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Jade and her army interrogate and torture the three human scouts while Jason remains unaware down below.

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-Jade drew her long straight sword and looked it over affectionately. She licked the length of the blade, allowing it to reflect the light more brilliantly. She nodded to one of her gargoyle soldiers, and it grabbed the shoulders of a very unwilling human scout and bent him over. Jade tore the man's pants off and inserted her blade into his rectum. The human cried out in pain through gritted teeth. Jade chuckled as a grin crept up the corner of her mouth, and she twisted the blade slightly before inserting it further, coaxing another indignant groan from the man.

-Then, without warning, Jade forcefully thrust the weapon forward, up to the hilt. The man let out an unusual sound of discomfort and arched his back, sweat dripped from his face due to the strain. His eyes clamped shut, and he tried his best to bear the pain as Angel watched him with unsympathetic eyes. In many ways, her indifferent expression was more unsettling then Jade's amusement.

-Jade briskly pulled her blade out of the soldier's body and looked over the metal as blood dripped down its length. Despite what should have been a fatal injury, the man sighed in relief. Some blood trickled out of his exposed opening, but it quickly stopped.

-"Hmm, it seems you are blessed with the same resiliency as us," Jade commented as she grabbed the man's leg and flipped him onto his back. "Let's see just how durable you are."

-Jade removed her own clothing and positioned herself over the man as demons held his arms and legs in position. She touched the tip of her blade, and it began to glow as red as the blood that covered it. She reinserted the weapon into the man's anus, causing him to cringe again. The weapon began to hum, and the man's penis became erect in spite of his will.

-Jade lowered herself onto the man, and he groaned with humiliation. Jade moved up and down while she reached down and wrapped her fingers around the human's throat. She looked at the man with an uncaring expression while his eyes rolled back into his head.

-"You're nothing special," Jade said with disappointment. She forced herself all the way down on the man, causing him to groan yet again. Her vagina tightened on the obtrusion like a vice, causing the man to cry out in real pain. Jade lifted her body up, and blood splattered between their bodies as the man's phallus was ripped off.

-The man screamed in agony as Jade stood up and looked down at the human's writhing body. The bleeding stopped quickly, but the appendage did not grow back.

-"It seems you were only granted the basics," Jade said with a smirk. She reached inside of herself to remove the gory male sex organ. It had become flaccid due to the sudden blood loss, but it would suffice for what Jade had in mind. She forced it into the screaming man's mouth to gag him, and then lowered herself onto his face, smothering him.

-The human's struggling intensified with desperation as he was deprived of oxygen. Jade's vagina extended and began to envelope the front half of his face. Jade began to laugh out loud with delight as she felt the human fight for his life. Pointy teeth protruded from within her, and the vertical mouth bit down on the human scout's face. His body jerked as flesh and bone were crunched under the pressure, and when Jade stood up, the front half of the man's head had been gutted.

-Jade looked down at the corpse, her curiosity satisfied. She removed her blade and looked over at her sisters: Hellen and Scylla, as they played with the other two humans that they had captured. Hellen was brutally sodomizing one of the men with her own large phallus, while Scylla was being far more creative and cruel.

-Scylla stood with her arms crossed as she looked at the scrawny human specimen she had ensnared in her latest creation. A large red mass the size of a human torso rested on the ground, pulsing as its tendrils wrapped around and penetrated the scout's body. The man tried his best to struggle, but the snake-like appendages held his limbs relatively still as the others burrowed into his flesh and punctured his veins. His screams were silenced by nearly a dozen tendrils that forced their way down his throat. The pencil thick objects even slithered up his nostrils, in his ears and forced their way through his eye sockets, forcing out his visual orbs as they made room for themselves.

-One of the tendrils found its way down his urethra, while several others entered into his rectum. The tendrils began to undulate, and the man's body began to collapse like a vacuum sealed bag. He moaned in nightmarish misery as his blood and organs were sucked out of his body until he was nothing but a shriveled husk.

-The tendrils retracted back into the amorphous blob which had doubled in size. The red fleshy mass began to twist and morph. It changed its shape, extending four long growths and a much smaller one. The mass flattened out and took on a humanoid form. The growths formed into legs, arms and a head. Within moments, the mass had turned into a human male that looked exactly like the drained human had.

-Scylla looked the newly formed man over with her one eye. She slowly walked around him, inspecting his body for any flaws while he stood erect and impassive. When Scylla detected no abnormalities, she gave an approving nod.

-Jade licked the blood off of her sword and joined her sister to inspect the creature. Hellen also finished with her playmate and casually snapped his neck before walking over to the others. The three of them scrutinized the naked man standing before them.

-"Can I play with him too?" Hellen asked with a hungry grin.

-"No, you may not," Jade answered. "Scylla's new pet is going to lead the humans into an ambush for us. There will be plenty of humans to play with afterwards."

-"What's his name?" Hellen asked.

-"He has whatever name the human had, along with all of his memories." Scylla explained. "He should be able to blend in with them perfectly. Once he infiltrates them, he should prove very useful."

-Scylla turned to the man and asked, "You know what you have to do?"

-"Yes," the man answered with a slow nod.

-"Then go and do your job," Jade ordered.

-The man nodded before turning to put on the dead human's clothing. The name on the uniform was Trace, and now it was his name as well. When he was suited up, he headed back down to the gathering army of men under Jason's command. He made his way down the side of the cliff quickly and marched to the command center where he was greeted by one of Jason's lieutenants.

-"Where are the others?" the man asked after saluting the imposter.

-"We ran into a demon," Trace answered. "We took care of it, but the other two were killed. I spotted a path leading off the beach, and the coast seems relatively safe. We should have no trouble."

-The lieutenant seemed troubled by the news but didn't question him further. He told trace to wait and returned to the command center where Jason was issuing orders to his men. After speaking with Jason briefly, he called Trace over to them. Jason looked the scout over while eagerly awaiting news of a way up the cliffs.

-"Orson tells me you found a way off this beach?" Jason asked.

-"Yes sir," trace answered with a salute. "It's hard to see from this vantage point, but there is a winding path leading out of here. We'll need to use explosives to clear the rocks blocking the way, but it shouldn't be a problem."

-Jason nodded his approval. "Glad to hear it. Alright men, move it out!"

-Far above them, Jade and angel stood side by side, watching the human insects mobilize. Behind them, Hellen and Scylla were busy preparing the ambush that would soon put the humans in a stranglehold that even Jason would not be able to free himself from.

-"Go inform the master," Jade ordered. Angel calmly nodded and took to the air with a mighty flap of her feathery wings. She quickly disappeared from Jade's view, leaving the general to deal with the matter at hand. It had been a long time since she had had such a battle to look forward to. She would be sure to enjoy every moment of it.
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