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Chapter 09

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Megan, a bulimic girl who believes she is unloveable, falls in love with Frank Iero

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Back in Jersey Frank woke up to his alarm going off at 7 am. Groaning, he rolled over to hit the snooze button and fell aslepp for 5 more minutes till his alarm woke him for the second time that morning.
"Fuck" he mumbled, getting out of bed. His hair was a mess and his clothes all skewiff (sp?)

Walking into the bathroom and looking in the mirror Frank just couldn't help laughing at his reflection.
He looked a mess.
Like on big porkipine.

He stripped and got in the shower. Allowing the water to flatten his hair. After showering he dried, towel dried his hair and got changed into black skinny jeans, a black flag t-shirt, bright pink jumper and some red converse.

It was 7:45 by the time he was ready, so he went to get some breakfast and left for school.
"Bye mom!" He yelled as he walked out the door.
"Bye honey. Love you"

Scuffing his feet all the way to school, Frank thought about how we would aske Megan what's bothering her. Should he just ask? or try and fit it into conversation?
In the end he decided he would try and fit it into a conversation but if that didn't work he would just ask.

"Hey Frankie boy" Mikey called from the wall outside their school
"Hey Mike-o" Frank replied
"Have you seen Megan, she's not here yet?"
"Isn't she?" Frank asked, worry tracing his voice
"Dude, I'm sure she's fine. Anyway, she arrives late than us anyway" Ray reassured Frank as he heard the worry and nerves in his friends voice
"I guecs you're right. I'm just worried y'know?"
"Yeah, we know" Bob piped in

The five boys sat on the concrete wall for 10 minutes waiting for Megan to show.
"Where is she?" Frank finaly freaked, jumping off the wall and started pacing, every now and then kicking the wall the four other boys were left sitting on.
"Dude, chill. You're over reacting" But was he over reacting? Was she really okay? Hell, he didn't know. "She's probably either late, or sick and taking the day off. She's fine" Gerard said
"Mm" Frank groaned. Not really believing what Gerard had just told him. What did Gerard know about what Megan was doing? But then again, what did he know? He could just be freaking out over nothing, couldn't he?
"Eh, I guess you're right, Gee" Frank sighed
"I know I'm right" Gerard replied, actually trying to convince himself aswell as Frank.

The day went by slowly for Frank as he couldn't help but worry about Megan.
Does he really need to be worrying? He wasn't sure how to feel. She seemed abit down yesterday, and he couldn't help but to think that she had done something stupid, or something had happened at her house.. Whatever happens there.

"Dude, stop pacing! Call her is you're so Goddamned worried" Bob yelled after getting dizzy from watching Frank pace around his bedroom.
The five of them were sitting in Franks bedroom doing nothing but watch the youngest of them pace around his room.
Frank took his phone out of his pocket and searched for Megans number. Once he found it he called.
It rang and rang until eventually he got to her voice mail
"Midge, where are you? I'm fucking worried. Answer your phone" He hung up and went back to pacing around his room.
"She's not fucking answering guys!"
"Calm down Frank, she's probably just busy" Ray tried calming down the boy pacing infront of him.
"Anything could be going on. Fuck, what if she's in hospital. Fuck, what if she's hurt." He mumbled to himself, then said "I'm going to her house."
Frank ran out of the door, not listening to Gerard, Ray, Bob or Mikey yelling at him to come back.
He just shook it off and ran to Megans house.

When he got there he knocked continuously until a balding man came and opened the door.
"Erm, where is Megan sir?" Frank asked, shaking with nerves. The man standing infront of him was of a big build and looked extremely grumpy. It was fair to say that Frank felt intimidated.
"I don't have a fucking clue" He grunted
"W-what do you mean Mr Blake?"
"I mean- I don't have a fucking clue where she is. Now fuck off" and he slammed the door, leaving Frank standing on his door step, eyes wide with shock and now even more worry of what and where Megan is.

When Frank realized he was just standing there, he ran back to his house and found that Ray, Mikey, Gerard and Bob were still there.
"How is she?" Mikey asked as Frank walked into his room.
"She's not fucking there Mikes! Her dad doesn't know where the fuck she is. What are we going to do!" Frank panicked for what seemed the umpteenth time.
"Call her again, see if she picks up this time" Gerard suggested.
"Mmm" He mumbled in reply and dialed Megans number.
Yet again, it went to voicemail after ringing.
He left another message and hung up.
"Not fucking picking up!" He yelled at no one in particular.
"Calm down man, I'm sure she's fine. She's probably gone for a walk or something and left her phone at home"
"I hope so.."

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