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A stupid general makes a stupid plan for a near-impossible mission.

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And here is the amazing, the wonderful, the awesome Chapter 4!

After two days of travel, they had finally arrived at Phil's BoO. Soon after arriving at the branch that Sean, Choi, and Dennis were to be dropped off at, the three Giants that had been carrying them left. There were few Giants to be found around this particular camp. Phil's army was primarily human, with only a small number of Giants. However, Phil had more Griffins than there were to be found in the army of Sean and Jackson.
However, this was not because of a lack of want on Sean's or Jackson's part.
After they had arrived, it was not long before a Griffin and two human soldiers came out to meet them.
"Hello, General Sean. My name is Zephyr," greeted the Griffin. It did not escape Sean's notice that the human soldiers seemed rather frightened of the remaining Giant. Sean wondered if they would be equally scared of him if they knew that he was part Giant.
"Hello, Zephyr. Will you please show us to our respective quarters?" Sean asked.
"Well you see, Sean, General Phil wanted me to take you directly to him on your arrival."
"Phil can wait. I want to drop off my weapons and armor and have my Giant friend here be on his way."
"In that case, please allow us to compromise. I'll have these two fine soldiers take your luggage."
"You'll need four. Two for the normal weapons and armor and two more for my special package here."
"Then I'll summon two more! But please, come this way!"
"Fine, fine," Sean said. He turned to the Giant. "If they impede you or bother you in any way, do as you will with them." The Giant nodded. Sean had mostly said that for the sake of freaking out the soldiers and Zephyr, but he had meant every word of it.
"Lead the way, Zephyr," Sean said. He motioned for Choi and Dennis to follow.

General Phil was a man about the same age as General Jackson, and of medium height. The exploits of Phil had been told throughout the Rogues, and were known even to the soldiers of the Alliance.
Phil had two serious skin conditions, with absolutely no cure, though they had few side effects. The first one was an incredibly white discoloration covering most of his body, and had one side effect: it made the pitch of his voice abnormally high. The other condition was a pink rash covering most of his head. This rash was the base cause of Phil's most famous adventure. The rash had caused him to be totally and completely bald by the time he had turned 11. So, when he turned 11, he caught a ferret and killed it. He'd skinned it, and then he had eaten most of it raw. Then, using its fur, he'd made a toupee for himself. He'd then used the rest of the ferret, its eyes, to be used as glue. Because of this glue, his toupee was totally and completely irremovable. It was possible, perhaps, that some of this story has been exaggerated in its continued retelling. However, this is the version most often agreed upon by the various soldiers in the Rogues and the Alliance.
"Hello, General Sean. I extend to you my gratitude for coming here to assist me," Phil said.
"Cut the crud, Phil. I've brought myself and two of my most trusted warriors. They can lead any army you give us to lead, and carry out any plan you need to be carried out. Their names are Choi and Dennis. How long do we have until the battle?" Sean asked.
Phil did not seem put off by Sean's rude, rather harsh attitude. In fact, he did not seem in any way surprised, either.
"The battle should be coming within the next two days. The Empire's army is almost twice as large as ours will be. They'll probably know this and attempt to flank us. Therefore, our charge will have to be very fast and direct, so that we can cut straight through their army. We will charge as one, but once between the two halves of their army we will have to split in half as well. I think that Sean should lead one half, and Choi and Dennis the other. There. I've laid out the basic battle plan. If there are any small changes to be made, you may do so among yourselves. I believe I'll retire, now. I've had a rather trying day." And with that, Phil left.
"Stupid pompous asshole," Sean said. "Well, boys, we have some work to do. Let's hightail it and check out our army."

Sean surveyed the army before him with a critical eye. He walked towards one of the men in front.
"You there," he said, "is there a clear order of your comrades, in terms of skill?"
"Yes, sir," said the soldier.
"I want the ten best soldiers to step forward, and come with me," Sean said.
Ten men warily broke rank, and stepped towards Sean.
Sean turned to Choi and Dennis.
"These men will be all I need. The rest are yours," Sean said confidently.
"Sean, I think Phil meant for each of our divisions to have something close to half of the army. But you're only taking ten out of 500 men," Choi said.
Sean gave him an odd look.
"You'll understand soon enough," he said. And with that, he turned and walked away, beckoning for the ten men to follow.
Leaving Choi and Dennis to prepare their division for the coming battle.

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