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He Wasn't Invincible

by Quillian 1 review

One-shot! If Boris' frozen body were to be found after the events of "GoldenEye", then how might its finders react?

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DISCLAIMER: I don't own James Bond, etc.; MGM, UA, and a whole bunch of other lucky rich people do.

MOVIE SPOILERS: This takes place immediately after the events of /GoldenEye/, so if you haven't watched it, THEN DON'T READ THIS.

SUMMARY: I've always wondered about the reactions of whoever dug up the frozen body of Boris Grischenko after the events of /GoldenEye/...

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those of you who want to see a picture of Boris' fate as a reference, either join my group or email me for it.

"He Wasn't Invincible"

By Quillian

After James Bond and Natalya Simmonova left Alec Trevelyan's lair with the destroyed GoldenEye, U.S. Marines and other troops were sent to investigate the remains of the hidden base.

The equipment above the satellite dish exploded, bringing it crashing down onto the dish below - and the operations base underneath. It was the troops' job to retrieve as much evidence of the crime as possible, and dig up any bodies.

The place was an absolute wreck, to say the least. There was giant metal debris everywhere on top of destroyed computer equipment, plus a couple of small fires here and there.

But there was one very bizarre sight which they certainly did not expect to find.

In front of some ruptured tanks designed and meant to hold liquid nitrogen was the frozen body of a man, dressed in what looked like warm clothing. He had his arms up on a victory post, topped off with a big grin.

It was a very bizarre sight indeed.

It was the frozen body of Boris Grischenko.

About half of the troops down there at the moment just stared at it, while the other approximate half laughed.

"Look!" one of them exclaimed. "It's a freeze-dried fink!"

"That Russian woman, Simmonova, told us about this guy, remember?" another chimed in. "A nerdy hacker with a superiority complex. Guess he wasn't invincible after all."

Another man took out a small portable camera and snapped a few pictures. "I'm definitely posting this on the Internet," he grinned. "You think our dear friend Miss Simmonova will appreciate this?"

"He looks like a giant frozen trophy," one shocked man commented flatly.

"Hey, take a picture of me next to him!" one guy declared to his friend with the camera while putting his arm around Boris' frozen body.


A/N: Pretty short and kind of pointless, I know, but hey, I wanted to go for it. So, what did you guys think? -Quillian
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