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Clothes Make The Man

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Sucky title, non? Heehee. Uh.. I always wondered.. was Rikimaru's clothes always that brown or what..? Drabbly; Cor, this summary blows. (Don't let it dissuade you though!)

Category: Tenchu - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor,Parody - Published: 2007-03-27 - Updated: 2007-10-18 - 340 words - Complete

a/n: So I noticed that this was an empty category.. & that pissed me off. Allow me to take up space (and force people to rescue Tenchu from this crap).
ALSO: this is based on Tenchu3: WoH
DISCLAIMER: This "author" does not claim to own Tenchu and its characters, and apologizes for the blatant momentary insanity and Out Of Characterness that follows this long-winded speech.

Dashing quickly and quietly, through silent forest, Ayame moves towards an unseen goal. Stopping at a shoddy shack almost hidden by an unblossomed sakura tree. Removing a pure white shinobi shozoku from her pack, she holds it open and high in the air.

"Rikimaru!", shouts Ayame "I've got your stupid laundry! Now gimme that fuggin' mon you promised me.."

Tugged out of her hand with a sudden wieght and filled with the form of a man, the white uniform faces her containing Rikimaru.

"Thank you.. here..", he mutters as he ties his white mask over his jaw. Handing Ayame a few coins, he begins walking a little bit away.
"So, I was wondering why do you have a white version of.. your..
clothes...", Ayame mumbles as Rikimaru promptly rolls around in the dirt, humming a jaunty tune (which sounds suspiciously like the Echigoya manor theme). Getting up and diving briefly into a bramble, Rikimaru stalks back to Ayame wearing his familiar earthy toned garb.

"I'm sorry, what was your question, Ayame?" asks Rikimaru.

"No-nothing.. I.. I'll see you another time, Rikimaru", Ayame quakes, trying not to laugh. She leaps into the trees, cackling echoes back to the shack.

"Hm, she's in such a good mood for a couple coins.. Strange woman." Waving to Ayame's raucous and retreating form, Rikimaru hums to himself.

Elsewhere on a nearby road, a small group of travelers wet themselves to the terrorfying sound of evil laughter flowing through the woods. It was much different than Onikage's daily manaical laugh. Certainly, more frightening.

Sorry for killing your souls!
I'll take your flames with little to no humility!
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