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Down We Go

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gjnhjfdhns: Part THIRTEEN: Down We Go


I felt someone yank me out of the way, Marina's high-pitched scream piercing my ears. Anthony hit the wall as I hit the carpet, but he recovered faster, and was soon charging at us again.

"Oh my God OhmyGodohmy/GOD/!"

I scrambled to get on my feet, and started running as soon as possible. I could feel a rush of wind as Anthony ran past me. Screamed when I heard him crash into a shelf. I turned around, needed to know what was going on. Marina and Ale ran out past me, Carl not too far behind, and Angel yanked me along. Mitchell took up the rear, smartly slamming the door shut as he sped out.

Or maybe not too smart.

As soon as the loud bang of the door shutting reached our ears, we froze. It was like a pond in a desert; the sound virtually echoed through the empty halls.

"Aw, /fcuk/," Mitchell groaned, slapping a hand to his forehead. "God fcuking damn it, sh-t sh-t sh-----t...!"

His cursing was soon punished; another person came walking down the hall we heard Anthony come from, and this one turned out to be Carlo. I almost swore right then and there, but I settled for damning everything in my mind, while stepping backward with wide eyes.

Carlo stopped walking, and turned to the door of the room Anthony was in. Apparently, doors were unopenable from the inside while you were... Possessed, was it?

We took this opportunity to run down the other hall, but stopped in our tracks when we found out another person was there- Er, make that /persons/. I mean, people.

Andrew and Tyler stood there, sadistcally grinning at us, as though they could tell how deep the crap we were in was. We turned again- Hey, we could tackle down Carlo any day- only to find that Anthony had been released, and oh fudge we were cornered.

"God DAMN it," I hissed through gritted teeth, I took my hockey stick be the handle and got into a more solid stance. I heard the others do the same, and Carl charged at Carlo.

That was, my friends, when hell broke loose.

Carl was intercepted by Anthony and the two were locked in a fierce match, putting all their knowledge of wrestling to the test. Dylan and Chloe came out of the hall Carlo had come from, and all the crazies charged at us.

I closed my eyes and swung as Anthony came at me again. I was pleased to find it had knocked him back a bit, but it wasn't by much and... It was Anthony, man! He started to retaliate so I swung again and again.

Angel had pretty much owned Chloe, so I threw the rubbing alcohol and a strip of cloth bandages to her. "Get to the library! I'll be right behind you!"

She yelled an "Okay!" and started running, holding her tennis racket with death in mind- Or an inordinate amount of pain. She knew these weren't our friends, our peers, people we had shared lunches with and laughed with and played games with and worked together with and grew up with and

And shut UP, me!

I swung again. Anthony staggered backward and shook his head before hurtling toward Marina. Seeing this, Marina took hold of Dylan and threw him into Anthony's way. The two crashed into the wall, and were going to need a lot of time to recover.

Just not long enough...

"Run, Marina!" I yelled, whacking Chloe over the head to free Ale. "You, too!" They dashed off in the same direction as Angel, and Carl was soon running along after them.

Mitchell was doing pretty good, bare-fisted against Tyler, but Andrew was sneaking up on him. I frowned, jumped forward, and swung the hockey stick right into his gut. He flew back, and I took the time to shove Mitchell in the direction of the others. "Come on!"

We ran down the hall, heading toward the office-side stairs of the library, shoving aside a Jared and Candace in our haste. Why hadn't the others thrown the Cocktail into the library yet? We went over it, all they had to do was put the end of the cloth in the rubbing alcohol, light the bandages and throw it like a Polaroid picture of Marina's face-

Oh /crap/. They needed to LIGHT it. And what idiot was carrying the lighter?


I ran faster, and, ignoring the annoyed faces of the others, I took the unlit Moltov Cocktail from Angel.

"Where's Carl?"

"Oh /no/, you mean--?"

He jumped out of the library, roaring as he aimed to tackle down Ale, but Mitchell crashed into him and held him back. "LIGHT THE GODDAMNED THING!"

I pulled the lighter from my pocket and frantically spun the little spinning thing- Did I mention that the last time I ever worked one of these was when I was three and I ended up burning my thumb?

"Light, damn you, LIGHT!" Miraculously, a flame sprung to life and, with a moment's awe, I brought it to the dry end of the bandage.

"Holy shi- GET IT OUT OF HERE!" Marina screamed. Alarmed, I swung it and

It flew OVER the black mass by about 50 Jeromes high. Everyone groaned, and I wondered why the hell they wanted ME to throw the thing. It hit the glass on the other side of the library and bounced onto the black mass, where it promptly exploded.


Meaning five seconds to duck for cover from the shards of flying glass and pieces of crazy black-mass-shadow thingy thing... Things. You know. Shrapnel and all that other fatal stuff that goes flying when there's an explosion of any sort. You say boom, you see falling ceiling.

But, yea, it exploded.

Everyone turned and dove as far away from the library as possible. The ground was shaking, and light fixtures were popping like corks off wine at a wedding. No weeny little Moltov could possibly make THIS big of a bang- So what was going on!?

I dared to look back at the library, and gasped; the black mass was aflame, and it appeared to be stretching out, grabbing at air.

Suddenly, something pushed me from behind, and I pitched forward, held back only by Mitchell grabbing my wrist. "What the f-ck are you doing!? Get OUT of here-"

Something else pushed us, and I caught a glimpse of one of those horribly disgusting shadow-things speeding by, and then another, and then another. Their mouths were open in that silent howl, except...

It wasn't so silent.

It started out as a whine, much like that of a kicked puppy, escalating from that quiet whimper to a soft sob, to the wails of a despairing child to-

"Oh, /no/..."

-the painful screams of an agonized soul, a sound that could only be borne from something enduring an inhuman torture, something that could only be inhuman...

We slammed our hands on our ears and ran, quick stepping around shadows fleeing in the opposite direction, plowing through them when need be; the screams were occupying every brain wave I had, I didn't pay attention to how disgusting it felt to make contact with the creatures.

Mitchell and I burst out the grade one doors. We almost stumbled over our own feet in our haste to stop running. Ale, Marina, and Angel stood in front of us, and I didn't need to see their faces to know that their jaws were hanging open. Mine was, too. So would anybody else's. I mean, come on, you run out of your school because of weird shadow explosion things, and instead of running onto the familiar hopscotch we all know and love, you run into a cemetary. A cemetary with tombstones that were falling apart, a giant statue of an angel with only jagged stumps for wings, a teddybear shaped tombstone, and a giant inverted cross as a tombstone. Sacreligious, sad, and creepy all rolled into a... Cemetary.

How messed up is that?
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