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The Other Side of Gaara

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Gaara now seems to have an interest in a girl, but will he ever meet her? Would he tell anyone about this crush of his?

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I do not own Naruto or any of its characters and stuff. I never will. Never.


Could anyone ever see me with her? Gaara asked himself.

"Damn, forget it. It's not possible if Sasuke Uchiha is around. I still need him dead," Gaara said to himself grinning.

When people look at me, I see fear in their eyes. Is that all people look at me like? Just fear? I feel like a outcast, now that I think about it. My whole damn life has been no better. It hasn't changed, Gaara thought.

"Gaara! Snap the hell out of it!" Temari said yelling at him.

Gaara turned towards her and gave her a glare that made her shiver. Gaara's little, light blue pupils looked into Temari. He then looked away and started heading down the path.

They are in the forest. Gaara is looking for ninja, ninja that will feed him. Ninja that will give him more power...

Maybe people didn't look at Gaara any other way. Maybe they thought that he was only the killer, the one who killed with sand. That's what he does. But he does have other emotions. He has feelings, it's just that no one has ever thought about asking him about them. He does feel love, despite the fact that the symbol of it on his head never seems to show that he does.

"Gaara, what the hell has gotten into you?" Kankuro asked.

"None of your damn business. Get in my way and I'll kill you," Gaara said not looking at him.

He doesn't really mean that. I hope not. He is probably just using that as a threat, Temari thought.

The three continued to walk into the forest. All was quiet, there was no sound except for the light sound of their feet hitting the forest floor. Gaara said nothing while Kankuro and Temrai talked between each other.

"What is with him? Wait, he is always like this," Kankuro said laughing a little.

"I know, but he just seems different today. And I'm serious," Temari said.

"Well, now that you mention it, he does a little," Kankuro said looking at Gaara.

"What the hell are you looking at me for?" Gaara said still looking onward.

"How can he know that I'm looking at him?" Kankuro whsipered, shocked.

"I-I don't know," Temari said for she was shocked too.


The whole day seemed eventless. Nothing really happened. No other ninja appeared, probably because they saw Gaara walking around and escaped before he saw them. They knew what happened if you bothered him. The three continued to walk until they got to their village.

Temari sighed. She was glad to be of the dark, lonely forest that they were just in.

"You guys can go wherever now. Just leave me alone," Gaara said looking at them.

Temari shivered when he looked at her. Even though she was the oldest of the three, Gaara, the youngest, still scared her.

Kankuro and Temari said nothing and went their seperate ways. Gaara went his own way, away from everyone else.

Something is going on with Gaara. But what is it? Temari thought.


Gaara went to the well that was by a lonely tree in the village. He jumped into the tree and sat down. He looked into the midnight sky.

Gaara did have interests in girls. He never showed it though. He thought it was a sign of weakness to let people know that he liked someone. He never told a soul that he did. Sometimes he told himself that he shouldn't love that person. But he was still in love with her, even if he told the world that he wasn't.

"What if she does like me?" Gaara thought.

And probably for the first time, there was a small smile pasted on his lips.

But this smile was a sign for happiness... not for success.

"What if... What if..."

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