette smiled and nodded her head in thanks, she patted her nieces arm as she passed, "Dropped my love, but not so quickly forgotten."

~Recording studio~9am

Erik stood leaning against the Grand Piano in the recording room awaiting the arrival of his band. He was sipping a cup of coffee as the band staggered in, "Morning Gentlemen..."

The two men stopped fast in their tracks at the deep voice that broke the silence in the room. Looking up both men started to laugh; Raoul started laughing and made his way to Erik first patting him on the shoulder. "Damn good to see you Erik!"

"Boy, where you been?" Antony his bass guitar player asked moving to shake his hand. "We ain't seen you since...well since that night." He said shrugging, not trying to dampen the mood.

Erik sighed a little and nodded his agreement, "Been here," he said gesturing to the house around them. "Had some things to work out and through....lets just say I needed to find myself behind this?" He explained pointing to the mask on his face.

Raoul and Antony nodded their understanding and smiled, "Well damn good to have you back...only 3 weeks till tour. I was wondering if we were doing this one on our own?" Antony admitted getting a laugh from the other two men.

The group started catching up on life's little details and what had transpired over the past few month's since the accident. After some short conversation Erik stopped and looked around, "Where is Methos'?"

Antony and Raoul nodded outside to the hallway, where the chorus girls were passing. Raoul started to laugh, "Please Erik, you know when women are around, he is no where to be found."

Erik started laughing and shook his head making his way to the hallway to retrieve Methos. "Methos..." He called out as he approached his band member and laid his hand upon his shoulder, moving to stand next to him in the hallway.

Methos tore his attention from the group of women standing off to the side of the hallway and was shocked to see Erik standing next to him. "E-Money!!! Holla atcha boy!" He replied enthusiastically pulling Erik into a hug. "Oh man...where you been?"

Erik laughed, "Been right here...just not for company. Come on others are in the studio ready to practice." He responded nodding towards to recording room.

Methos held up his hand, "Hol up cous, check this dime piece that just joined the crew...hold on." He started down the hall towards the group of girls and gestured for Erik to follow him. As Erik started to chuckle he followed his band mate towards the group making sure to keep his body turned just enough to conceal his mask. Methos parted the group, "Xcuse me ladies...I need to borrow her for a moment." He apologized and grabbed one of the women by the hand leading her away from the group.

Erik was chuckling a bit at Methos; he was a very dear friend and was always a piece to work with, 'If you could keep his attention long enough.' He thought to himself turning around to see Raoul and Antony making their way down the hallway towards the whole group. A little tap on his shoulder brought his attention back to Methos.

Methos was laughing with the woman he had by the hand, "Yo E!...E this is Christine....Chrissy this is Big E!" Methos smiled at Erik and winked at him nodding to Christine and wiggling his eyebrows so as to suggest his interest in the new singer.

Erik's eyes lit up as Methos stepped to the side to and his soprano stood before him. Erik smiled and took her hand placing a gentle kiss on the back of her hand, "Hello Chrissy."

Christine couldn't help but blush at Erik, she'd met Methos a few days into tour practice and they had become friends but she'd never mentioned the fact that she'd met Erik before on a more personal level. She smiled at him, "Nice to meet you Erik," she replied winking at him. Giving Erik's hand a little squeeze un-noticed by Methos she turned back to him, "I've gotta go Methos, Nice meeting you Erik." She nodded at the two men and headed back for the group as Tracey approached.

Methos stood beside Erik as the two men watched her walk away; Methos was the first to speak, "Dime piece dogg...that is a straight up hottie!"

Erik nodded his agreement secretly smiling to himself, Christine's actions had not gone unnoticed by him and he couldn't help but chuckle to himself. He turned around and made his way back towards the studio passing Antony and Raoul as we went patting them both on the back as he passed.
The two stopped in their tracks and looked back at Erik's retreating form as Methos joined them, " I am introducing' this honey to him and he ran a straight up cock block on me..." Methos retorted following after Erik.

Antony slapped Methos on the back of the head, "Shit never even had a chance with that let it go! We gotta practice, come on." As a group they followed Erik into the studio to begin a long day of rehearsals.

~Thursday Afternoon~ 2 ½ weeks until tour

Annette strode purposefully towards Nick's office; they had a meeting to go over the costume changes for the dancers. She knocked lightly on the door as she entered; looking around Nick waved at her from his seat on the bay window.

"Hold on Juan... Annette it's all on my desk, I'll be done in a second." With that said he continued his phone conversation.

Annette nodded and made her way to his desk picking up the folder with the dancers information inside. As she was sifting through the papers, something on his desk caught her attention. As she picked up the print Nick was making his way over to her.

"Sorry that was the photographer for the tour, whatcha got there?" He asked trying to see what she was looking at.

Annette glared at him and read aloud from the print, "Happy couple plans nuptials...sources close to both say they are finalizing plans. Bride seen with friends at well known dress makers. What the hell is this Nicholas!" She practically screamed throwing the print at him, on the page was a picture of Erik and Elizabeth smiling as Erik held her hand to display her engagement ring.

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