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Child Of Sin

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Sorry I had to post again because my menu isnt letting it show up so I can post more so I start again. In 1791, Moritica's brother's death brings her sorrow and leads her to immortality as a v...

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July, 1791
It was a warm summer night with a bit of a gentle breeze, In the state if New Jersey. As we approached with Funeral home on the lonely woods I saw many handsome men in their suits and beautiful women in their victorian dresses man of them whom I did not know. This night was to celebrate the death of one whom I was dearly fond of; My brother Amand. As I said before many of the people that came to his funeral were his friends. Of course my family was in shame of my brother and did not bother to show their faces at his procession. The death of my brother Armand made everything hard for me. He was my only sibiling and one of my best friends. My mother kept us in complete iccolation from everyone and the world because she stated the world was sick and dreadful. In my opinion I would love to say my mother was insane or psycho.
I walked into the funeral home and saw flowers and candles leading the way to where the body of my deceased brother. The large procession went on and the whole time I was completely blank of thoughts...I was so numb. Then it was my turn for me to say my final memories and words the Armand. I stood up on the podium and began talking. "I would like to thank you for coming night to celebrate the death of my brother, Armand Moretti." I spoke as I looked at everyone in the room. "I hope many of us know what I meant by 'celebrate'. This is not a time to mourn but a time to celebrate the rebirth of this man that was once in our lives and in this world." I said in a more adjusted voice. I looked around a bit more and a man caught my glance. His skin was a very pale colour that elluminated against the candle light. His hair was a raven black about shoulder length. "how wonderful."I said to myself in a whisper. I continued. " For those of you who don't know me. Im Morticia. I've known Armand my whole life and had my daily brother-sister fights but Armand was a very generous man. I haven't shared any fantastic memories with my dear brother but I can tell you one thing... His life was full of tradgies. It was a constant of him...Most of us are filled with sorrows but there are some of us that are born with sorrow in our vains...and thats who Armand was -The boy with sorrows in his blood. I just pray that Armand is in a place somewhere full of elegance and beauty. I have no more to say" I stated and walked off the podium.
I have to admit that was the stupidest speech I had ever made but I couldnt stand the pain of standing up there and telling away my brother's life...It was too much for me.
After getting off the podium I walked out the funeral home and to my carriage. I wasnt going to leave him here but I was to wait to get my last moments with him before he was to be put in the earth.

After about an hour and a half I approached the funeral home and went into the back where the morgue portion of the funeral home was, to see my brother once again. I sat with my brother for about two hours and the owner of the funeral home came in to greet me with a kick out of the home. I had told her of my feelings and left me to stay with my deceased brother for as long as I liked.
I sat there for a little longer and thought of my brothers cause of death. It was a suicide. Of course I was questioned about his death because he was apperently pushed of the balcony. There were a bit of accusations of me being the person to murder my own brother. Of course I had been the one to witness it.
It was false but a the same time I was worried because my brother would see visions. I was worried my brother was as insane as my mother.

It had been three days since the wake. I sat in the morgue with my brother...watching him decay. It was gruesome but I did not want to leave him. The owner was waiting to me to leave so they could get him buried. I was sick from the smell of rotten human flesh. I left the morgue and went home to Newark where I sat with the boys of Capo de Tutti Capi(sorry I need a mafia name and like yeah its a real mafia name but totally outta the time frame...sorry but its my story lol).
I was sitting there with 'The Boss of the Bosses' and going through his prositution rack. Of course I had not been one of them prositutes but I had been the 'little girl' with the mafia only because I had been a Moretti. I sat and talked with 'John Torrio' and had a couple of drinks and what not. I had realise I needed to find a man capable to keep me as happy as the boys of the mafia. John promised me to find me someone to keep to myself as long as I promised not to give away the secrets of the murder of David Griggs. I made a pact to that anyway because thats what family did.
I had spent about an hour with John and decided I needed to carry on with my doings. I went home by foot but as soon as I stepped foot in my house I felt a presences in my home.
I went up stairs to clean up my body and image when I noticed a man standing in my hallway.

(An: Well this is a vampire story....I know it may not be interesting but tell me what you think and I promise to update. Yes My Chem will be in the story soon. XD...expect twists in this story
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