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The Jedi-Emperor Series: Sunset of the Republic

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It is said that one small change in the past can have cataclysmic effects in the future. Keeping this in mind, what would have happened if Obi-Wan had returned from Utapau a day earlier? Would Anak...

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Disclaimer: George Lucas owns everything, except the original characters, which belong to me.

The idea for this story took shape in my mind about two years ago, and as much as I tried to forget it, it kept nagging me constantly, as if defying my feeble attempts to discard it. Giving in, I started writing down the key elements on an old notebook, which quickly grew to two notebooks, then three and so forth, until I had a whole saga, spanning over a period of thirty years! And since it still begged to be posted, I have given up and surrendered to its whishes!

The first four chapters form the prologue and take part many years in the future, after the movies' period of time.

Summary: It is said that the alteration of a minor event in the past or present can have cataclysmic effects in the future. Bearing this in mind, what course would the Galaxy have taken if Obi-Wan Kenobi had returned from Utapau a day early?

/The Jedi-Emperor Series/

Part I - Sunset of the Republic

Chapter I - Seekers of the Past

Let the Dead keep the Past
And to us give the Present.

Romanian Blessing

Planet Cyliis, Star System Faerys, 5.000 years A. B. N. (after the Battle of Naboo)

"This just isn't my day!" Chief Prospector Andrra Wrenn sighed, as she wiped the sweat off her brow. "I can't stand this blasted heat any longer!"

"Maybe you should come in here and help me with the digging" a male voice resonated from within the dark cave. "It'll keep you out of the sun."

"And cover me in filth!" she spat. "Just keep working, Quar. There must be something on this wretched dust-ball, or else the New Republic Research Institute wouldn't have sent us here!"

"Maybe they made a mistake" suggested Quar.

"Gods forbid! If they did, a few heads will roll when I get back on Coruscant, mark my words!"

"All right, honey, I got the message!" Quar laughed, enjoying the opportunity to tease his wife. "Why don't you look for Nizzy? I haven't seen her for a couple of hours."

"I'm sure she's off somewhere, talking to a bunch of rocks, or other mineral formations" Andrra said, with a shrug. "That child definitely has a problem!"

"Since when has a vivid imagination qualified as a problem?" Quar asked, coming out of the cave. He was a tall, broad-shouldered man, with dark skin, unruly brown hair and a pair of shining gray eyes that contrasted with his complexion. "True, Nizzy seems to live in a world of her own at times, but that doesn't mean there is something wrong with her head! Her behavior is normal for a child who has lost her parents and feels alone in the Galaxy".

"I wasn't aware that you had a degree in psychology" Andrra said, in her most sarcastic tone of voice.

"You don't need to be a psychologist to realize these things, my dear" he answered softly. "Can't you see? Nizzy looks up to you. In a sense, you are her role model. And you hurt her with the things you say and do."

Andrra snorted. "Then maybe she should get another role model! I certainly have no intention of babysitting little girls! What in the Force possessed you to take her with us, anyway? You should have left her on Coruscant, with that crazy Uncle of hers!"

Quar rubbed his temple, feeling the pounding of an incoming headache. And this is why I hate arguments, he thought to himself.

"Because she wanted to come with us" he answered his glaring wife. "She desired adventure and I thought it would be a noble act to grant an orphan her deepest wish."

"Always the hopeless idealist" Andrra shook her head vigorously. "If you were the one in charge of our missions, we'd be broke by now!"

"Money doesn't buy..."

"Happiness, I know, I know! You've told me this a million times, Quar! Go back to your digging and let me deal with this heat in peace!"

"As you wish" Quar answered, entering the cave. I wonder what happened to the sweet woman I married twenty years ago, he thought, picking up the sonic drill and continuing to blast a hole in the cave's wall.

Andrra, however, lacking something to occupy herself with, sat down on an upturned crate. "I can't understand it! Why haven't we found anything, except some rodent bones?!" Rummaging through her backpack, she took out a fine sheet of flimsiplast, which had a picture printed upon it. The woman examined the man in the picture for the hundredth time, having already memorized all of his features: the elegant, regal posture, the broad shoulders, the slight tilt of the head, the look of two wise eyes, coated with joy and sorrow, the fine lines in the corners of his eyes, betraying the secrets of a harsh life and the small, almost imperceptible smirk of his lips, as if he alone was the bearer of a very important secret. In the lower left corner, two words were visible: Jedi-Emperor.

Where are you hiding? Why can't I find any solid proof of your existence?

She remembered, all too clearly, the meeting with Essan D'ghan, the president of the New Republic Research Institute:

"As you know, Mrs. Wrenn, there are very few solid facts that prove the existence of the Jedi-Emperor. He was one of our galaxy's greatest leaders, yet barely anything has survived from his age, except for a painting in the Coruscant Museum of History and many legends, spread throughout the star systems. We need more! Personal information, objects that belonged to him, maybe even a burial place. I don't care if his reign ended nearly five millennia ago! There must be something out there that will tell us his story!"

"Do you wish that I conduct the search, Mr. D'ghan?"

"Yes. You are one of the best Prospectors the New Republic has. If someone can find a trace of the Jedi-Emperor, I'm sure that will be you!"

Andrra swore under her breath, crumpling the sheet in her fingers and tossing it on the ground. "Why can't I find anything?" she growled softly. "I've been in far more challenging missions than this! I have unearthed the remnants of the Trayus Academy on Malachor V and the ruins of a Sith Temple on Hekarya! And yet, here I am, in this slag pit, in the middle of nowhere, clawing through the dirt for over three months with absolutely no results whatsoever! This isn't fair!"

"The Past does not show itself to those it deems unworthy" a deep voice spoke, out of the air.


Andrra shot to her feet, casting scared glances all around her, with her heart beating rapidly in her chest. But all that she saw was a vast expanse of dusty, scorched plains, under the merciless rays of an orange sun.

"This heat is finally starting to get to me! Next I'll be seeing little green trolls!"

Turning towards the cave entrance, she shouted:

"Quar, I've had it! I'm heading for the camp. Do you want to come with me?"

"I'll come as soon as I finish digging, Quar answered, shutting off the sonic drill. You go ahead. I have to start looking for Nizzy and that might take some time."

Andrra nodded and, picking up her backpack, she set out for the camp, uttering colorful curses every five minutes, in response to the unbearably hot atmosphere.
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