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The Ninth Doctor takes Rose to a crystal planet.

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The inside of the TARDIS glowed as the Doctor peeked outside the doors. He grinned, shielding his eyes.

"Fantastic," he said, and shut the doors again.

Rose raised her eyebrows. "Well, what is it?"

"We'll need some dark glasses," the Doctor replied, and strode through the corridors, grinning. Rose looked a bit confused, but cheered up as she followed him to the wardrobe.

After being kitted up with an uncomfortable welding-mask, however, Rose wasn't feeling so positive.

"These are all we have at the moment," the Doctor explained, "Unfortunately."

"Isn't there something a little more hi-tech?" Rose muttered, her voice already muffled from the mask.

The Doctor shook his head, opened the TARDIS doors, and they were both plunged into the brilliant light of the planet.

Rose felt like her eyes were burning just looking at it, even through the mask. Tinted though it was, she could tell that everything glowed. There were rainbows in the distance, and even close up if she looked closely. The planet itself sparkled with light.

She grinned, and waited for the Doctor to lock the doors.

"What's doing it?" she asked, once he'd finished.

The Doctor slipped his hand into hers, glove meeting protective glove. "It's reflection. This entire planet is one huge crystal surface, and the suns reflect light."

At that, Rose looked up. One sun was overhead, another behind her on the horizon. They were both bright, but not as bright as the reflections upon reflections on the planet itself.

"Shouldn't it be mined or something, though?" she asked as they walked through the crystal landscape.

"Nah. Trust would never allow it. They'll have been looking after it so they can go on holidays here. Proper tourist attraction."

She could feel him grinning from behind his mask, and wondered whether he was having her on. It didn't look busy enough for a tourist attraction, she thought, unless it was closed for the season.

The strange formations of crystal glimmered in front of her, and she wondered if he was lying. They looked man-made.

"Lets have a look from that mountain up there," he said, and pointed. Rose laughed as they tried to run hand-in-hand up the hill, because she felt so silly and awkward. All thoughts of distrust left her mind as she sat up the top of the hill and rested against the Doctor's shoulder.

"See that refraction there," he said, pointing far below. "Perfect circle."
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