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Try This One

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Kakashi and Naruto have a talk. And it's something Naruto had been wanting to talk about for a while...

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I do not own Naruto or any of its charcters and stuff. I never will. Never.


Naruto and Kakashi were walking around the village. Naruto had asked Kakashi two days ago if he could talk with him. Kakashi had asked him why, but Naruto didn't tell him.

He probably wants me to gt him some ramen, knowing Naruto, Kakashi had thought.

But Kakashi was wrong. And the topic Naruto had brought up was something Kakashi would of never guessed.

They went and sat down on a bench by the noodle shop. The smell made Naruto's mouth water but he ignored it, for the conversation he was about to have with Kakashi was more important. Well, he thought so.

"So what did you want to talk to me about?" Kakashi asked looking at him.

Naruto started blushing for some odd reason.

"Kakashi, I was wondering if you could um, help me with a problem," Naruto said looking at the ground.

So I was wrong, Kakashi thought.

"Well, what is it then?" he asked.

Naruto looked around, trying to calm his nerve. He was nervous about bringing up such a topic, but he wanted to know that answer so he could do better.

"Well, I wanted to know if you could help me try getting this girl to notice me," Naruto said blushing at the sentence.

"A girl, eh?" Kakashi asked.

"Yeah. You see I like Sakura. And she always thinks I'm annoying. And I want her to know me for not being like that. I want her to actually notice me. But there's one problem," Naruto said.

"So you like Sakura? Hmm, she seems nice for you. Anyway, what's the problem? Is it Sasuke?" Kakashi asked.

"Yeah, it's him. How did you know?" Naruto asked.

"Well, it seems like about every girl here is attracted to him. I could see why he's the problem," Kakashi said.

"But then there's a good thing, you see. He doesn't seem to show interest in them. To me that's a good thing," Naruto said smiling.

"Well, I can see why," Kakashi said.

Poor Naruto. I had to go through the same thing that he's going to through right now, Kakashi thought.


Wondering who that person was that Kakashi liked? It's uh, Kurenai.

Yeah, you wouldn't believe it but, well, maybe you would, but Kakashi was interested in her. Before Kakashi became a sensei for Naruto and his team, he was trying to find a way to know her, how he could get her to notice him.

She never showed interest in him. They never even talked to each other. Now they are rivals. Anyway, kakashi never really had the guts at the time to even talk to her, and that's how they are right now.

But after a while he gave up. But later on, he found out what the answer was... But he never tried again...


"So, how do I get her to notice me?" Naruto asked.

He moved around in his seat trying to get comfortable. But wanting to hear the answer made him move around to much.

"Well, be your self," Kaksahi said smiling.

"You want me to be my self? I try that all the time, and it doesn't work," Naruto said sighing.

"No your not. You are being someone your not. You are trying to be a person who likes to show off a lot to let someone notice you. The 'normal' Naruto would just be himself and talk to her. Don't be someone your not," Kakashi said.

Naruto thought about it for a while.

"But I still don't get it," Naruto said.

"Well, let me tell you it so you understand. Ok, let's say you try to be Sasuke. Do you think Sakura would like that? She would probably think it's kind of odd to see you like that. What if you tried to be Rock Lee? She wouldn't like that either. She would soon miss the old Naruto. You might not know it, but she likes it when you smile. Hehe, she told me that," Kakashi said laughin softly.

"Really? She likes me then!" Naruto said smiling.

"No. It's not that simple. Just beause she likes to see you smile doesn't mean she actally 'likes' you. Now you still want to be Hokage. If you become Hokage maybe she will notice you for your will to not give up on your goal. Don't try to get her to notice you by doing something you don't want to do. She could see you one day as the once annoying boy, and the next day the one who is the leader of the village. And to see that you are also the person who never gave up on their dream," Kakashi said.

"I think I know what you mean," Naruto said.

"Well, there's more. You could try your best just for her. And then there this one thing. I'm not saying it will happen, but she may never like you. I don't want it to happen though. Seeing you happy makes the whole village feel warm inside," Kakashi said.

"It's all makig sense now," Naruto said softly.

"And remember: be yourself. Don't be someone your not. And another thing: try talking to her more. Open up to her, and she might open up to you. Oh, yeah, and try to figure out what makes you think your annoying," Kakashi said.

Naruto smiled and nodded his head.

"You hungry? You want some ramen?" Kakashi said as he got up.

"What? Yes, of course. Wait for me!" Naruto said as he followed Kakashi.


As Naruto was eating ramen, Kakashi thought of something else to say to Naruto. But he smiled and changed his mind. He thought it would be best if he told him later on....

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