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They Wouldn't Understand.

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Well this is a Murtagh*OC fic. Its about a Girl named Audrina who is another Dragon Rider...sooo yeah....just read gosh darn it!!! ^.^

Category: Eragon - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Humor, Romance - Characters: Ajihad, Angela, Arya, Eragon, Galbatorix, Murtagh, Nasuada, Roran, Saphira, Solembum, Other - Published: 2007-03-28 - Updated: 2007-03-29 - 651 words - Complete

Murtagh looked down on you again. "What??" you ask as he
sighed for the fifth time in two minuets. "Nothing, nothing
at all Audrina everything is just fine" he said exasperated. "Well now, there's the lie of the century!" you
say agitatedly "It's not my fault that you can't tell people when there doing something you don't like!!" you finish.
"Eragon do they always have to argue?" Saphira asked shifting her massive eyes down word to look at her rider. "I'm afraid
so, if he would just admit that he likes her and her him
then they might not but I doubt it." Eragon replied to his dragon lying and hand gently on her for leg. A large
silver Dragon located behind you shifted to meet Saphira's
gaze, his large golden eyes looking annoyed. "you two could
stop being hypocrites, is it not you rider, that is in love
with the little elf and wont admit it?" Arget said to her and Eragon. His name meant 'Silver' which was appropriate, for he was a large silver dragon. His stomach was a metallic gold as were his talons. But all in all he was a large silver dragon. You look up at him and smile you are Arget's rider and you are proud of it. "Hello you!" you say giggling lightly as he
shifted his golden eyes to meet your gaze. For you Arget is
an anti-depressant, he makes you feel safe and happy.
He rest his giant muzzle on your shoulder lightly.
"how long do you suppose he can keep up this front of 'it's fine'?" his satiny deep voice asked. "I guess forever,
but I might be wrong" you reply and you both laugh. His
laugh is like volcanoes erupting in a nice way laud and rumbling, but also pleasant. He nods looking at Murtagh
"if you look at him right, you can see what's bugging him.
But you aren't going to are you little one?" He asks and you almost laugh "Why would I he need to be able to share his emotions with use, we need him to open up" you stand up and stretch you look up at the sky the stars were like little
white pinpricks in black cloth. "Are you up for a ride Arget?" you ask looking up at him. He nods and you grab the saddle
you had made for him with Eragon's help. You tighten it up and hop on. "Anyone want to come?" you ask and Eragon nods. You smile and hold out a hand to help him up. "Wont Saphira be jealous?" you ask him and she shakes her massive head. "She says that she's to tired to fly today so she'll guard camp with Murtagh" you nod and wait for him to settle. He had never
been on Arget before and he was even more massive then Saphira. Once he was settled Arget jumped into the air and flapped his wings till you were high above the forest. "I like it in the air" you say to Arget "Yes I like it up here to" chuckles and
he rumbled underneath you. "So Eragon, you need to talk to me?" you ask knowing that Saphira was never to tired to fly. "Do you know what's up with Murtagh?" he asks and you nod weekly. "He feels like we both don't trust him" you say "And in a way I don't......I can't trust someone who doesn't trust me" you
add and look at the sliver of a moon that is in the sky.
"I understand, I'm not sure whether I trust him or not. But he has saved my life and yours so maybe we owe him our trust and protection" he says fallowing your eyes. "for such a young one he may be right" Arget said and you nodded gently, maybe they were right. Maybe they were both right.......
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