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Secrets Revealed

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A mysterious wolrd controled by evil is being unleashed. Sokia is a normal girl with a normal farmlife. In one singal night, everything changes. With the help of her best friend and an old fri...

Category: Fantasy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy - Warnings: [?] [V] - Published: 2007-03-30 - Updated: 2007-03-30 - 437 words

Creature of Darkness

A girl turned restlessly in her sleep. Her eyes rolled under their lids, trying to escape a dream. Breath escaped from her lungs in huge gasps of breath. In a dark corner, bright yellow eyes pierced the room. Nothing escaped their watchful gaze.
A figure climbed through the window, black against the twinkling stars. It moved so fluidly, it was in the likeness of a living shadow. Moonlight outside cast an eerie glare in the small room. The single shadow swept across the room, denying the moonlight. It was like a fire caught by a strong gust of wind. Underneath the gleaming yellow eyes of the creature watching the twisting shadow, sharp fangs gleamed in the dim light. Behind them unearthed a deep growl. The veering figure's head turned sharply towards the creature steadily watching it. Red eye's cut off the deep darkness, glaring menacingly.
It hesitated, and then strode with quick, long strides to the sleeping girl in her cot. The growl grew with a sudden fierceness, and the shadow cringed; yet continued onward, like a liquid shadow. It's strides got slower and shakier as the growl grew steadily when it went closer to the sleeping girl.
The shadow stood over the girl; eye's gleaming hungrily. It started to unsheathe an unseen sword. With a snarl the guardian leaped from its corner.
In the center of the room, a lion stood, teeth bared and ready to use at a second's notice. His golden mane settled around his intelligent face. Claws scratched the floor as his paws stretched.
Reeling back, the dark creature retreated slightly. Then it pulled out a sword, it glimmering darkly in the faint luminescence. Striding across the room, the lion watched the darkness, brilliant yellow eyes never leaving the blade. The creature swung with a soft snarl, the sword aimed at the great cat's head. With no effort at all, the lion raised his own paw and connected with the blow at the flat. A little blood was all that the creature gained of his swing. The lion's eyes didn't even glimmer with the faintest feeling of pain.
The creature squealed loudly with annoyance and fear. It sheathed the naked blade and fled noiselessly to the open window. With an effort, he turned back, facing the great cat. With a liquid voice it said "My master told me to tell you this; you won't prevail, we have already won" The girl stirred and it jumped out the window, in the distance a shrill shriek echoed in the night. The lion backed into the corner, and disappeared in the darkness.
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