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Down the hall we go.

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gjnhjfdhns: Part FIFTEEN: Doors

"Right. Okay. Let's go!" Marina was covering up her disgust with determination, looking rather strong amongst us fallen. Sadly for her, this brave front of hers was soon overshadowed. The rest of us gathered our wits together, and we were all acting normally.

At least, as normal as we could get.

Whenever I watch movies, I would always wonder why the hell the people were so... /Calm/. Now, put in the situation, I know: Panicking achieves nothing. You had to think, you had to set your mind to survival. Any emotional slip-up could cost you greatly- Like when, just a bunch of minutes ago, someone gasped in the classroom and drew possessed!Anthony's attention.

Besides, I'd had my fill of panicking.

"Where to?" Ale said, bringing me from my thoughts. Where to, indeed. How about out of here?

And where was the exit?

I turned around to try the door we had come in from, only to find it wasn't there. The end of the hallway stood before me, vomit-stained and mocking- "Ha-HA, dead end'ed. Bee-yatch."

"The reception desk! We can get a phone there, and maps, and... Help!" Ale answered her own question, and everyone started down the hall, looking for any sign of navigation. With a final glare at the end of the hall, I followed.

Our journey through the corridors grew more and more disgusting; blood, vomit, and other substances I didn't want to think about were smeared and splattered on the walls, a volatile painting on a building-shaped canvas. It looked as though there had been some sort of struggle, a battle or a stampede, maybe, that left its mark- And, maybe, its participants. The ground was littered with pieces of rust-coloured bones and other bodily parts- There might've even been an eyeball in one dusty, forlorn corner.

"Uhm... Let's talk about something," Marina suggested. "How'd you get here, Marcello?"

"By walking into the school with you guys, /duh/!" He rolled his eyes, shaking his head at Marina's idiocy.

"I meant in the cemetary, stupid! I'm not that blonde!" She gave him a good-hearted hit on the shoulder.

"Oh..." He tapped his chin in thought. "I was walking to school because I left my wallet in my backpack during parent-teacher, and then as soon as I grabbed the office door, everything got dark. I ran toward the structure annnd... Saw you guys past the creepy dead place. The cemetary."

So that meant he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He's lucky he didn't go inside the school, or he might've come face to face with an exploding shadow thing.

And we all know how everyone hates exploding shadow things.

We opened a big double door that we hoped led to some sort of lobby, when the sight we were presented took us to a high and then slammed us back down.

We had found a lobby, alright, what appeared to be the main waiting room, but we were not going to find any help here- On the contrary, the room was more deserving of our help than we were of its: Though the walls, ceiling, and floor were painted white, not a fleck of the shade was visible. Blood was caked onto every visible surface, but it looked like it had been applied, as though someone had taken a brush and painted the room.

The horrifying crimson was not the only thing strewn about; corpses lay at the foot of the walls, most of them intact, save for a hole in their chest and the cuts upon their scarlet skin. The bodies varied in age, gender, and race- It looked like what would've been a group you'd usually see in hospital waiting rooms. All of them waiting for a loved one, waiting for treatment, waiting for some type of solution, only to die in the lobby, eternally waiting for a cure nobody could give them.

Suffice to say, the room was depressing.

It was scary and stuff, too, but the thought of all this almost made me cry.

Angel let out a choking noise and ran from the room. Not long after, so did we.

We ran straight down the hall, which seemed to stretch on and on, for so long until we stopped running out of sheer weariness. A tall and wide door stood at the end of the hall, the kind with the bar you push open, except the bar was on the outside of the room.

None of us took notice of this. We pushed the door open and gasped at what lay before us.
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