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Chapter Three: Don't You Remember Me?

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Britney and Alexis goto the long awaited concert.

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Alexis woke up really early on the day of the concert, not on purpose though. Only because Britney called her non-stop through out the night.

"What Britney? It's the eigth time you've called me! Good God!" Alexis said in an annoyed tone.

"I just wanted to inform you that it is 6:00 and we will be leaving at 9:00." Britney said in a more calmer voice then the previous phone calls.
Originally, Britney wanted to spend the night outside of the arena. Alexis letted her do crazy stuff in the past, but not this time. Alexis sat up on her bed.

"I know, I know! Just please don't call me anymore!" pleaded Alexis.

"Yeah whatever. BUT REMEMBER... 9:00. Bye!"

"Oh my god." sighed Alexis as she fell back into her pillows.
Alexis jumped out of bed. She slept to late.

"Crap, crap, CRAP!" she said franticaly.

The sun was already shinning outside of her window. Birds were chirping. Everything was so peaceful... until a very loud car horn honked outside her house.
Alexis shrugged into her jeans as she staggered to the window. She pulled back the red cutain gently.
Britney was leaning against her car and waved innocently. Alexis moaned and walked back to her dresser. She putted on a black long sleeve shirt, with a slightly longer red shirt underneath, so it was layered. She sprinted to the bathroom and putted her hair up into a pony tail, with a fringe of hair in her eye.

"Mama, Britneys here, so I'm gonna go now!" yelled Alexis as she placed her hand on the front door.

"Alright, be careful!" her mom replied.
Alexis ran through the wet grass to greet Britney.

"Oh god can we go now?" Britney asked.

Alexis nodded and sat down in the passenger's seat. Alexis was worried about taking such a long ride to an unfamiliar place with her friend, who has only had her driver's license for four months.

Britney laughed, "Oh my god Alexis, this is gonna be so awesome!"
Britney and Alexis arrived at William and Mary Hall. The two stepped out of the car and walked to the extremely long line.
They waited in line for twenty minuets until they finally had access into the arena. Britney clung to Alexis' arm as they found their seats. Alexis jerked her arm away from Britney as the concert began.
A guy was on a hospital bed in the center of the stage, singing.

"I was expecting a concert, not a play." Alexis told Britney.

Britney ignored her and continued to sing along. Alexis crossed her arms and watched the man prance around stage and everyone screamed. He couldn't possibly be the 'person' she thought he was, besides, the Gerard she knew had black hair, not blonde. Wait, he does have black hair, only shorter...
Alexis fretted over this the whole concert. What could this possibly mean? How can you have an imaginary friend that is real?

"What does that mean?" Alexis whispered.
It was around 9:30 and the two teenagers walked through night searching for their car.

"Oh my GOD!! It was everything I expected! Didn't you enjoy it, Lex?"

Britney looked at her friend, who was in deep thought.

"Lex?" said Britney as she nudged Alexis with her elbow.

"Oh yeah, it was nice."

Britney smiled. "Hey, I'm gonna go see if I can sneak a picture with Frankie, wanna come?"

"Nah, I'll just wait in the car."


Britney pulled out her camera and joined the group of people near a random tour bus. Alexis walked to a bench under a tree. Street lights shined down on Alexis. She putted her hands in her jean's pockets and sunk low in her seat.

"I thought you'd be here."

Alexis sat up and looked over her shoulder. She brushed the hair out of her eyes but that didn't improve her vision.

"Don't you remember me?" Gerard asked
Clinga a.k.a the Author:Thank you for the reviews; y'all are sooooo nice! When I woke up this morning I was like, "WHOA!" So... THANK YOU!!!! Also, have any of y'all been to a MCR concert before? :)
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