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At a Sunagakure Bar

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Temari drags Sakura and Hinata along to a bar. Hinata gets left alone and Gaara finds her. What happens between the two? GaaHina fluff.

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Sakura pulled her miniskirt down a little farther so that it covered more of her legs when she heard a few wolf whistles directed at her. She still didn't know how Temari had talked her into wearing such a short skirt, and right now she seriously regretted agreeing. By the way Hinata was fidgeting and pulling at the hem of her dress, she didn't seem to be enjoying all the attention that came from wearing things that Temari thought of as 'cute' either.

Hinata looked at Temari and said, "T T Temari, I d d don't feel so w w well, I think I'm going t to go back-"

"Hinata you are not going anywhere, you're staying right here with us", Temari told her in a, I don't care if you don't want too just do it, voice. Sakura and Hinata sighed as they exchanged glances and went back to readjusting their clothes.

The three girls arrived at a small night club called, Wrapped in Crimson. The sign with the name had the letters in neon with a few of the lights burnt out. The walls were covered in the remains from the insides of the shattered bottles lying on the ground around them and some splotches that looked suspiciously like blood.

"Are you sure this place is safe Temari?" Sakura asked worriedly.

Temari grinned. "There's no place in this town that isn't safe for the kazekage's sister and friends!" the blond Suna nin said laughing. Neither Sakura nor Hinata were reassured by this statement. Temari just rolled her eyes at her friends' insecurity and pulled them through the doors.

"Ok girls. Why don't you two go mingle on the dance floor! I've got someone I have to meet with upstairs." Temari said gleefully before leaving the two Konoha kunoichi standing in a small crowd of people.

Sakura looked around and spotted someone she actually knew. She glanced at Hinata, the Hyuga seemed fine, so Sakura set off to talk to her old friend.

When Hinata looked around again she saw Sakura had left her as well. Oh, I don't like places like this, Hinata though as she brushed her bangs from her eyes. Ever since she had let her hair grow out her bangs were constantly getting in her line of vision.

Hinata made her way over to the bar stand and sat down on one of the stools.

"Would you like something to drink miss?" the bartender asked her with a wolfish grin.

"N n nothing." Hinata replied

"Well alright, but if you want anything just ask." the bartender said with a wink before walking off.

Hinata sighed and ran her hand over the sticky counter. She sniffed her hand, it smelled of whisky, beer, wine, and some other unidentifiable scents. Scrunching up her nose she moved to wipe her hand on her dress. "You'll ruin your dress if you do that." a gruff voice said from behind her.

Hinata turned her head to the side quickly to see whose voice it was. A man about the same age as her, eighteen, with blood red hair and the kanji for love tattooed on his forehead was standing there. His cool aquamarine eyes shifted from one place to another, observing his surroundings.

"Oh, h hi Gaara-sama." Hinata said quietly. Gaara nodded in acknowledgment and sat down next to the Hyuga heiress.

Gaara waved the bar tender over and ordered a whisky sour. "So, did my sister drag you here?" the young kazekage asked.

"Y ya." Hinata stuttered. She watched as Gaara took his drink from the bartender and took a swig of it. When he finished he ordered another. "Hard d day?" Hinata asked.

"You could say that." Gaara answered with a laugh. He didn't know why, but he felt strangely calm, even happy, around the Hyuga. The former jinchuriki took a sip of his drink and looked her over. Her pupil-less opal eyes darted from one place to another searching for somewhere to rest comfortably. She had grown her hair out since the chuunin exams and it was a little longer than mid-back length now.

Her bangs slightly covered his eyes when she shifted into a new position. Gaara grimaced and brushed the bangs away from her face. Hinata blushed at this but didn't say anything.

"Want me to take you back to the house? I've got to go back anyway." Gaara questioned standing up.

"Uh, sure!" Hinata replied happily. She got up and followed Gaara out of the club.

When the two ninja got to the house Gaara opened the door for Hinata and let her walk in before him. "Anyone home?" Hinata called softly. No answer. It was just Gaara and her. The thought made her uneasy.

She glanced at the redhead beside her. "What?" Gaara asked when he noticed Hinata's gaze resting on him.

"N nothing." she replied."

Sighing Gaara left her to go work in his office. She was afraid of him. He knew she was, why wouldn't she be? He used to be a cold blooded murderer.

Hinata gently knocked on the door to Gaara's office. No answer. Maybe he left? She opened the door and stuck her head around. The kazekage was asleep with his head lying on the desk. Hinata giggled softly at the sight. Tsunade was always doing the same thing. Maybe getting tired just came with being the leader of a whole village. When she really thought about, Gaara was no different than anyone else. Realizing this her nervousness quickly evaporated.

She silently made her way over to him and put her hand on his shoulder. "Gaara-sama?" she whispered. He opened his eyes partially. "Maybe you should sleep in your bedroom." she continued.

Gaara grumbled an inaudible response and stood up but stumbled with the first step he took. Hinata giggled again; he was just like Tsunade. Taking his arm she led him up to his room and opened the door. When she was about to turn and leave he stopped her.

"Thanks." he said with a yawn. Hinata nodded and began to leave again. He stopped her again. Then he leaned forward and kissed her. He may have been half drunk and partially asleep but he knew what he was doing. When he pulled away he smiled at her, pecked her on the cheek, and pushed her out the door.

When he closed the door behind her she just stood there, her mind reeling. Eventually she was able to put some thoughts together. Sabuku no Gaara, the kazekage, just kissed me. He wasn't that drunk so he must have realized what he was doing so... a small smile played across her lips. Maybe she'd been chasing after Naruto for just a little too long.

YAY! Done! If you read my other story, Mission Confession, and read the author notes at the end, you saw the story was for my friends b-day. Well, this story was written on the exact same day for the exact same reason. It took at least six hours of rushing and convincing my mom to let me stay up a little bit later to finish the stories. My friend better like her present!
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