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That bastard! D:

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gjnhjfdhns: Part TWENTY-ONE: Confessions

"How'd you get in here again?"

"Hockey injury."

"What happened?"

"Sprained ankle."

"But limp you do not."

He shrugged. "I've been here for a while."

Mitchell frowned. "For a sprained ankle?"

We three- Mitchell, Kevin and I- were sitting on the floor by the door, idly trying the knob every once in a while. I was damned good at making small talk, but getting into deep conversations was not my strong point.

And it didn't help that Kevin was being so suspicious.

I don't think I'll ever throw another party again. Ever. Maybe a thank-God-we're-alive party... If I get the chance.

I closed my eyes and rested my head back on the door. "That's messed, man."

"Yea!" said a voice.

"Go to sleep, Ale!"

"... Sorry!"

Kevin let out an aggravated breath. "Look, I had an injury and was kept here, okay? I don't know what happened with you guys, but I'm not part of anything!"

"Yea, I believe you," I replied, cheery as can be, "but my head doesn't, so can't you think up a good excuse to convince it? It's getting annoying."

"I had a hockey injury. I was kept here."

"Whatever." Mitchell was fiddling with his fingers, creating shapes of God-knows-what. "We just won't listen to your advice. Or anything."

"You should've thought of that sooner," Kevin mumbled.

My head shot up and I stared at him, hoping that I had heard incorrectly. "What... What did you say?"

He looked straight at me, his expression somewhat angry. "You heard me."

Inexplicably, I knew he wasn't lying.

I jumped to my feet, watching him warily. "Y-You... You can't be serious...!"

He bowed his head, resting his arms on his bent knees, and remaining silent.

Mitchell stood up as well, looking incredulously down at Kevin. "You son of a-"

Just as he swore, we heard a rumbling coming from the far side of the room. The shelves on the other side began to rattle like whatever was inside was fighting, tooth and nail, to escape.

"What the hell?! What are you doing?!" Mitchell yelled at Kevin, who still sat motionless against the door.

"GUYS! WAKE UP!" I shouted, running over and yanking the sheets off of the tables.

They were empty.

"... Not... Not a- Mitchell!" I yelled. "Are these tables empty!?"

He blinked in my direction, once, twice, before a look of confusion came across his face. "... No... There're bodies on those tables!"

"Bodies?!" My eyes widened with shock. "You don't mean-!"

"They're not..." He froze. "Get... Get away from the table...!"
I jumped back from it, not knowing what to do. I felt a cold, clammy hand grab my shoulder from behind and screamed, turning around to see nobody there.

But I felt the hand, and I could see the indent of it on my shoulder.

"AAHHHHH!" Screaming my head off, I whacked relentlessly at where the hand's indentation was, twisting myself out of and away from its grasp. Feeling fingers brush against my wrist from the other side, I stifled another scream and ran for the door- Only to have my way blocked by Kevin.

"Dude man! We can't stay here!" I growled, yanking on my braids again. "You're doing enough damage!"

He sneered back at me. "Don't waste your time, stupid, this door's locked!"

Taken aback, I tried to find the words for an apology but none would come out.

Great. Beautiful time to shut up, Hazel.

"Hey! Over here!"

I turned and found Mitchell shoving a table against the wall. The blankets that had lain limp on the tables were now on the floor, and horrified, I found that I could see footsteps in them.

"Get over here! Help me lift this table!"

I glanced back at Kevin, who had his arms folded against his chest, before edging along the wall to where Mitchell was. "Why?"

"Air- Step to the right! I mean left!"

I did so, and I felt the hand brush just by me. I walked faster now, and soon made it to the other side of the table Mitchell was trying to lift. With a ton of difficulty on my part, we shoved it on top of the other table, and then climbed onto it.

"Air duct," he said, grunting as he yanked on the air vent. Frowning, he looked around the room, searching for... Something to pry it open?

I looked at the metal legs of the gurneys in the room, wondering...

I jumped off the table and ran to the nearest gurney- this one felt empty, lucky for me. I crouched down, took a look at where the legs joined the table and grinned- This must have been a cheap hospital. I grabbed the leg and tried twisting it out, but it felt like it was rusted shut or something.

Since that won't work...

I shoved the table onto its side, and then rolled it upside down. Biting my lip, I stepped down on the table part and yanked the leg to one side, with as much strength as I could muster. It broke off with a snap, and I stumbled backward.

So it /had been rusted/, I mused, staring at the jagged, copper-ish end of the leg.


Startled, I span around and, seeing nothing, I attacked with the table leg any way I could. It sank into something, I could feel its sharp teeth bite into whatever it did with difficulty, and it disappeared. I stumbled again as it suddenly broke free, though I couldn't see it.

And then something happened, something I thought I'd only ever see in a movie.
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