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Dare we say a silent curse

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"Behind close doors there is a horror show."

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Horror - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-03-27 - Updated: 2007-03-28 - 433 words

Carrying my brother through the mansion halls proved less then a quick deed. He'd fallen asleep just before sunrise. Scooping him into my arms like when we were young did not heed the same effect. I nearly dropped him twice before I got a fixed hold. His deep sleep chard his composure to that of a corpse. I could have screamed into his ear and not received a word; I knew though, that he still breathed life from his rising and falling chest. I pushed slowly through his door; carefully laying him into his bed. Standing back I watched my brother lay peaceful.

"Good night Mikey," I whispered faintly.

Sunrise slowly pried it's way into the household as I shuffled towards my room. The light hit my face softly; yet I wished it away. Night had always been on my list of favorites that and drawing, though seemingly I wished for better light in the dark hours. It was ironic and unrated.


I turned to the hoarse morning voice. Seeing Ray as he stood in his doorway, I ceased in my walk.

"Morning," I whispered; the word confusing to my tongue.

"Why are you up?" He asked signaling me to take to his room.

I entered the through the doorway and closed it behind me; hearing a click I answered him.

"I couldn't sleep."


Ray had taken back to his bed, laying in the down sheets and comforter. I moved to a side dresser; touching his action figures I played with them nervously. There was a long silence, Ray was almost back to snoozing when I spoke.

"I heard people whispering."

He sat up, not to abruptly yet enough to make me shiver. Toro looked towards my eyes trying to catch them. I pulled away and nudged them to look else where in the room.

"...People?" He asked slowly.

"Yes...," I took a long calming breath.

"It wasn't somebody's music,..Frank's mayb-."

"NO!" I shot, "No...Frank's been in my room these last two nights."

"Gerard," Ray started again.

"I know it's fucking crazy right!" I festered, "I mean people having conversations in my room, but it's getting louder Toro, fucking louder-."

"Do they keep you awake?"

I ran a hand through my hair, bitting at my lip. Ray waited for my answer. Tapping at my foot I couldn't calm myself; this sounds nuts I told myself / fucking nuts/. I paced away from the dresser, then back. I repeated myself twice before stopping.

"I don't know," I clambered sliding a hand over my face I said it again, "I don't know."

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