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Chapter 42: Through the Portal

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Harry Potter/Ninja Turtles 2003 crossover. Read the first three books first. Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the return of the Triwizard Tournament. More complete summary in profile.

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Chapter Forty Two: Through the Portal.

Harry had been home from Hogwarts for a few days as of right now and was currently down in the sewers visiting his brothers and Master Splinter, catching up with all that had happened since the third task since they weren’t able to speak too much afterwards due to both Fudge and Dumbledore noising around. Harry felt this summer should be quiet; at least he hoped it would be quiet as the previous few summers.

Three years ago, Harry and his brothers met the Foot for the first time and that was definitely an unfortunate meeting. Then Snape and Dumbledore managed to track down the lair and inform Harry of his magical abilities. Harry’s life wasn’t quite the same since that summer, as it seemed the dangerous situations he managed to get in multiplied since he found out about his magical abilities. Granted, Harry got into a few tight spots before then but it just seemed to snowball ever since that summer nearly three years ago.

Two years ago, Harry’s life nearly came to a sudden conclusion. The Shredder had the Foot ambush Harry on a train run, beating him down with a vicious assault that included Harry taking a headfirst trip through a window. Then in mass the Foot along with the Shredder and his Elite guard ambushed Harry and his family, before attempting to blow up the building with the six inside. Had Harry not had his Portus-Amulet on him that would have been the end of everything.

Just last year, after yet another battle with the Shredder and the Foot, Master Splinter had mysteriously disappeared. Harry had taken part in a search that had lead the Turtles, Harry, and Ginny to the mysterious TCRI building. They soon found out the reason that it was so mysterious was due to the fact that it was actually inhabited by alien brain like creatures known as Utroms. A miscommunication led to the Turtles, Harry, and Ginny to be teleported halfway across the universe which lead to a series of misadventures with two blood thirsty alien governments. And when Harry got back, he found out his mother, Lily Potter, had somehow survived that Halloween night.

Of course, the Shredder lead the Foot with another attack, attempting to ice the Utroms, Harry, the Turtles, and everyone else for that matter with a deadly Utrom implosion device which he planted inside the TCRI building. Thankfully, they barely managed to escape, leaving the Shredder trapped inside the building as it blew up. Unfortunately, the Shredder managed to survive but Harry wasn’t too surprised. The evil he encountered never seemed to stay down when it should have. A sad, but unfortunate fact that Harry had learned to deal with.

Still as Harry reflected on this matter as he relaxed in the living room of the lair, he couldn’t help but notice that during his visit, Master Splinter seemed to be acting a bit strange. In fact, Splinter seemed to be training for something although Harry couldn’t begin to guess what.

Looking over towards his brothers, they looked on in awe as Splinter kicked a practice dummy several times, before managing to rip it in half with a conclusive final kick.

Splinter back flipped over before raising his hand and snapping a board in half with a vicious karate chop. He then twirled his walking stick before tossing it. It landed perfectly right in the center of Raph’s punching bag, impaling straight through. The punching bag drained of all the sand it contained.

Harry looked in his brothers, who wore a mixture looks of awe and confusion. Master Splinter pulled his walking stick out of the punching back before walking over. Splinter walked over, taking out a length of cloth before reaching over and putting an apple, a dagger, and a piece of chalk inside. He wrapped the bundle up before tying it to his walking stick. He then turned the Turtles and Harry.

“My sons, I will be leaving for a few days,” said Splinter. “I would advise you four Turtles not to leave the lair and go anywhere near the surface until I return. Leonardo, it will be up to you to keep the others in line and keep an eye on your other three brothers.”

“I won’t let you down, Sensei,” said Leo bowing at Master Splinter.

“I know you won’t, Leonardo,” said Splinter before picking up his bundle and turning on his tail to walk out of the lair. “Remember, I will be back in a few days.”

Without another word, Splinter walked out of the lair. Harry decided to wait until he was sure his rat Master was gone before turning to his brothers to voice his suspicions.

“I wonder what exactly is up with Master Splinter?” asked Harry. “He’s been acting a bit strange today.”

“He’s been training non stop ever since we got back from the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament,” said Leo. “I wonder what Sensei’s up to.”

“Maybe he’s got a girlfriend,” suggested Mikey which earned him a harsh slap across the back his head from Raph. “Oww, just saying!”

“No, I don’t think that’s it,” said Don thoughtfully. “Remember three years ago. Master Splinter was acting the exact same way.”

“Hey that’s right, it was just a couple of weeks before I found out that I was a wizard,” said Harry, remembering the events of that summer. “There has to be a connection, there just has to be.”

“Hey are you thinking what I’m thinking?” asked Raph rhetorically before going on to explain his line of thought. “I think we should follow Master Splinter, seeing what he’s up to.”

“I don’t know,” said Leo in a reluctant voice. “Master Splinter said not to leave the lair.”

“He also said you have to keep an eye on us,” reminded Raph. “So keep an eye on us, while we keep an eye on him.”

“That sounds like a plan to me,” said Don.

“Yeah, let’s go for it,” said Mikey.

Harry nodded before moving out of the lair with Don, Mikey, and Raph following in close pursuit. Leo had an alarmed look on his face before getting up and rushing out after the others.

“Hey wait up!” yelled Leo as he struggled to keep up with Don, Mikey, Raph, and Harry.

On the surface, Master Splinter was walking towards an alley way. Harry, Don, Mikey, Raph, and Leo managed to catch up with their Sensei, observing him from a distance. Splinter pulled the chalk out of his bag before slowly and expertly drawing a series of symbols upon the concrete wall. Splinter checked to make sure all the symbols were properly drawn before looking over his shoulder to make sure that no one was following him.

Barely, the Turtles and Harry stepped back to avoid the gaze of their Sensei and get caught in the act of their snooping on whatever he was doing.

Splinter clasped his hands together before bending his head down in a slight bow. The rat began chanting underneath his breath until a puddle of water rose up from the ground. This puddle formed a doorway which after picking up his bundle, Master Splinter stepped through the doorway.

The doorway only lingered for a few seconds after Splinter stepped through. The Turtles and Harry made a mad dash into the alley but as they were inches away from the portal, it completely disappeared. The symbols that Splinter had drawn upon the wall were also gone.

“So now what?” asked Mikey after a few seconds of silence.

“The chanting did seem a bit familiar but the symbols I don’t recognize,” said Leo in a confused voice.

“Fat lot of good that does us since the symbols to create that little portal doorway has vanished,” said Harry moodily, attempting to strain his eyes as if it would cause the symbols to magically manifest on the wall once again.

“Yeah, it does look like Sensei has managed to give us the slip,” said Raph.

“Maybe not guys,” said Don, bending down and reaching into his duffle bag, before pulling out a flashlight. “Sensei also taught us that where there is a way and a little bit of UV-lightning, we can accomplish about anything.”

Don flicked the flashlight on before shining the light over the wall, revealing the symbols illuminated within the light.

“Observe,” said Don.

“Wicked!” exclaimed Mikey.

“So, Don, do you have any chalk in that bag of tricks so we can trace the symbols?” asked Harry.

Don nodded before revealing into his duffle bag and passing pieces of chalk all around. The Turtles and Harry began to slowly and carefully trace the symbols that Master Splinter had first drawn.

After a couple of minutes, with a combined effort, they had managed to retrace the steps that Master Splinter carried out to draw the symbols.

“So, Leo, are you sure that you can do the chanting to open the doorway?” asked Harry.

“I’m sure. Besides what’s the worst that can happen,” said Leo.

“If I answer that, we’ll be here for a while,” said Harry darkly. “Just give the doorway a try. Whatever happens, we’ll deal with that in time.”

Leo nodded his head.

“Here goes nothing and I do mean nothing,” said Leo before bowing his head and clasping his hands together before chanting the same thing that Master Splinter did just a few moments ago. After the chanting was completed, the water once again rose, forming a doorway. “Did it work?”

“Yep,” said Don, eyeing the portal doorway.

“Whoa!” exclaimed Leo before turning to the others. “Okay, everyone through the portal, quickly.”

“I really don’t know about this…” started Mikey before Raph shoved Mikey through the portal. Don, Raph, Leo, and Harry, in that order stepped right through the portal to whatever lurked on the other side.

On the other side, Harry looked around, in awe at the surroundings around him. He appeared to be in a picturesque valley with no buildings in sight. There were a couple of forests stretched around the area but they were a bit off in the distance.

“So exactly where on Earth are we?” asked Raph, breaking the silence.

“I’m not even sure we’re on Earth,” said Leo taking in the surroundings around him.

“We seem to be in some kind of world between worlds, a Nexus by the looks of things,” said Don.

“Makes a lot of sense,” said Harry before straightening up. He sensed something horrible was coming but he couldn’t quite determine what exactly it was.

“Harry, what is it?” asked Leo.

“Something’s coming,” said Harry suddenly before a portal opened right in front of Harry and the Turtles.

The portal had no activity for a matter of seconds before a group of five stick like objects shot out of the portal. The sticks grew a pair of legs followed by a pair of arms. Then to top it all off, a pair of beady looking yellow eyes appeared on the front of each of the stick like creatures.

“Hold it,” said Leo as Raph and Harry stepped forward ready to fight. “Maybe they mean us no harm.”

Just as those words left Leo’s mouth, each of the stick creatures drew a sickle weapon and prepared to close in on Harry and the Turtles preparing to do them harm.

“Dr. Harry Potter would like to offer a second opinion,” said Harry. “That being YOU’RE OUT OF YOUR BLOODY MIND IF YOU THINK THESE THINGS DON’T WANT TO DO US ANY HARM!”

One of the stick figures rushed forward, raising its sickle into the air but Harry managed to pull out his blade and block the weapon just before it impaled him.

The other four stick figures somersaulted into action. Don managed to block a sickle shot with his Bo Staff before springing up over the stick figure he was fighting. Mikey swung his nunchucks and wood bounced off of wood but the stick figure kicked Mikey backwards a bit. Leo utilized his katana, clanging with the sickle, before leaping back.

“Whoa, those things are just a bit too sharp,” said Raph, blocking the sickle with one of his Sai before kicking the stick creature back.

The stick creature that Leo fought with swung his sickle and with one quick swipe, Leo’s swords became snapped cleanly in half.

“My swords!” cried Leo in anguish as the broken blades of his sword flew into the distance. The stick figure attempted to launch a kick towards Leo but Leo caught the leg before whipping it to the side and causing the stick figure to hit the ground.

“Leo’s got the right idea,” said Raph as he blocked another swing with the sickle with one of his Sai. “Get in close to these stick creatures and take them down.”

Raph avoided another swing by the stick creature and grabbed his arm, before flipping the stick creature over to his back.

“Timber!” exclaimed Raph just after the stick creature hit the ground hard.

An expertly swung nunchuck shot knocked one of the stick figures back before a second twirl knocked the sickle right after the stick creature’s hand. Without the sickle, the stick creatures were completely helpless and Mikey knocked the stick creature to the ground with a double kick to the center of it.

Harry blocked a vicious swing with the sickle before doing a somersault roll and kicking the sickle out of the stick creature’s hands from his back. Sliding underneath the legs, Harry grabbed onto the legs before yanking them out of the stick creature, causing it to fall flat onto the ground.

This left Don against the remaining stick creature. Don blocked a sickle shot with his Bo staff before twirling it up and jabbing the Bo staff towards the stick creature, causing the sickle to fly out of the hands of the stick creature. The stick creature attempted to punch at Don but its arms were too weak so Don grabbed both of the arms before twisting them, causing the stick creature to spin in mid air before falling flat on its back.

Leo, Don, Mikey, Raph, and Harry looked as the stick creatures got to their feet. Harry prepared himself for another round of battle for the stick creatures but before anything could happen, a mystical being that Harry remembered only seeing once on the night where a mysterious fighter calling himself the Ultimate Ninja had challenged Leo to a duel until there was only one left standing.

The Gyoiji appeared out in thin air, with his mystical paddle in his hand.

“The Gong-Tai have been eliminated from the competition with their defeat in this qualifying match,” said the Gyoiji before turning to the Turtles and Harry. “You Slongtags will advance to the…”

“Whoa, Slongtags?” asked Raph in confusion looking at the Gyoiji like he had grown two heads. “You talking about…us.”

Before the Gyoiji could answer, another portal opened.

“Heads up everyone, another one of those doors is opening up,” said Leo in a cautious voice.

In an instant, a group of five troll like creatures armed with bulky looking swords exited the portal, preparing for battle. The Turtles and Harry prepared for battle but the Gyoiji waved his hands frantically, getting everyone’s attention.

“Wait a moment; this is not correct at all. The Gong-Tai were supposed to face the Slongtags, not you Earthers,” said the Gyoiji before consulting a scroll of some sort. “In fact, the only Earther, registered for the Tournament is Hamato Splinter.”

“Hamato Splinter?” asked Mikey in confusion.

“You mean, Master Splinter,” said Raph.

“This is not right at all,” said the Gyoiji, not even acknowledging both Mikey and Raph. “I must reschedule the qualifying match between the Gong-Tai and the Slongtags.”

The Gyoiji waved his mystical paddle, causing himself, the Gong-Tai, and the Slongtags to vanish in a flash of light.

“Okay that was a bit on the realm of oddness and believe me, if I think something is strange, then you know it’s strange,” said Harry as they walked away from the scene of the battle for any more of those mystery portals could open and they could encounter something dangerous.

“Well at least the Gyoiji was familiar,” offered Leo tentatively.

“The only thing I know about the Gyoiji is that he worked for that utter slime bag, the Ultimate Ninja,” said Raph tensely. “Look, the sooner we can find Master Splinter, the sooner we can blow this Popsicle stand. This is starting to keep me out just a little bit here.”

“I bet Master Splinter knows what exactly is going on,” said Mikey. “He seemed to know a bit more about that Ultimate Ninja business than he was letting on.”

As they walked up a hill, an extremely disturbing sight was seen. Master Splinter appeared to be engaged in the fight of his life with a giant four armed blue skinned warrior with a long beard. Splinter dodged an attack as the giant smashed his arms into the ground, apparently attempting to crush the rat in the attack.

“Master Splinter!” yelled the Turtles and Harry in horror as they saw their Sensei vainly dodge another attack by his giant attacker.

“C’mon, we have to save him!” yelled Raph as he ran down the hill with Leo, Mikey, and Don in pursuit. Harry lagged behind because he had a feeling that it somehow wasn’t going to be as easy as just running down the hill and saving Master Splinter.

Sure enough, a large energy dome encased the Turtles, causing them to not be able to advance forward another step. They looked on in anguish as the Gyoiji appeared from midair to admonish them.

“Battle Nexus protocol clearly states there will be no external interference between competitors,” said the Gyoiji in a stern voice.

The Turtles watched on in horror as Harry also looked anxious from his spot a top the hill.

The giant ripped a tree out of the ground before swinging it to knock Master Splinter to the ground. It was an anxious moment when Master Splinter laid on the ground, looking woozy and the four armed giant raised the tree but Master Splinter pulled his body out of the way. Splinter leapt. The wizened rat hit a series of rapid fire kicks, backing the giant back. The giant swung the tree, appearing to attempt to rip Splinter in half but the rat sprang up and delivered a huge kick to the giant’s face before kicking at its knees several times. Splinter backed up a few steps before springing into the air, knocking the giant flat to his back.

Splinter backed off as the Gyoiji materialized right in between the competitors. At the same time, the energy dome that had trapped the Turtles disappeared.

“Victory for Hamato Splinter,” proclaimed the Gyoiji as the Turtles and Harry advanced forward, congratulating their Sensei on the victory.

Splinter, however, did not seem too happy that his sons had followed him to the Nexus.

“You were supposed to stay at home,” said Splinter angrily. “Leonardo, I am very disappointed in you.”

Leo hung his head in shame but Raph interjected himself.

“Master Splinter, don’t blame Leo, I well uh I sort of, kind of, talked him into following you,” said Raph, getting quiet at the end as Master Splinter shot him a stern glare.

The giant rose to his feet and the Turtles and Harry automatically moved forward as the giant advanced on Splinter.

“Protect Master Splinter!” exclaimed Leo but Splinter held up his hand in protest.

“No, No, D’Jinn is not an enemy,” said Splinter indicating to the four armed giant, who was apparently named D’Jinn.

“Splinter-san, an excellent contest and I must say, I had great hopes of beating you this time around,” said D’Jinn, chuckling.

“And you nearly did old friend,” said Splinter.

“You five should be honored to have one such as Splinter as your Sensei,” said D’Jinn, now turning to the Turtles and Harry. “He is somewhat of a legend around these parts.”

“Well, this is new,” said Harry, looking at Splinter with a quizzical look on his face who looked a bit unnerved at the direction this conversation

“My word, you mean you haven’t told them, Splinter,” said D’Jinn before laughing. “Oh this is rich, too rich.”

D’Jinn continued to laugh before straightening up and suddenly looking serious.

“Young ones, allow me to tell you a little story about your Sensei,” said D’ Jinn.

“I prefer you don’t bother, old friend,” said Splinter, who looked a tad bit embarrassed at this moment in time.

“It’s not a bother at all,” said D’Jinn as Master Splinter became resigned that his sons might as well find out the truth sooner rather than later.

D’Jinn cleared his throat before beginning the tale.

“Throughout the centuries, there had been many great warriors, throughout a multitude of dimensions, vying for the title of the absolute best,” said D’ Jinn. “In time this competition became known simply as The Battle Nexus Tournament. Every three years a contest is held pitting a variety of different warriors against each other for the title of the absolute best in all of the Multiverse. Some time ago, your Sensei’s sensei, Hamato Yoshi, entered the Battle Nexus Tournament and won the contest. Then, as it would only be fitting, that Splinter joined the competition as well. At first, he was considered somewhat of an underdog but he surprised many with his cunning and courage, hammering out some impressive victories. His triumphs lead him to the final confrontation between the previous tournament’s champion, one of the fiercest competitors to ever compete in the Battle Nexus, the sinister Lord Drako.”

Three years previous, during the finals of the 1991 Battle Nexus Tournament, Master Splinter poised himself for battle. On the other end of the stadium was a twelve foot tall red bipedal dragon with glowing green eyes known as Drako. Drako snarled at Master Splinter before rushing forward into battle. Splinter managed to duck underneath a wild swing from Drako but as the rodent swung his fist at his opponent, Drako caught it roughly with his hand before hoisting Splinter up. The nasty dragon warrior tossed Splinter halfway across the Battle Nexus stadium. The rat fell to the ground with a thud but bounced right back to his feet a few seconds later, before rushing in for the attack again. Drako spun, sending his spiked tail towards Splinter. Splinter managed to roll himself underneath the attack to avoid being injured.

Drako wasn’t to be denied, and he swung his tail again, knocking Splinter back a few steps. The dragon’s foot was reared back and he kicked Splinter viciously in his right leg. A sickening crack echoed throughout the Battle Nexus Arena and Splinter clutched his broken leg, wincing in pain from Drako’s attack on it.

“During the contest, Splinter’s leg was shattered by a vicious and ruthless attack by Drako,” explained D’Jinn. “Splinter was given the chance to forfeit the contest but…”

Splinter clutched his leg in pain as the Gyoiji materialized in mid air, surveying Splinter’s injury.

Hamato Splinter, if you want to forfeit the contest…” started the Gyoiji but Splinter definitely shook his head no. “Very well, you will be allowed the opportunity to splint your leg so we can continue the contest.”

Splinter broke off two pieces of wood from the wall of the stadium before pulling a bandage out of his robe, making a splint. Drako watched his opponent in disgust, with his arms folded. Splinter completed the splint as the Gyoiji signaled for the contest to continue. Drako lunged at Splinter, snapping his jaws into the air in a menacing manner before swinging towards Splinter but the rat ducked underneath a vicious punch. Another vicious punch was avoided by Splinter and Splinter sprang up, kicking Drako in the chest. Drako backed off before swinging his tail but Splinter narrowly avoided that before leaping up a second time and striking Drako in the back of his head with both feet.

Drako staggered, swinging wildly attempting to knock Splinter out but Splinter slid under Drako’s assault before launching himself into the air. A series of rapid fire kicks drove Drako before a final huge leaping kick knocked Drako out, giving Splinter the victory and the Battle Nexus Championship.

“Even I could scarcely believe it until it happened but despite a broken leg, Splinter triumphed over Drako and won the Battle Nexus Tournament,” said D’Jinn, finishing the tail and leaving the Turtles and Harry in awe.

“Whoa, our Sensei, the greatest warrior in all of the multiverse,” said Leo in awe.” Incredible.”

“Yes, an impressive achievement to be sure,” said Harry nodding his head. “Despite great adversity, Master Splinter stood high over all of the other competitors in the Battle Nexus Tournament.”

“I had won the contest, that is all,” said Splinter modestly.

“It’s like finding out your Dad is Superman,” said Mikey in an excited tone of voice.

“But wait, there is more,” said D’Jinn. “Dark deeds were afoot that day in the Battle Nexus…”

Night had fallen in the realm of the Battle Nexus, many hours after the finals of the Tournament. Master Splinter was walking through a village not far from the valley that the Turtles and Harry would land three years later. In a flash, a pair of chains whipped out from nowhere, wrapping around Splinter’s walking stick. Splinter struggled to free his walking stick from the grasp of these chains as a trio of shadow like figures appeared from out of nowhere.

Splinter looked up, ducking underneath a sword swipe from one of these Dark Assassins. A punch only staggered the dark assassin before he kicked Splinter in the injured leg. Splinter groaned in agony as the trio of Dark Assassins circled around Splinter, preparing for the kill.

Thankfully, a humanoid samurai rabbit was walking nearby, carrying buckets of water. The rabbit spied the battle before rushing over to assist Splinter. The rabbit swung the rack carrying the buckets of water, knocking one of the Dark Assassins back. Tossing the bucket of water, the rabbit drove another one of the Dark Assassins back.

Master Splinter prepared to join the Samurai rabbit in battle but a large hand grabbed Splinter around the waste. Splinter looked up, struggling to see the face of the warrior he defeated in the finals of the Battle Nexus Tournament, the sinister, diabolical, Lord Drako.

So little rat you think of yourself as a champion!” growled Drako, raising up Master Splinter in his hand, with his jaw open wind. “You think yourself my better. Well think again you pathetic insignificant little creature!”

The samurai rabbit saw Drako’s assault on Splinter and rushed over to attempt to aid but Drako expertly whipped out his tail, wrapping it around the rabbit, immobilizing it.

Now, I shall destroy you both!” growled Drako, baring his teeth with saliva dripping from his jaw.

Before Drako could move both the warriors in for the kill, the large figure of the Daimyo appeared, wielding his large war staff. The Daimyo pointed his staff at Drako before blasting the dragon with a red hot blast of magical energy. Drako dropped both Splinter and the samurai rabbit. Another blast of energy backed Drako up further. A third blast and Drako decided it would be better before him if he turned tail and ran off, as far away from the Daimyo as possible.

“Splinter and the young rabbit samurai would have been destroyed had it not been for the Daimyo using his mystical war staff and making Drako flee like the coward he is,” said D’Jinn finishing off the story.

The silence broke with a wave of pure white light. The Daimyo appeared, surrounded by two bodyguards and the Gyoiji. The Daimyo, as always, carried his mystical war staff in his hand.

“Indeed I remember that event quite well,” said the Daimyo mysteriously as he arrived. “Splinter-san, it is good to see you compete once again among the glorious ranks of the warriors in the Battle Nexus Tournament.”

The Daimyo paused, before surveying Leo, Mikey, Raph, Don, and Harry standing awkwardly in the background.

“And now your sons are here to compete in the tournament,” said the Daimyo. “Truly this is a momentous occasion.”

“They were supposed to stay at home,” said Splinter in an irritated tone of voice.

The Gyoiji cleared his throat causing the Daimyo to turn to acknowledge his presence.

“Noble Daimyo the four Turtles and young Lord Slytherin were not registered to compete in the Tournament. However, they did win a match in the qualifying round,” said the Gyoiji.

Young Lord Slytherin? Harry knew he was a descendant of Salazar Slytherin but he wasn’t aware that they knew and being called Lord Slytherin was definitely a newsflash to Harry. That would be something Harry would definitely be asking his mother when he saw her again.

“Excellent, then my decree, they will be allowed to compete in the contest,” declared the Daimyo before turning to Master Splinter. “That is if you deem it acceptable, my friend.”

Leo, Mikey, Raph, and Don gave Splinter hopeful looks while Harry felt rather conflicted. He really didn’t know how he felt competing in another tournament so close to the Triwizard and how that turned out. Still, Harry wanted to test his skills one on one against some the best the multitude of universes had to offer.

In the end, Harry’s competitive spirit won out against his sense of paranoia.

“I thought perhaps they weren’t ready,” said Splinter before caving in at the sad looks on the face of his sons. “Then again fate may be showing an overprotective father that his sons are growing up. They may enter.”

The Turtles and Harry cheered in triumph at Splinter giving him their blessing to enter the Battle Nexus Tournament.

“Excellent now that is all settled, now we can get on with a very important matter pertaining to my son,” said the Daimyo, waving his hand and the Ultimate Ninja appeared beyond his father.

The Turtles and Harry tensed up at the sight of the Ultimate Ninja. There last encounter with the guy didn’t turn out too well.

“What is this, some kind of trick?” asked Raph in a sharp voice.

“No trick, I swear it,” said the Ultimate Ninja, waving his hands defensively before turning to Master Splinter. “Honored Sensei, last time we met, I challenged your son Leonardo to a mortal due. It was a rash and foolish act on my part and I regret ever thinking of doing such a thing. All I can do now is humbly ask for your forgiveness.”

“Look who’s turning over a new leaf,” muttered Raph to Harry in an undertone. Harry agreed with Raph’s skepticism, but he decided to bite his tongue despite his reservations that trusting the Ultimate Ninja to be sincere was a huge mistake.

“You apology is most gracious and humble,” said Master Splinter. “We all accept your apology.”

“Very well,” said the Daimyo before lifting up his war staff. “Let us waste no more time and prepare for the next stage of the Battle Nexus Tournament.”

The Daimyo teleported everyone directly to the Battle Nexus Stadium, arriving on a platform. Harry looked down, spying a variety of different warriors standing in the stadium below, looking prepared for combat.

“Battle Nexus competitors, I must offer you my congratulations on your victories to get to this point,” said the Daimyo in a booming voice. “To those who have fallen in battle, I salute your bravery in battle. Now prepare yourselves, as the Battle Nexus Tournament will officially begin in a few moments.”

Don allowed himself to look around the stadium before spying a very familiar face on the ground floor. He grabbed Mikey by the arm.

“Look Mikey, it’s Traximus, that Triceraton gladiator we met when the Triceratons imprisoned us and forced us to compete in the Games,” said Don.

“Whoa, this must be big if Traximus is here,” said Mikey before the Ultimate Ninja cleared his throat, getting the attention of the four Turtles and Harry.

“Please my friends, allow me to escort you to the next arena,” said the Ultimate Ninja, before beckoning them forward.

The Turtles and Harry followed the Ultimate Ninja; even through it was a bit reluctantly on the part of Harry. There just seemed to be something a bit deceitful about the Ultimate Ninja that Harry couldn’t put his finger on.

The Ultimate Ninja lead the Turtles and Harry through a hall where dozens of bronze statues stood, staring impressively at anyone who walked by.

“Behold the Pavilion of Past Champions. A Hall of Fame of sorts, containing statues of some of the past Battle Nexus Championship victors,” said the Ultimate Ninja before leading them over to two statues. “These two statues may be of interest to you.”

The Turtles and Harry looked up in awe at the two statues that were perfect replications of Master Splinter and his Sensei, the legendary Hamato Yoshi.

“Wicked!” exclaimed Mikey. “Our Sensei and his Sensei, Battle Nexus Champions.”

“It seems almost too awesome to be real,” said Don in awe.

“Oh it’s real all right,” said Raph.

Harry nodded before looking over his shoulder to see another extremely familiar statue. The Boy Who Lived walked over for a closer look, bending down to see what was inscribed on the plate at the base of the statue.

Salazar Slytherin

997 Battle Nexus Champion

Defeated O. Saki in finals.

That was definitely something that wasn’t taught in History of Magic, not that Harry stayed awake too much in that class to truly pay attention.

“Come now, the next stage of the Battle Nexus awaits,” said the Ultimate Ninja before beginning to lead Harry and his brothers towards the exit.

Leo seemed to want to linger behind. Don turned to Leo with an inquisitive look on his face.

“Go ahead, I’ll catch up with you,” said Leo waving Don, Raph, Mikey, and Harry off.

“Just don’t take too long, bro,” said Mikey.

“Remember, you break it, you bought it,” said Raph in a playful voice.

Leo chuckled before growing serious and waving the others off.

“Just go, I’ll catch up,” said Leo.

The others walked off, leaving Leo alone in the Pavilion of Past Champions. Leo turned the statues of Masters Splinter and Yoshi, bowing his head in a moment of respect to the accomplishments of both of the noble warriors.

Little did Leo know that a Dark Assassin slowly crept out from behind the statue of Salazar Slytherin, wielding a crossbow and preparing to shoot a razor sharp arrow straight into the back of Leo’s head.
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