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Broken Wings

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Billie's teaching Tre to walk again. But do old things create new pain? Major Angst! Told through Billie's POV. SLASH! Based upon the short story: "The Scarlet Ibis"

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I gulped back a sob as I saw our drummer's legs all bangaged up. "Billie, you okay?" His voice, somewhat small, sounding out.
I met his gaze and said softly, "Yea... How are you feeling Tre?"
He looked down, before replying, "Meh..."


Couldn't walk again? What the hell? That doctor was fuckin lying. That smart-ass had just gotten finish telling me and Mike that Tre would probably never be able to walk again.
No he'll walk again. I thought inside my head.


It was kind of sad and annoying seeing Tre in a wheelchair everyday for the past three weeks.
I couldn't stand it! This wasn't Tre!
Mike must have noticed me getting tense, cause he pulled me aside after practice and said, "Billie you alright? It's not his fault. Please don't do anything stupid to him."
I brushed him aside with a quick joke and smile. But after he left I snapped.
I headed towards Tre and wheeled him away from the drums.

"What the hell Billie?" He said, surprised.

I didn't say anything, only wheeling him to the front of the room.
I stopped and placed my hands underneath his armpits and began lifting him up.
"What the hell? No, Billie, NO!" He shouted, starting to spasm.
"Shh... Tre. I got you. You're going to walk again." I said, still pulling him up.
"But I can't!" He protested.
"Yes you can." I replied, finally getting him out and away from the chair.

"Alright Tre. I'm going to let go now." I said, while withdrawing my arms away from him.
Without my arms supporting him, he instantly fell to the floor.

"I can't do it! I told you!" He shouted, before crying into his arms.
I pulled him back up and said softly, "You can do it. Try again."

I took my hands away slowly this time, and he stood up for five minutes!
And when he fell, he fell into my embrace.
I hugged him tightly, and kissed him lightly on his forehead.
He grinned up at me, and whispered into my ear, "I stood for five minutes! I think I can walk again! Will you help me?"

I promised him that night, that I would teach him to walk again.


The fucking doctor was impressed a month later when we showed him Tre walking around normally.
He said Tre was lucky to walk again, but shouldn't try running again.

Bullshit in my opinion.


I grinned up at Tre who was leaning against a tree.
We were just enjoying each other's company, before a crack of thunder boomed.

"Come on Tre. Let's go." I said, helping him up.
My car was parked far away, and the rain started to pour down.
I began walking faster.
"Billie... Wait for me!" His small voice shouted out.
I turned and saw him trying to keep up.
I didn't know why but I began to walk faster.

He too began walking faster. Shouting things out like, "Please Billie slow down."
The rain coming down harder, I literally ran from him.
"BILLIE!" I heard him screaming my name.
I only ran faster, until I didn't hear him anymore.

That's when the guilt began to eat at me.
I turned and headed back to him.

"Tre? Tre where are you?" I shouted, the rain muffling my words a little.
I didn't hear anything, except the pounding rain.
But I did see a form lying face down in the mud.
No! I shouted silently.
I head towards the form and to my horror, found it was Tre!

His eyes were glazed over and a red blob was on his shirt.
His legs bent oddly.
Thunder boomed loudly and I shrieked his name, as I covered his body underneath mine...

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