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Poetically Pathetic

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Can something please go right for once??

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two months later

"Jazie!!!!!!!! Hurry the fuck up! You cant be late for work again. Their gonna fire us!!"

Jazie sat on Sarahs bed looking out the window like she does everytime she needs to think.

I wonder how long its gonna take for them to even come looking for me. its been almost 3 months...

She gets yanked out of her thoughts when she hears Sarah yelling at her.

She hops off the bed and grabs her purse by the door and walks down the stairs toward Sarah.

"Hey, I'm ready."

"Alright, lets go than. I dont think this will be a long shift. It's a sunday and no one really goes out on sunday. Sooooo I think you get my drift."

"Yah, yah. whatever." Jazie huffs moodily out the front door toward Sarahs new car.

"You wanna drive today?" Sarah asks waving her keys in front of Jazies face.

Jazie's frown turns up at the corners creating a smile as she grabs the keys and hops into the drivers seat.

"With pleasure." She sings as she starts the engine.

She turns on the radio as they pull out of the driveway.

The voice of a dj fills the car.
"Ok all you Fall Out Boy fans, I know you've been awaiting their new single. You can vote for the video on mtv and buy the new album Infinity On High in stores now. Here it is, the new single: Thanks for the Memories!"

Jazie stiffens in her seat as Patricks voice flows though the speaker.

Sarah sighs and turns the station.

"Their really busy Jaze, with the new album and the tour thats comin up. I'm sure he wants to call you. Their celebs though. You kinda have to expect it.

Jazie nods silently as she keeps her eyes fixed on the road.

Jazie finally broke the silence with a sigh(she does that alot).

"He said he'd call. Every day. And I knew he wouldnt call me every day. That would be rediculous. But he's only called once since he left. And that was a misdial," She laughs scornfully.

"I feel so stupid." Jazie shakes her head as she pulls into the parking lot of Borders.

"I really thought he liked me."

"I know Jazie. He does! I know he does. And remember, we'll see them on spring break, so you guys can rekindle whatever lusty connection you guys had before he left!" She said trying to lift the mood.

Jazie parks the car and kills the engine.

Jazie's eyes grew in horror.

"Oh shit! Your right. Fuck! I can't face him! I'm sure he thinks I'm a total twit!"

Sarah unbuckle her seatbelt and gets out of the car. Jazie's still sitting in her seat, looking forward with the same look of pure terror.

Sarah sighs as she walks toward her friend, opens her door, unbuckles the seatbelt, and pulls her gently out of the car.

"Jazie, please. He doesnt think your a twit. I'm tellin you, he's just really busy and lost track of time." Sarah says as she gets her things out of the back of the car and walks with Jazie toward the back entrance of the store.

"He lost track of 2 months! Right Sarah! I do that too sometimes." She barked back at her sarcastically.

".....Sorry, I'm just a little peeved." Jazie mumbles as she keeps her gaze on the ground, reluctantly apologizing.

Sarah just smiles at her friend.

As they make their way through the side alley way, Jazie stops. Sarahs keeps going and is already opening the back door and making her way through the store before she realizes Jazie isnt behind her.

Did it mean nothing to him, that night we were back here together? That was my first kiss....I never told him that.

"Jazie!! Get the hell in here!" Sarah yells from inside the store.

Jazie shakes her head to rid it of the memory. It doesnt work though. It keeps replaying and replaying in her mind like a movie that won't end: The feeling of his fingers against her stomache, the smell of his cologne, the feeling of him pushed up against her, his hair between her fingers, all the reasurring looks and words he gave her afterwards; it all ment nothing to him.

She walks through the back door and toward her friend.

"Didn't you like the guys too!? Why is this only bothering me that they havent so much as sent a postcard?" Jazie asks from the back room while Sarah unlocks everything and puts out the open sign.

"It isnt only bothering you Jaze. I just realized that they probably wouldnt keep in touch very much because they have alot on their plates and they meet alot of people in alot of different places and I'm sure we're no different to them than anybody else they meet on tour."

Jazie just looks at her friend in shock, but remembers that Sarah never knew about the kiss or how close Jazie thought her and Patrick were. She sighs, feeling defeated.

"I realized it too. I just wanted it to be untrue so badly. I guess I just got my hopes up..."

Sarah comes up and gives her friend a comforting hug.

"Don't worry. Seeing them again wont be so bad. never told them about the contest, did you?" Sarah asks, kind of surprised she wouldnt share this with any of the guys.

Jazie huffs.

"When could I of? I only spoke with Patrick for like a second on the phone and all he said was hi and he had to go. I didn't feel like he would even care at that point."

"You could have texted him Jazie!"

"He could have texted me too!"

Sarah just shakes her head and goes and sits behind the front counter.

"I give up Jazie. I just think you should at least try and be the bigger person and make an effort to communicate. But, thats just my little oppinion." She says half to herself as she sits and reads a magazine, waiting for customers.

Jazie just glares at the back of Sarah's head. She does that for a while and when she gets bored with it, she goes to the back room and finds her cell phone.

She sits down on a crate and pouts in silence.

Fine! If she wants be to text him so bad, I will. This is so so stupid.....

She glares at the phone laying in her hands as she thinks up what to write.

what the hell do I say??

.... "Hey Patrick, whats up?" casual.

um... "Hi Patrick. Its been a while...Whats goin on?"

nah, to desperite...

"Hey Stump. Get back to me if you get this, would yah? I gotta talk to you about something."

She takes a deep breath.


She sets down the phone and goes back out to "work".

"What did he say?" Sarah pipes up from behind the counter when she hears her friend coming out.

"Nothing. He hasnt replied yet. I'm sure he's really busy. It'll be a while." She smiles half heartedly at her friend to hide the dissapointment she's feeling all over again.

"I'll be right back." She calls behind her as she turns and walks toward the bathroom.

She goes in and shuts the door. She splashes water on her face and takes a couple deep breaths. She cleans up her make-up and just looks in the mirror.

Slowly but surely, shes starting to see again what her parents saw in her. Nothing. Worthless trash. Ugly. When Patrick was with her, she didnt feel that way. She felt happy. Even if it was only for a couple days, it gave her hope. Than he just took it away...

Sarah doest even know I've tried texting him before. He just wont talk to me... If it wasnt for that stupid fucking song earlier, I'd be fine right now.

She's been trying to forget him. And it was working for a while, or so she thought.

"Who the hell am I kidding?!" She throws her hands up asking no one in particular.

How could I forget him? Fall Out Boy is everywhere now. Their huge. And Patricks just amazing. I couldnt forget him even if I tried. Listen to yourself Jazie! You still like him after he fucked with you're head and left without keeping in touch. Just forget him already!

She rubs her head trying to fish through all her thoughts.

"Sarah, got any tylenol? I have a major head ache." She whines.

"Yah, just a sec. I got a customer." Sarah shouts.

"Of course." She mumbles to herself.

She just sits against the wall, holding her knees.

just forget him....

sorry if there are misspellings or something. I didnt have much time to spell check. r&r peassss.
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