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Magus's quest for Schala with the knight's help. Will become yaoi later with a possible NC-17 rating.

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The gate closed with a small buzzing sound behind him, and Magus sighed deeply. He was desperately tired. It had been nearly a week since he'd had any sleep, and he was beginning to have trouble deciphering reality from the crazy images in his mind. He didn't really have the strength left to walk, so he meekly floated along, trying to focus enough to discover where and when he'd landed. He'd been in a battle only a few moments earlier. Lavos had been defeated, but only in the future. They hadn't truly erased him from the history of the planet, and his spawn were still scattered throughout time. So far Magus had fought twenty-nine by himself, and either the last one had been particularly strong or he'd been just that tired. He was still trying to recognize the area around him when he smacked into a tree. He bounced back fiercely from it and fell to the ground. He moaned slightly and stood on weak legs. Then he heard it. There was a noise coming straight for him. With a heavy sigh, he raised his scythe in scant hope of protecting himself from whatever was coming this way. He hadn't enough magic left even for a simple fire spell. If it was another Lavos spawn, he was doomed.

"Hullo? Is there anyone there? Art thou well, or dost thou need assistance?" A voice called and he recognized it almost immediately as he lowered his weapon. He let loose a breath of relief as Glenn came through the bushes.

"Magus?" The green-haired knight called and prepared a fighting stance. "What is thy business here?"

Magus would have slapped himself in the face if he'd had the energy to. He sighed and looked at the man before him. "We were allies when we parted, Glenn."

"It is Sir Glenn, to the likes of thee."

"Sir Glenn? You were knighted then? Congratulations," he finished with a small yawn. "Tell me, is there an inn nearby? I need to rest."

Glenn blinked, not believing his politeness or his request. "Once more, Mage, state thy claim here."

Maybe it was the fact that the boy was starting to infuriate him, maybe it was his lack of sleep, or maybe it was a mix of both, but regardless, Magus's next comment was far from normal.

"I'll claim you if you don't shove it and find me a place to stay."

Maybe it wasn't that far from normal after all. Nevertheless, Glenn growled in response. He took a few quick steps forward and grabbed the mage's collar, shaking him roughly and demanding an answer. Magus, however, wasn't able to stand any longer, and though he grabbed Glenn's arm for support, he lost his footing and fell. Startled, the young knight caught him in his arms, and though he was surprised by his own actions, he didn't stop himself from asking, "Magus, what ails thee? Thou art falling apart, it would seem."

"Nonsense," Magus laughed, or at least he tried to, but his breath was short. "Glenn, a place to rest..."

Many things were racing through the ex-frog's mind, such as that he should never help the man he was currently holding from hitting the ground. However, without his help, they never would have revived Crono, nor would they have made it through the Ocean Palace and defeated Lavos. He'd been a great hand in their party, even turning his back on the Mistics he'd once fought with to help them in their quest. The war was over, and perhaps Glenn did owe him this small favor. But the question was where to keep him. None of the townsmen would take kindly to him. If he spoke with the king and queen, perhaps they could hide him away in the castle until he was healed.

"Thou art not safe in the town, Magus. I will speak to his and her majesties, but I know naught what courtesies thou might expect of them."

Magus coughed slightly, "And since when were you worried of my safety, Glenn?"

The younger man frowned. "If I were to owe thee anything for thy help, I would prefer it to be this small favor. Tell me, Mage, what art thou doing in this time?"

Magus coughed again, this time much more violent than the last. He became weak in Glenn's arms, and suddenly the knight found himself supporting the wizard's full weight. Magus's eyes rolled back in his head, but he shook off the fatigue quickly. He growled, embarrassed by his sudden weak spell, and tried to push himself to a standing position. Glenn allowed him this and supported him a little, although Magus did his best to push him off.

"Come, Magus. Cover thy face and I shall bring thee to the castle."

"The dark lord, Magus," the king said with little breath. His eyes were wide and remembering. He could still see Magus at the bridge, the fire burning behind his silhouette, the mage's scythe raising high and cutting into his flesh, wounding him deeply. It sent shivers down his spine and he had to turn away. How could his most trusted knight bring this monster into his castle? Had Sir Glenn been bespelled?

His wife beside him had one dainty hand against her chest, the other covering her mouth. She'd gasped as Magus uncloaked himself, and now she stared at him unbelieving. Glenn had confided in her and her king that Magus had been their ally against Lavos, but they couldn't very well reprieve him of his crimes. The people would never understand. But Magus was supposed to have returned to his own time, so they'd never thought it would come to a decision like this. She didn't know whether or not she could trust him, but if he had saved her knight captain's life, who was she to question him?

Glenn held Magus's arm tight, showing his king and queen that the situation was under control, though honestly it was to keep the wizard on his feet. It was getting harder and harder for him to focus. He desperately needed sleep, but there was no assurance that if he passed out now, he wouldn't wake up in a dungeon. Glenn might have brought him here with good intentions, but it didn't mean that it would stay that way.

"Magus," the king said finally, "what brings you to our time?"

Magus's eyes rolled back again and he stumbled. Glenn caught him and quickly pulled him up straight, snapping him back into consciousness. He shook his head and replied, "It was not my intention to come to this time. I was too exhausted to control my traveling spell."

The queen blinked. "You have learned to travel through time?"

Magus went to answer, but found himself short of breath. He gasped slightly as he wavered back and forth, so he simply nodded.

"How did you manage such a feat?" King Guardia asked.

The warlock growled under his breath and answered haughtily. "With all due respect, your majesty, I don't... really have the energy... for a long discussion."

Queen Leene smiled, "Oh, you're right, dear Magus. Glenn, bring him to the quarters in the east wing, and let him rest. We can discuss this matter at breakfast."

The king turned to her in mild alarm. "Are you sure this is a wise course of action, my love?"

She nodded. "Glenn would not have brought him here if he did not think that Magus could be trusted. Let him rest tonight, and we can figure out the right course of action once he is better."

The king agreed. Magus turned to the knight. "Give me your word that if I fall asleep, I will be safe until I can defend myself."

Glenn blinked at him. "Thou hast heard Her Majesty proclaim it so, Magus. What dost thou need from me?"

He nearly fell, but caught himself on the knight's shoulders. "Just give me your word, Glenn. I know you. Give me your word."

Glenn looked to the king and queen, then back to the wizard. "Fine, mage, thou hast my word."

As soon as he said it, Magus collapsed against him, his energy finally spent. Glenn caught him up in his arms and looked to his queen. "With thine leave, your Majesty..."

She nodded again, "Take him to bed, Glenn. Then return here. I want to hear better detail of your journey with this man, so that we may better understand the situation."

"Yes, your Majesty."

Magus tossed slightly and his eyes drifted open. He smelled cooked meat, gravy, and some sort of vegetables. The room blurred into vision. Glenn was standing beside his bed, placing a tray on the table next to him. He turned and looked at the mage, not smiling, but not frowning either. There was a small face of concern on him, and it took Magus a few moments to remember where he was and what had happened to him. He sat up slowly, his body aching with the effort, and looked over to the knight.

"What worries you, Glenn?" He asked with a characteristic grin, which meant he was feeling much better than before.

Glenn shook his head. "Thou hast slept for two days, Mage. I didst start to wonder if ever thou wouldst awaken."

"So sorry to disappoint you."

Glenn didn't correct him, for though it wasn't the truth, it wasn't a complete falsehood either. Instead he sat down on the bed and picked up the tray, handing over to Magus. It was part of a suckling pig in a fine gravy over spicy potatoes with a side of corn. He didn't waste time with formalities, or much more than a "thank you", and quickly began eating. He ate with proper etiquette, but at a speed Glenn couldn't even imagine. He shook his head again and poured the wizard a goblet of wine once he was nearly finished. Magus handed the plate back without scraps on it. Glenn's eyes widened slightly as he set the tray aside. He let Magus finish his wine before asking any questions.

"How long has it been since thou hast eaten, Magus?"

Magus yawned and stretched, leaning back against the headboard of the bed. "I can't really remember, to tell you the truth. I don't think I've had this fine of a meal since I left your company six years ago."

Glenn did a double take and looked at him oddly. "Six years? Hast only been a few months here, Magus. Crono, Lucca, and Marle visited not too long ago, and time hast been the same for them as well."

The warlock shrugged. "They're still traveling by time set by the Epoch. I don't have such restrictions any longer."

"Queen Leene is quite worried of thy health, Magus. If thou wouldst allow, I would take thee to the resident doctors, or look thee over myself, to make sure thou art not injured further than thou hast suggested."

"I find it hard to believe your queen is that worried of me, Glenn," Magus chuckled darkly. "Nevertheless, I don't want anyone else finding out I'm here. The last thing we need is a handful of idiots rushing the castle to kill me."

Glenn frowned. "It is not idiotic to want to avenge thy family, Magus. Thou shouldst know that better than anyone else. Speaking of, how dost thy quest for the Lady Schala fare?"

He looked away, not answering. Glenn didn't have to ask anymore, Magus still hadn't found his sister. He felt something close to pity for the man he'd once hated, though he didn't show it. It wouldn't be appreciated. Instead he asked a different question. "Wouldst thou allow me to look thee over, then?"

Magus turned back to him. "She must be worried for you to be so insistent about it. Tell me, why does your queen give a damn whether or not I live. I nearly killed her husband."

"Queen Leene is a kind and caring woman. She believes there to be good in all people, even someone as vile as thou art," he said, but said it with a smile. "She is still grateful to thee for saving the future king and queen of Guardia."

He frowned. "Fine, fine. Let's get this over with, shall we?"

Glenn nodded again and stood, helping Magus to do the same. "Take of thy cloak and thy shirt, Mage."

Magus unhooked his cloak and then looked about as he tossed it aside. "Where is my armor and my scythe?"

"Thy armor was in shreds. A new set is being made for thee. Thy scythe is in the corner. Now remove thy shirt, Magus."

He shook his head quickly. "It may be night outside, but the torchlight provides you enough light. You don't need me to take off my shirt."

"I would just check thee for any grievous wounds."

"If I'm bleeding, you'll see it through my shirt."

Glenn frowned at him, but decided not to push the issue any further. He circled about the mage, taking in the sight of him. Without the cloak to hide him, Magus's frame seemed frail. He'd lost a lot of weight since Glenn had last seen him, and he was much paler than normal. No doubt the past six years had been many sleepless nights and weary days for him. Magus really was falling apart. He needed a chance to rest and relax, if only for a little while. He looked at the shirt covered with bloodstains. Only the very edges and various spots on it remained blue. The rest was red. There was no way to tell if he was freshly wounded without taking it off, and the wizard would probably feel much better if he could clean up and get fresh clothing.

"Take off thy shirt, Magus. I cannot tell anything whilst thou art wearing it."

"Then take my word for it, I'm fine."

"Magus, just let me see thee over once. I'll get thee a bath drawn and some fresh clothing. What thou art wearing couldst make thee ill."


Glenn grabbed his wrist and pulled him forward, ready to tear the bloody material off if he needed to, but Magus pushed away from him hard enough to send himself falling backwards onto the bed. He grunted with the landing, which meant that somewhere he was hurt, most likely on his back or side. Glenn came to stand beside him, but Magus kicked at him and scooted away, wrapping his arms about himself. The knight sighed.

"Magus, what is wrong with thee. I have no intent to hurt thee. Just let me heal thy wounds. Then I promise thee a hot bath."

Magus frowned. Most of his bathing had been done in ice cold streams, and only when he could no longer stand the smell of himself. It was a tempting offer, but was it worth Glenn seeing what lay beneath his clothes? There were secrets he'd hidden for years, secrets he never wanted to share, secrets he prayed to forget about. How could he keep them if Glenn saw the marks they'd made on him?

"If I let you look me over, you can't ask any questions, understood?"

It was an odd request, but Glenn agreed. It was worth it to get him cleaned and bandaged, and ready to continue his quest. Magus shyly removed his shirt, to which Glenn was taken aback, because Magus never did anything shyly. He bit his lip not to gasp at what he saw. Across the thinning muscles on his chest and shoulders, there were hundreds of small, white scars that raised the skin into various bumps and lines, looking as though they'd been made by claws, and a few by whips. The claw marks continued in a small line down his abdomen, his stomach, and disappearing into his pants. Glenn refused to think of what this meant. Not only was he unsure of his ability to handle it, but he had promised he would ask no questions. He turned Magus about to look at his back, and nearly swayed at the sight. There was no skin left, only the thick hide left behind by thousands upon thousands of scars. Magus hadn't wanted him to see this. Had the Mistics done this to him? He placed a hand to Magus's back, telling himself that he had to feel for any sore points, but it was a lie. Even with the mess of tissue, what lay before him was nothing short of beautiful. He had to touch it, had to know it was real.

Magus gasped soundlessly as the knight touched him. No one had placed such soft hands on him in a very long time. Glenn traced the scars with care, sending shivers up the mage's spine. He reeled in the sensations he was feeling, because he'd never felt them before. What was this warrior of Guardia doing to him? He wanted Glenn to touch more than his back. He wanted his hands to roam his body, to make him writhe beneath their touch. Before he knew what had happened, he fell back into Glenn's arms, tremors arching his body as those strong arms embraced him.

"Magus, art thou all right? Canst thou stand?"

Glenn's voice snapped him back into reality and he pulled away so fast he would have fallen on his face if not for the knight's grip on him. Glenn let him go, and he pulled himself up and walked a few steps away. "You promised me a bath, Glenn."

"Aye, thou art right. I shall see to it at once. Rest until it is ready, Magus. Thou dost seem to need it."

Glenn left, and Magus laid back on the bed, covering his head with a pillow. Whatever had just happened was never allowed to happen again. At least he could hope for that much. Besides, he had more important things to worry about, like finding Schala, and he kept telling himself that until the bath was drawn.
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