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Lt. Ford's relatives contact NCIS in hopes that they can find him. NCIS xover with Stargate: Atlantis.

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If someone asked her whether or not she missed being in the field, NCIS Director Jenny Sheppard would have not directly answered them because the truth was that she did sometimes miss the fieldwork. But her job as Director of NCIS was also very important, and not just because she got a lot more respect. One of the main reasons why she had joined NCIS in the first place was to help people in need of helping. And as Director, she got to do a lot of that.

Currently, Jenny was in her office with Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs and a new client,

Lara, who had come to NCIS about her cousin, Aiden.

"When was the last time you saw your cousin?" Jenny asked Lara.

"I last saw Aiden right before he was reassigned." Lara took a sip of her coffee.

"I have to ask, why come to us? Why not just go to you cousin's CO?" Gibbs asked the woman.

"I did get a visit from Aiden's CO. He said that Aiden had gone MIA, and that he hadn't ruled Aiden as KIA, yet. That was nearly two years ago," Lara replied. I came here because I thought that NCIS might have some resources that the Marine's don't," Lara explained. "And also because my grandfather had a bad stroke recently, and may not live all that long. When Aiden's parents died, my grandparents brought him up; they're close."

"Do you know where your cousin was assigned to?" Gibbs asked Lara, who shook her head.

"No," She replied. "All he could tell us was there couldn't be any mail as he was going to be in a very remote part of the world. We, that is, my grandparents and I, just assumed he was in Afghanistan or Iraq, or some place around there."

Jenny and Gibbs glanced at each other. She wondered what the lieutenant had gotten himself involved in where he couldn't be contacted in, by mail or even e-mail.

"Nearly two years ago," Lara continued, "I received a video that was from Aiden."

"Do you still have it?" Jenny asked. Lara nodded.

"Yes," she said. "It's in my car. I didn't bring it in with me 'cause of the security and all."

"We're going to need to borrow it," Gibbs said.

Lara nodded. "I figured you might need to see it."

"What was in the video?" Gibbs inquired.

"Aiden just talked mostly about family stuff, and very little about what he was doing," Lara answered. "But he did mention that he was worried about being attacked by a foe."

"What is your cousin's name?" Jenny asked Lara.

"First Lieutenant Aiden Ford," Lara replied.
I know that Jenny Sheppard's name is spelt with 1 'P', but for the purpose of this story, I'm spelling it with 2 'P's.
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