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Ryan is sick, and Brendon is looking after him. One-shot.

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A soft whimper escaped Ryan's lips and he rolled over and curled himself up into a tight ball. His head was throbbing and he could feel his pulse pounding in his ears. Every part of his body ached and he couldn't stop himself from shaking. He was freezing cold but his body was already covered in five extremely thick blankets, and yet he didn't feel any warmer.

"Ryan, what's wrong?" Brendon asked as he moved to sit on the edge of Ryan's bed. Ryan didn't answer; he just let out another soft whimper and shook harder, almost as if he was incapable of forming words.

"Ryan?" Brendon was even more concerned now. He ran a hand along Ryan's head, smoothing down his brown hair, which was matted to his head with sweat. Ryan was sweating but his skin was impossibly cold. Freezing even.

"B- Brendon, I'm f- freezing." Ryan stuttered.

"I know, Ry. I know." Brendon replied, still smoothing down his hair in a gesture that felt comforting to Ryan. "Just hold on, Ry" Brendon said as he got up and walked to the ensuite of Ryan's room.

Brendon began filling the bath with hot water. He made the water hotter than anyone would normally bathe in but not hot enough to scald Ryan's skin. When he was done he went back into Ryan's room and pulled the blankets off him, which only made him groan softly and curl into a tighter ball.

"B- Brendon what a- are you doing?" Ryan managed to stammer out.

"Trying to get you warm Ry. That's all" Brendon said as he wrapped his arms around Ryan and lifted him up. He was unsurprisingly light and easy to carry, which was probably a good thing. "Wrap your arms around me Ry. C'mon Ry. Help me here" Brendon said as he carried Ryan back to the ensuite.

Brendon was about to slide Ryan into the tub when Ryan grabbed at the collar of Brendon's shirt. "Brendon, I- I'm still wearing m- my clothes." He said in a panicked tone, as if going into the bath with clothes on could be dangerous.

"I noticed but you'll be warmer if your clothes retain the heat of the water." Brendon said, trying his best to calm him. Ryan released his grip and Brendon gently placed Ryan in the hot bath. He whimpered again as the heat came in contact with his skin and soaked his clothes, then he rested his head back on the edge of the tub and closed his eyes.

Brendon kneeled by the edge of the tub, just making sure Ryan didn't slip under or anything. Then after about 10 minutes, Ryan spoke.

"I feel warmer now Brendon."

Brendon lifted his head off the outer edge of the tub where he had rested it and pressed a hand to Ryan's forehead.

"You do feel warmer Ry. Much warmer." He said, letting his hand drop from Ryan's forehead and ghost it's way down his cheek.

Ryan's eyes were still closed as Brendon's hand reached Ryan's chin and the Ryan felt Brendon's thumb rub gently across his lips. Then Brendon's touch was gone.

Ryan opened his eyes several minutes later and saw that Brendon had laid his head back down on the edge of the tub and his eyes were closed, his breathing light and even. It looked like he had fallen asleep. Which was all right with Ryan, since Brendon had been up all night looking after Ryan and as far as he knew, Brendon hadn't slept at all.

"Thank you Brendon." Ryan said softly, bringing his hand up from under the water to rest on Brendon's hand, which was draped on the edge of the bathtub.

"No problem Ryan." Brendon muttered softly. His eyes were still closed but now Ryan knew he wasn't sleeping. Especially when he felt Brendon grab a hold of his hand and squeeze tightly.


[A/N] Just a small ficlet that came while I was trying to work on my chaptered fiction/s. Hope you enjoy.
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