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Reward As Punishment

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There's some days where Naruto both hates and loves his favourite sensei.

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A/N : Just something short and (insert synonym for cute here) about Naruto and Iruka. -gasps- Nothing about Sasuke nor Kakashi, it's a first! Enjoy!
Prompt : Violet - 1 Books (from 7rainbowprompts)

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Rewards as Punishment
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Iruka snickered quietly behind the distraction of his hand.

"Iruka-sensei" Naruto whined, clutching at the crown of his sore head.

The brunette dismissed the pleading for mercy from those blue eyes. Turning, he hid the amusement he felt at 'torturing' - as the young blonde ninja would call it - Naruto today. Well, really it was the boy's own fault that brought this punishment down on his spiky head.

"Go on Naruto. The sooner you start, the faster it's done and the quicker you can go home." The academy teacher reasoned.

Naruto, the ever simplistic one, translated his brother-figure's speech to a blunt "Just do it."

He let out a small explosion of air and flapped nonchalantly at Iruka. "Yeah, yeah." And he turned away from the door to face his punishment.

The brunette sensei smiled fondly before closing the door to the room and wandering back to his desk to get some paperwork finished.

Naruto's punishment was to alphabetise all the books and scrolls in the small room - which admittedly was wall to wall shelving that was only waist-high - and the several book stacks he had knocked over when the hyper blonde tackled Iruka in greeting. The bed was waiting at home so the Uzumaki shinobi summoned a couple of shadow clones and set to work. All in all, the task took a few hours to complete.

As Naruto bent down to pick up one of the last ones. It was an untitled hard cover and strangely enough it was bound with ribbon. Just a little bit curious the blonde ninja carefully slipped off the trimming and opened the front cover.

Inside there was a neon orange note with a fine scrawl. Naruto silently read the message, azure eyes widening with every word.

A wide grin wiped the previous tired 'been working' expression from the blonde's face. Excitement welled up inside of him and thoughts of praise and affection for Iruka scrambled through Naruto's mind, replacing the errant ones of dislike.

It was the book that the boy had been coveting for the past couple of months but refrained from buying due to its' price. He'd told Iruka about it ages ago.

With a loud whoop of joy Naruto ran from the room - with the novel clutched fervently to his chest - to hug the life out of a certain brunette sensei.

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