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One for the Medical Books

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AU. Sometime after the first episode, this is a look into Nat's life if she pretended to be hypnotized by Nick to forget what he was. Dedicated to innogen. This was the result of her 30 minute ch...

Category: Forever Knight - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Horror - Characters: Natalie Lambert, Nick Knight - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2005-10-12 - Updated: 2005-10-13 - 466 words - Complete

It had been several weeks since the mysterious man attempted to hypnotize Dr. Lambert, though she pretended he was successful. Although he tried testing her later, she did not stop acting and suddenly she was grateful that she had taken those acting classes all those years ago.

Even though she did not let on that she knew what the mysterious man was, mysterious events had occurred and she could not deny what she had seen. Seeing a man grow back together was not natural and no one could prove to her that it was.

Tonight was a particularly quiet night in the morgue and Natalie was catching up on some paperwork when there was a knock on the door.

Natalie got up from her desk and went to the door.

"Dr. Lambert? I've got a package for you," said the young assistant diener at the door.

Natalie smiled and rolled her eyes. This was a little game they have been playing for quite a while now.

"Roll him in," she said, "I have plenty of space. We've been dead quiet around here." There was nothing like a little morgue humour.

The gurney was rolled in to the operating area.

"Well, let's see what we have," she said as she pulled down the evidence sheet uncovering the top half of the victim. She turned on her tape recorder and prepared her scalpel.

"Case 10231. Date: Oct 23," she checks her watch, "Time: 11:45 pm. Subject: Appears to be a middle age John Doe. Patent does not appear to have any obvious injuries on the chest or facial area." She turns the patient's head to the side to look for signs of abrasion. "He does have two unusual markings on his neck. They appear to be some form of bite marks and no blood is coming from the wounds."

She continues with the autopsy.

"There appears to be very little blood in the body and the only wounds appear to be the ones on his neck. Death by body loss is likely the cause of death, though it would be difficult to lose this much blood through these tiny holes."

"What does this mean, Dr. Lambert?" the diener said as Natalie stitched up the body.

"It means this is a very unusual case."

Of course she wouldn't report what she really thought was the cause of the attack. If she wrote "vampire attack" on the report, she would be questioned and she couldn't have that.

As she came across more and more of these cases, she would forever keep a copy of the report and take photographic evidence of the marks. And when she saw the mysterious man walking down the streets, she would always watch him. Surely these mysterious cases and this mysterious man were ones for the medical books.
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