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A short story about the Time Vortex and the TARDIS.

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The Vortex went on forever. Anywhere and any time you could think of would be locatable through the vortex, down to the very second. And finding that precise second in that exact location took very advanced technology. Finding anything was easy.

The Vortex held everything in the universe.

When you look inside the abyss, it's not supposed to wave back. But of course, the TARDIS surfed the Time Vortex and knew all times and places. All possible and impossible outcomes.

So it took over Rose Tyler and sang to her as it let her have what she most wanted. To spread their words through all the places they had been, and some they hadn't. The Daleks gone, wiped from reality. Jack restored and alive... as if he had never had the life ripped from his body. The Doctor.

Yes. Their Doctor. As the Doctor kissed Rose, he took the power of the Time Vortex into himself, and the TARDIS with it. She was always with him, and would always be.

And the heart of the TARDIS returned to the shell, as good as old. Which was never perfect, but what was? Nothing the TARDIS had ever seen.

Regeneration had never been perfect, and when the Time Lords didn't exist it was harder still. The Doctor had shed his old skin and been born anew, as he had so often and would again. Burning himself away. He broke the mold with each new life he lived.

Rose had seemed scared by the change. She could have run off home and left the vulnerable Doctor devastated. So Rose dreamed of songs sung by many voices in a chorus, at perfect pitch, telling her exactly who their Doctor was, is and would be.

The TARDIS sang a song and the Daleks went away, and one possible future out of billions had occured.
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