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Chapter 34: Rogue in the House Part II

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Harry Potter/Ninja Turtles 2003 crossover. Read the first three books first. Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the return of the Triwizard Tournament. More complete summary in profile.

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Chapter Thirty Four: Rogue in the House Part Two

On the docks, Mikey and Zog began to engage into battle with the Foot Ninjas that had surrounded them. Mikey wrapped his nunchucks around the sword of a Foot Ninja who had attempted to slice at him before kicking the Foot Ninja in the chest, knocking him back. Zog blocked a shot with a staff and punched one of the Foot Ninjas back. Another Foot Ninja was sent flying to the side when Zog swung his body, whipping his tail around.

“How are you holding up solider?” asked Mikey, leaping up and knocking a pair of Foot Ninjas back with a well placed swing his nunchucks. They staggered for a few seconds before hitting the ground with a thud.

“A-1 sir,” said Zog, punching the Foot Ninja hard in the chest, causing him to collapse to the ground.

“Good, because I think the odds might be getting a little worse in a minute,” said Mikey, pointing at a group of five Foot Ninjas rushing over to join the battle. Mikey leapt up to face them as Zog hoisted up a Foot Ninja who had leapt at him before slamming him down hard upon the ground with one hand.

In the control room, the Foot Elite and Hun enraged into combat with Harry, Master Splinter, Raph, and Leo. Raph blocked a swing from the Foot Elite member with the battle axe with his Sai, before knocking him back.

“Leo, when you promised me an ocean voyage, this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind,” said Raph, as the Foot Elite Battle Axe wielder popped back up to his feet and attempted to decapitate Raph with a swing with the axe.

“It looked so much nicer…” said Leo breathlessly, blocking the spear member of the Foot Elite with his katanas. “In the brochure.”

Leo grabbed a hold the Foot Elite member with the spear by his cape, pulling him into a kick to the back.

Harry rolled underneath a swing from Hun before kicking the mountain of a man in the back, staggering him forward a couple of steps. Hun swung at Harry again but Harry scaled the wall. Harry grabbed on tight, before kicking Hun in the face.

“We need to get out to sea, like now,” said Harry, ducking the trident from one of the Foot Elite members before using his double edge sword to knock the weapon out of the Foot Elite Guard’s hand and making his next move. A well placed kick right in the face staggered the Foot Elite member.

Master Splinter enraged into battle with the double edged sword Foot Elite member, blocking the double edged sword with his walking stick. Showing agility that even many younger than him did not possess, Master Splinter sprang up, kicking the Foot Elite member with the double edged sword back. The Foot Elite guard member with the double edged sword bounced right back attempting to jab Splinter in the stomach with the sword but the wizened old rat managed to avoid getting gutted.

“Don, how are you coming along with the engine room?” asked Leo through the headset on his head, while attempting to push the spear wielding Foot Elite member back with his katana.

In the engine room, Don has made it in and is fiddling with the wires.

“I’m in Leo and preparing to do a bit of creative rewiring,” responding Leo from the other end.

“Do us a favor and step it up Donatello!” hissed Leo kicking the spear wielding Foot Elite member back into the trident wielding Foot Elite member.

Hun charged Harry, swinging a large chain in his hand and whipping it down towards Harry but Harry used his agility to avoid the assault. The chain smashed harmlessly into the ground and Harry rolled towards Hun, taking the big man’s legs out from underneath him. Harry raised his double edged sword but Hun grabbed a piece of wood lying on the ground, blocking it before kicking Harry off and then bellowing, charging Harry with the makeshift club. The club whacked Harry right in the ribs, knocking the wind completely out of the Boy-Who-Lived. Harry crumpled to his knees but Leo launched himself right at Hun and knocked him right to the ground. Hun flew into the wall, hitting with a sickening smack.

Master Splinter continued his battle with the Foot Elite member with the double edged sword, attempting to edge towards the controls but the rat sensei was making little, if any progress. Raph turned his attention to the double edged sword Foot Elite member.

“Hey basket head, catch!” called Raph, lobbing one of his Sais towards the double edged sword wielding Foot Elite guard but the Foot Elite guard spun around, knocking Raph’s Sai back.

Splinter nimbly leapt onto the control panel, pulling a lever back before jamming his walking stick into the control panel. The ship engines rumbled to a start and the ship began its trip out to sea. The ship moves a little bit before stopping cold and moaning. The ship was still partially hooked to the talk and impact from the ship stopping abruptly caused Harry, Master Splinter, Leo, Raph, Hun, and the Foot Elite to fall to the ground.

On the docks, Mikey knocked a Foot Ninja back with an expertly swung nunchuck shot. Looking over his shoulder, Mikey spied the ship sailing but unfortunately the target in question was still moored to the dock.

“Zog!” called Mikey to the target in question, who had hoisted up a Foot Ninja over his head before slamming the assassin hard down on the guard. “The ship’s sailing but we still haven’t cleared that last mooring line.”

In the control room, the battle resumed. Harry enraged into battle with both the spear wielding Foot Elite member and the trident wielding Foot Elite member, attempting to hold the two ninjas back as they battled Harry at a two on one disadvantage for the Boy-Who-Lived. Raph blocked the Battle Axe wielding Foot Elite with his Sai, as the Foot Elite member attempted to chop Raph into pieces. Hun rushed at Splinter, swinging his chain while bellowing but the rat avoided being plastered with the metallic object, leaping up and Hun swung the chain upwards again, with Splinter narrowly avoided being smashed up by Hun as well.

“Mikey, what’s the story, what’s happening up there?” asked Leo, vainly blocking the Foot Elite member with the Double Edged Sword back. “Why haven’t you cleared that last line?

On the docks, Zog had the last two Foot Ninjas in his hands, ramming them together but a group of about ten more were advancing on the Turtle and the Triceraton on the docks.

“Sorry Leo, but we ran into some old friends on the docks,” said Mikey, backing off as the new group of Foot Ninjas stalked them.

“Cast off and then you and Zog get up to the control room,” ordered Leo, as he managed to kick the Double Edged Sword wielding Foot Elite member into the spear wielding Foot Elite member. Harry sighed in relief, with one of his opponents taken out, he focused his assault on the trident wielding Foot Elite member, blocking jab after jab with the trident expertly with his double edged sword.

Mikey looked around anxiously before turning his attention to Zog.

“Solider, clear that line for the sake of the Republic!” ordered Mikey.

“Sir, yes sir,” said Zog, rushing with a full head of steam, knocking down several Foot Ninjas in the process. “For the Republic!”

Zog knocked the mooring line out of the ground with his horn, tumbling into the water as the ship sailed off.

“Well boys, it’s been fun but I’ve got a boat to catch. Don’t forget to write!” yelled Mikey, leaping over a pair of Foot Ninja before leaping off the dock. “Cowabunga!”

Mikey grabbed onto the safety line, dangling from the ship as it moved out into open waters. The Foot Ninjas leap after him but they miss their target, falling straight into the water below.

“Nice work, Zog,” praised Mikey before realizing his Triceraton accomplice was no longer with him. “Zog! Where are you?”

Mikey looked around horrified into the water but it appeared that Zog might have sunk into the ocean depths below.

In the engine room, Don completed his wiring job, before pulling back his wristband revealing a watch with a timer on it.

“In thirty minutes this ship will buy a one way ticket to the bottom of the oceans,” muttered Don. “Now time to go join up with the others.”

Don turned around but his path out of the engine room was blocked by a group of four Foot Ninjas who did not look too pleased with his presence on the ship.

“Or not,” said Don before pulling out his Bo staff, preparing for battle while preparing to talk in his headpiece to contact the others. “Guys, I’ve run into a problem. As in a major ninja problem.”

On the boat, Mikey was still hanging from the ship, no Zog in sight.

“Guys, we’ve got problems,” said Mikey, peering down towards the water but there was still no Zog surfacing.

In the control room, Hun had Master Splinter wrapped up in a chain. The rat struggled against his bonds as the Foot Elite surrounded Harry, Raph, and Leo, who were all at a distinct disadvantage against their enemies. A grin spread upon Hun’s face as he paraded the trapped Master Splinter around as a trophy.

“Tell me about it,” said Leo in a dull voice, in response to Mikey and Don’s calls over the shell cell headsets.

“Hun, if you harm one hair on Master Splinter’s body, you’ll wish you’ve never been born,” said Raph, twirling his Sais.

“That’s big talk for such a puny reptile,” said Hun in a dismissive voice.

“Just let him go Hun,” said Harry desperately.

“No, I don’t think I want to, Potter. Now drop your weapons,” ordered Hun to Harry, Leo, and Raph. “Do it now or you might find, I accidentally snap the rodent’s neck.”

“No my sons, don’t give up your weapons,” said Master Splinter weakly, the chain wrapped around his torso knocking the wind out of the rat.

“Master Splinter, there’s no choice at all,” said Harry grimly, before nodding his head and dropping his Double Edged sword to the floor with a clang. Leo and Raph followed suit with their respected weapons. “Okay Hun, you win, we surrender.”

“Good boys,” said Hun, nodding his head before turning towards the Foot Elite. “Tie them up. Make sure it’s nice and tight so they can’t get free. I’ll consult with the Master on how to proceed.”

In the engine room, Don prepared for battle with the four Foot Ninjas who had joined him.

“Can any of you show me where the captain’s table is?” asked Don as the Foot Ninjas shot him nasty, vicious glares.

One of the Foot Ninjas swung a sword at Don but Don stepped forward, kicking the Foot Ninja in the jaw. Don twirled his Bo Staff, jabbing it in the midsection of one of the Foot Ninja before flipping him over into a second Foot Ninja. Don then sprang up before sweeping the legs of the Foot Ninja out from underneath him with a Bo Staff. Raising the Bo Staff upon his shoulder, Don brought it down onto the face of the Foot Ninja, cracking the Ninja’s skull.

“Don’t bother getting up, I’ll find my own way out,” said Don, walking off, leaving the Foot Ninjas lying in the engine room, groaning in agony.

In the laboratory of the Foot Headquarters ship, Karai and Shredder entered the room. Shredder walked in a path straight to where the brain of Baxter Stockman was being held.

“Stockman. Stockman. STOCKMAN!” shouted the Shredder angrily to get the attention of the brain of the mad scientist.

“No need to shout, Shredder,” said Stockman calmly through the technology that allowed him to speak despite being a brain, spinal cord, and eyeball in a jar.

“This situation must be taken under control. I need more warriors,” said the Shredder coldly before pointing towards the Foot Mechs. “How soon can you have these Foot Mechs completed?”

“Sorry Shredder, but cutting edged bio-tech genius takes time but someone of your inferior intelligence might not grasp that simple concept,” said Stockman pompously while rolling his single eye towards the Shredder.

“Then allow me to give you a little motivation to accelerate the process,” said the Shredder coldly, while pulling out the remote control device and pushing the button, sending shockwaves through the spine of Stockman.

“Ah, stop, stop it, damn you Shredder, awwww!” screamed Stockman in terror as Karai looked in horror from behind the Shredder.

“I’m waiting Stockman,” said Shredder coldly before letting up on the shockwaves.

“Well, there are five Foot Mechs that can function,” said Stockman slowly. “They are incomplete, but they will do the job. Then of course, you can also use the world leader Foot Mechs.”

Shredder nodded his head in understanding as Hun’s face came up on the view screen for the intercom.

“Hun, report,” said the Shredder coolly.

“Master, I have two of the Turtles, the Potter brat, and the rat trapped in the control room,” said Hun. “Can I finish them now, please?”

“Hold them for me,” said the Shredder. “I wish to dispose of them all personally.”

“As you wish,” said Hun, bowing before the screen went dark.

“Master, I promised them their lives,” said Karai tentatively. “Are we not honor bound to keep that promise?”

“Honor bound?” said the Shredder as if this was a foreign concept to him. “Karai, you need to learn that your duty to me is more important that whatever foolish sense of honor you may have developed.”

“I understand, Master,” said Karai in a defeated tone of voice.

“We shall see how well you understand and how loyal you are to your duty to me, because it now has fallen upon your shoulders to slay our enemies,” said the Shredder coldly, in a voice that left no room for argument.

Karai nodded before setting out to do the unfortunate task her master had placed before her.

Mikey was still hanging from the ship on the rope, looking vainly for Zog. He had pretty much given up all hope that the Triceraton would surface but to his surprise, a gloved hand appeared out of the water. Zog pulled himself up out of the water, climbing up the rope towards the ship.

“Mission accomplished, sir,” said Zog. “Destroy Federation stronghold at all costs.”

“Good man er I mean dinosaur,” said Mikey, nodding his head. “C’mon, it seems we still got a lot of work we need to do.”

In the control room, with Leo, Raph, Master Splinter, and Harry tied up at the hands of the Elite Guard and Hun, the door opened. Karai walked into the room, flanked by a couple of Foot Ninjas.

“Look Leo, it’s your buddy,” said Raph dryly.

“Leonardo I wish you hadn’t come tonight,” said Karai darkly. “Now it’s fallen upon me to slay you all.”

“Face it bro, she’s as bad as the Shredder,” muttered Raph as Harry just shook his head. He knew nothing good could have come out with trusting anyone in the Foot and the predicament they were in was proof of that.

“So much for your word of honor Karai!” snapped Leo angrily. “We should have known better than to trust you.”

“I am sorry, but I can’t go against my Master’s orders,” said Karai grimly, before pulling out her katanas, and stepping forward, preparing to execute Raph, Leo, Harry, and Master Splinter by slicing them into ribbons.

“Wait!” exclaimed Hun, holding up his hand to stop Karai. “Let’s make this a little bit more interesting.”

Hun bent down before picking up Leo’s swords and cutting the ropes binding his hands behind his shell free.

“Show us what you’ve got sword boy and I might just let the rat go free,” said Hun, tossing Leo’s swords up into the air. Leo sprang into the air before nimbly catching the swords.

Leo and Karai stared each other down, before circling each other, weapons drawn.

“I can’t let you do the Shedder’s dirty work without a fight, Karai,” said Leo, swinging his swords upwards but Karai expertly blocked them, causing Leo to back off slightly.

“I am honor bound to serve him,” said Karai, attempting to jab Leo in the chest with one of her swords but Leo blocked another sword swipe, the clang of metal echoing all throughout the control room.

“If you serve someone like the Shredder, then you have no honor!” yelled Leo as the swords clanged together several times, as the intense, but close fight between Karai and Leo raged on.

“You are wrong!” yelled Karai, attempting to jab Leo in the chest with her katana but Leo blocked it, trapping the sword between both of his own swords.

“I was taught, that honor, bushido, meant anything to a true warrior,” said Leo, clanging his swords against Karai’s. “No true warrior can live with honor. Can you do that? Here’s your chance. Show me.”

Leo lowered his defenses, offering no resistance. Karai raised her sword into the air as Raph, Master Splinter, and Harry gasped in horror, while Hun looked on with a sadistic grin plastered upon his face. Karai brought the sword down towards Leo’s skull but stopped a fraction of an inch from actually slicing the Turtle’s head open.

“Ha, so the Shredder’s little pet doesn’t have the guts to do her job,” said Hun, moving over and shoving Karai out of the way. “Move over girly, so I can show you how things get done, New York style.”

Hun raised his hand menacingly, advancing towards Leo, preparing to pummel the turtle.

“Trust me, turtle boy, this is going to hurt you a lot more than it hurts me,” said Hun sadistically before laughing angrily.

Hun stopped cold by a banging sound outside the door. Someone appeared to be forcing entry into the control room. The door burst open and off the hinges, knocking Hun back from flying into the room, revealing Zog the Triceraton entering the ring, knocking out the two Foot Ninjas that had entered the room with Karai in short order.

“There’s no need to fear, Michelangelo’s here!” yelled Mikey, leaping at two Foot Elite Guards, knocking them back with a split kick.

“Mikey!” exclaimed Leo happily before the Foot Elite Guard with the spear walked up towards Harry, still tied up, preparing to gut him with the spear. Don rushed forward into action, taking the Foot Elite guard out with a well placed swing with his Bo Staff. “Don!”

Leo rolled into action, picking up his swords, slicing Master Splinter, Raph, and Harry free from their confinement.

“All right, for a minute I thought I was going to sit this one out,” said Raph as Harry rolled into action, knocking a Foot Elite guard back with a double kick to the shins. Raph tossed his Sais at the Foot Elite guard, pinning him to the wall before Don finished the job by jabbing his Bo Staff in the stomach of the Foot Elite guard, knocking all of the wind out of him.

The Foot Elite member wielding the battle axe swung his implement of destruction towards Zog but the Triceraton caught it before hoisting and slamming him down. He swung his tail, knocking the two other Foot Elite members out of the fray.

Hun pulled himself up, massaging his jaw while staring at Zog with an irritated expression on his face.

“First a bunch of turtles, and now a big ugly dinosaur,” said Hun in disgust. “It’s one big freak show.”

Hun rushed Zog, enraging in hand to hand combat with the Triceraton. The two behemoths traded punches before Hun leapt up. Hun kicked Zog hard, knocking the Triceraton straight to his back and Hun stood over Zog, looking smug while cracking his knuckles. Zog’s eyes narrowed, growling at Hun before pulling himself up. Zog hoisted up Hun with immense strength and tossed Hun right through the doorway!

“Ah crud!!” yelled Hun, before falling over the deck, splashing into the water below and sinking like a large stone into the depths below.

Karai looked up towards the Turtles, Master Splinter, and Harry with a bit of a depressed look etched upon her face for failing to carry out the task Shredder set upon her to do.

“I failed my Master,” said Karai.

“It is alright,” said Master Splinter, nodding his head. “You failed to do your duty because it went against your honor.”

Karai bowed at them before disappearing into the shadows. Don urgently consulted his watch.

“Uh guys, I hate to break this to you, but we have five minutes before this ship is a thousand feet under water,” said Don.

“Guys time to go, now,” said Leo, motioning for everyone to leave.

“Zog, we’re moving out!” ordered Mikey.

“Sir, yes, sir,” said Zog obediently following the Turtles, Master Splinter, and Harry down the stairs until the deck of the ship below.

Unfortunately they were not finished as another problem cropped up.

“Well, well, well,” said the cold sinister voice of the Shredder who was flanked by a group of seven Foot Mechs. “Quite the interesting group we have here. Four Turtles, a rat, an under aged wizard, and a Triceraton if I’m not mistaken.”

“I should have suspected we’d meet again Oroku Saki,” said Harry calmly.

“Indeed Mr. Potter, but this will be our last encounter,” said The Shredder before pointing to one of the Foot Mechs, who pointed a cannon hooked to its arm. A blast from the cannon sent a fireball towards the Turtles, Harry, Master Splinter, and Zog, causing them to scatter. “Foot Mechs attack. Destroy them all!”

The Shredder and the Foot Mechs rushed into battle on one side with the Turtles, Master Splinter, Harry, and Zog coming in on one side. Harry pulled out his double edged sword before engaging into battle with a Foot Mech that possessed a sickle with one hand and a sword with another hand. Harry rolled underneath getting battered with the sickle before lifting up the double edged sword, expertly blocking a swipe with the sickle arm followed by a swipe with the sword arm.

Leo went into battle with a Foot Mech with metal prongs hooked to his arm. Swiping his katanas Leo batted the Foot Mech back, but the Foot Mech kept into battle, giving Leo a tough time.

Don swung his Bo Staff against a Foot Mech but the Foot Mech revealed he had a miniature buzz saw built into his arm and began to slice at Don’s Bo Staff.

“Hey, watch the Bo Staff, pal,” said Don before the Foot Mech did a back flip, kicking Don flush in the face, knocking the Turtle back.

The Shredder and Master Splinter circled each other.

“How many times must we do this, rodent?” asked the Shredder in a rhetorical voice, swiping at Master Splinter’s sleeve, cutting the material on it while opening up a small cut on Splinter’s arm.

“Federation scum!” yelled Zog, taking a swipe at the Prime Minister Foot Mech. “You will bow down to the might of the glorious Triceraton republic.”

Zog managed to get a glancing blow, catching the Prime Minister Foot Mech with a vicious shot, ripping him in half but the United States President Foot Mech went after Zog as the Triceraton traded shots with that Foot Mech.

Mikey swung his nunchucks while waving his hand in front of a headless Foot Mech.

“Hello, anyone there?” asked Mikey cautiously to the Foot Mech. “I’m talking to you!”

Mikey swung his nunchucks up but they stuck to the Foot Mech and electrical waves surged through Mikey, causing the turtle great amounts of pain. Mikey was blown back from the impact, wincing in pain.

Harry continued his battle with his Foot Mech, swinging his double edged sword, decapitating the Foot Mech with one swipe. The Foot Mech’s head slid off but the little thing of not possessing a head did not stop the Foot Mech from renewing its attack on Harry, swinging both its sickle and sword arms. Harry blocked each blow with expert precision but it was just a matter of wearing the Boy-Who-Lived down.

Zog continued his battle with the United States President Foot Mech but the upper half of the Prime Minister Foot Mech crawled over, latching around Zog’s leg, holding the Triceraton in place for the assault from his United States President Foot Mech counterpart.

Master Splinter found himself knocked back by a couple of brutal punches by the Shredder but a rope lying on the deck formed an idea in the rat Sensei’s head. Splinter bent down, picking up the rope, before twirling it, wrapping it around the Shredder, binding the leader of the Foot in the tight rope. For a brief second, Splinter thought his attack had worked until Shredder snapped the ropes as he powered out of them, before leaping at Splinter. The Shredder knocked Splinter back with a double kick with the metal soles of his boots.

The Prime Minister Foot Mech’s eyes glowed a bright red as it hung onto Zog’s leg, as the Triceraton attempted to rocket it off with a kick. Just as Zog neared succession, the Foot Mech blew itself up, knocking Zog back. Zog’s pant leg was severely torn and his leg hung on from a thread from his kneecap from when he blew up. Zog managed to pull himself back up to his feet before the Triceraton charged at the United States President Foot Mech, ripping the Foot Mech into pieces as it was impacted with his horn.

Raph threw himself onto the cannoned arm of one of the Foot Mechs. The hot headed turtle hung onto the Foot Mech, moving the line of fire away from his brothers and Master Splinter.

Mikey backed up slowly as the headless Foot Mech stalked him.

“Now that’s a nice android, follow Uncle Mikey,” said Mikey before leaping up on a hook and swinging around, kicking the Foot Mech over the side of the ship. “Enjoy your trip. Have a nice fall!”

At the last second, the Foot Mech grabbed onto Mikey’s legs, sending electrical shock waves through the Turtle.

“Ah, get it off of me, get it off, get it off!” yelled Mikey, kicking at the Foot Mech. One of his kicks knocked the Foot Mech into the water, causing the robot to hit the water. Mikey pulled himself back over the ledge of the ship, looking down at where the Foot Mech hit before turning to Raph and the Foot Mech he was battling. The cannon Raph was struggling to keep away was dangerously close to hitting some oil barrels stationed on the ship. “Raph look out!”

Raph’s eyes widened as he saw where the Foot Mech’s cannon arm was pointing.

“Uh oh,” said Raph grimly before the oil barrels exploded when a fireball blasted into it. Thankfully the blast merely caused the ship floor to collapse, sending everyone straight into the Foot Headquarters lab.

Don fell with a thump, with a large beam landing on top of the Turtle. Harry and his Foot Mech fell with the Foot Mech swinging its sickle arm at Harry as he rose to his feet but Harry ducked. Harry tucked his head to propel himself into the air with a somersault, before impaling the Foot Mech with the double edged sword. The Foot Mech didn’t appear to be fazed until it stepped forward and fell apart completely.

Leo and the Foot Mech with the pronged arm continued their battle as with Leo knocking the Foot Mech with a series of swipes with his sword but the Foot Mech kept at the attack.

Master Splinter laid on the ground motionlessly and semi-conscious from falling through the floor. The Shredder walked up to the rat, raising his foot in the air, preparing to stomp on him.

“Goodbye, old foe,” said the Shredder dismissively to Master Splinter preparing to stomp Splinter to death with his metal boot.

“General Splinter!” yelled Zog, rushing at the Shredder, knocking him back. “You will pay for insulting my commanding officer, Federation scum.”

“Triceraton fool, I will destroy you,” said the Shredder, swiping his blade towards Zog but the Triceraton avoided it before raising his arms up and bringing them down on top of the helmet of the Shredder. The Shredder bounced up into the air, before flying out of sight.

Leo swung his swords at the Foot Mech that he was fighting. He had to wrap this up shortly, as they didn’t have too much time before the ship would be sunk. Swinging his swords quickly, Leo cut the Foot Mech into five separate pieces. Each piece slid to the ground, shuddering to a stop as it crumpled.

Mikey stared down a Foot Mech and rushed in for the attack but the Foot Mech’s chest plate opened, before a hook on a chain shot out, clasping to Mikey’s right arm. Mikey screamed out in horror as the stomach opened, revealing a set of three buzz saws running and then the Foot Mech used its chain to begin to pull Mikey towards the buzz saw, with the intention of slicing the Turtle into ribbons.

Don managed to finally push the metal beam off of him before pulling him up.

“Guys, we only have a couple of minutes before…” said Don but he was cut off.

“You small brained terrapin,” said Stockman. “Look what you did to my lab!”

“Stockman, is that you?” asked Don, surveying Stockman’s new depleted form. “Man, you really let yourself go.”

Stockman responded by rolling his single eye at the turtle. It was clear that he wasn’t going to get any respect in his new state from anyone.

Raph squared off with the Foot Mech with the fireball shooting cannon for an arm.

“Bring it on,” said Raph as the Foot Mech took aim at the turtle but Zog punched through the Foot Mech, ripping the robot into pieces. “Zog, nice timing solider!”

“Mission, destroy the Federation stronghold at all costs,” said Zog.

“I like the way you think,” said Raph approvingly. “Let’s do it.”

In the distance, Mikey was dragged ever so closer to the buzz saw, but the Turtle managed to tuck his nunchucks underneath the hook. With an expert tug, Mikey removed it from his shoulder, causing the mech to fly backwards into a bottomless pit.

Don rushed over, looking at his watch that showed less than a minute left before the ship sank.

“Guys, we’ve got less than a minute before this ship sinks to the bottom of the ocean,” said Don.

“Let’s go, come on everyone, move it,” said Harry, ushering the Turtles, Master Splinter, and Zog towards the nearest exit but the Shredder launched himself right in front of them, blocking their exit point.

“This is the end of you all!” thundered the Shredder. “I can promise you that not one of you will be leaving this ship alive.”

“This Federation worm is mine!” yelled Zog, rushing forward and engaging into battle with the Shredder.

Zog knocked the Shredder back with a pair of vicious punches but the Shredder came back, back handing Zog viciously causing the Triceraton to stagger back a few steps.

“No,” said Raph in a low tone of voice as the Shredder blasted Zog right in the jaw with an uppercut punch. Shredder kicked Zog hard but Zog backed off before punching the Shredder causing him to fly back and land on the ground. Zog lifted up the beam that nearly crushed Donatello. The Triceraton hoisted the beam above his head before bringing it down upon the Shredder, appearing to crush the Shredder underneath the beam’s weight.

“Victory!” yelled Zog triumphantly but the Shredder pulled himself up off the ground, the red eyes in his helmet glowing menacingly.

“Zog look out!” cautioned Mikey but it was too late as Shredder rose up his hand before slicing Zog in the back of the neck with the metal prongs on his gauntlet. Zog fell to the ground with a thump, not breathing or moving at all.

“Triceraton fool, all who oppose me are fated to perish, you six should know that better than anyone” said the Shredder coldly before advancing on the Turtles, Master Splinter, and Harry, closing in for the kill. “I have tolerated each of you for far too long and now you will learn what the ultimate price is for defying the Shredder!”

Harry raised his double edged sword into the air, standing in front of his brothers and Master Splinter, preparing to stall the Shredder for long enough for them to get off the ship.

Zog’s eyes flickered open and the Triceraton weakly pulled himself to his feet, before advancing upon the Shredder, wrapping his arms around the Shredder from behind, squeezing the life out of the Shredder. The red eyes on the Shredder’s helmet went blank as Zog squeezed him and the Triceraton used his last bit of strength to move over towards a fiery pit, leading to the very bottom level of the ship, a couple hundred feet below.

“Sirs, tell them Zog fought bravely,” said Zog weakly turning so his weight would be on top of Shredder when he fell into the pit. “For his comrades. For the Republic. For Victory!”

Zog used his very last bit of strength to fall forward into the fiery pit with Shredder, impacting his weight on top of the supervillian as they both hit bottom.

“No, we have to save him!” yelled Raph in horror.

“It’s too late,” said Harry grimly. “He’s gone and quite frankly I hope he took the Shredder with him for good!”

“My sons, he has given us our lives, we must not dishonor his brave sacrifice,” said Master Splinter.

“Everyone off the ship, now!” yelled Don. “It’s going to blow any second.”

The Turtles, Harry, and Master Splinter rushed towards a window in the lab, leaping out into the water. Just a second after they all came off, explosions went off all over the ship, causing the ship to tip before slowly sinking into the water below. The Foot Headquarters sank to the depths of the ocean below.

About an hour later on the dock, the Turtles, Harry, and Master Splinter looked into the ocean, paying their last respects to a great warrior.

“You know, it was an honor having Zog as one of us,” said Leo somberly. “He was a great warrior and I don’t think we would have won that last battle without his noble sacrifice.”

The others nodded grimly as they looked into the ocean. Harry decided it was about time he checked in with his mother.

“Guys, I best be going now,” said Harry. “I’ll probably come around for a visit in a couple of days.”

Master Splinter nodded as Harry walked off towards, going home, the thoughts of the last few hours in his head.

Hours later above the ocean, in a Foot Helicopter, Karai flew over the waters, searching for any trace of her father. After much intense searching, the Shredder’s metallic hand weakly poked out of the water. Karai sent a harness down into the water which the Shredder grabbed onto. She pulled a lever, pulling the Shredder; one of the legs of his exosuit missing and sparks flying everyway from the hip joint, into the helicopter. Then without a word, the helicopter flew off before anyone could see that Karai had been there.

The jar containing the brain, the spinal cord, and the eye of Baxter Stockman bubbled to the surface of the water.

“Alive, alive!” yelled Stockman triumphantly. “Once again I Baxter Stockman has cheated death and…”

Stockman’s victory speech was short lived as his jar sank back below the water.
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