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Frank In The Cupboard

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What more can I say? One-shot

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Frank was the best at hide and seek. He always had been. As a matter of fact, he was hiding right now. He had jammed himself into one of the cupboards on the tour bus and left a note on the fridge that simply read, 'Find me. I'm hiding.' Then he just had to wait. Frank was good at waiting too, even if his antsy antics made him seem anything but.

He knew for a fact that no one would open this cupboard by chance because all it contained, well used to contain, was out of date food that none of them had ever looked twice at. And even if they were looking for him they wouldn't think that Frank would even be capable of crushing himself into the tiny cupboard that passed off as a hiding place. That's why this was so brilliant, Frank thought to himself.

Soon he heard someone moving around in the kitchen and a quick rustle of paper sounded. He assumed someone had just took the note off the fridge. He waited silently for the response.

He heard a sigh and then, "Gee!" Bob yelled. "Frank's hiding."

The exasperation in Bob's voice brought a wide grin to Frank's lips and he tried to force back the laugher that threatened to erupt when he heard Gerard's distant reply, "Again?" He ended up biting the collar of his shirt to keep the laughter in because he couldn't cover his mouth; his arms were pinned to his sides by the confinement of the cupboard.

"Yeah, again." Bob shouted back. "He wants us to find him, so get your arse in here and help."

-------- GERARD'S P.O.V -------

I wandered into the room a moment later. I let my hand on my hip and then I surveyed the kitchen. I wondered where Frank had hid himself this time. No matter how many times I thought I knew Frank well enough to just find his hiding places in a flash, Frank would always hide somewhere obscure and end up spending half the day hidden because no one had any fucking idea where he could be. Often we came to the conclusion that he just wasn't on the bus. But he always was.

He usually ended up scaring us shitless. Like the time he hid in wall duct in Mikey's apartment when we were all staying over. He jumped out just as we had turned off the lights and were getting ready to go to sleep. Talk about nightmare invoking. I don't think Mikey slept much that night.

Bob stuck Frank's note back onto the fridge and went into the other room to begin searching for Frank. I headed to the other end of the bus to begin my search there. By the time we'd searched each end of the bus and met back up in the kitchen, it was afternoon and we still hadn't found Frank.

Bob shrugged when he saw that I'd entered the kitchen without Frank in tow. "Looks like he hid good this time."

"Doesn't he always?" I said with a sigh.

Really, I loved Frank. He was fun but this game just got old so quickly that I didn't see the fun in it anymore. Sure Frank was great at providing a challenge but we'd just spent the last 2 hours extensively inspecting the bus for any place he could've hidden and he wasn't anywhere.

"Frank you fucker. Come out already." I knew he wouldn't, 'cause that's how the game went.

Just then I spotted the trashcan. It was filled with food that I was sure had been in that cupboard that we all avoided. Don't ask me how I knew the food came from there but a smile spread across my face. I think I'd just found Frank's hiding spot.

The cupboard that the items had come from looked so small that Frank probably had to cut a few limbs off to fit in there and that made me doubt that he had chosen it as a hiding place, for a moment at least, but then I strolled casually over to the cupboard and motioned to Bob that I thought Frank was in there.

He nodded back and stepped to stand on the other side of the cupboard. He was grinning now too. For once we'd surprise Frank instead of him surprising us.

I was just about to reach for the handle when the door burst open. "Raaaarrhhh!" Frank yelled, causing Bob and I to jump back. Bob yelped in shock and bumped into the counter behind him. I yelled, "Frank!"

Frank lay face up on the floor, the lower half of his body still inside the cupboard. The triumphant grin on his face said that he'd won. He chuckled and slid the rest of the way out of the cupboard until he was sitting in the middle of the floor.

"Man, you guys suck. I can't even feel my legs anymore." He said rubbing his thighs, trying to get the circulation flowing again.

I stared at him incredulously. He was the one who put himself in the cupboard and it's not our fault that he was so damn good at hide and seek.

He went to stand and abruptly fell over again. I snorted and Bob doubled over with laughter. Frank couldn't even walk now and every time he tried to stand he just fell over again. It was hilarious to watch him try to attempt to upright himself.

Frank scowled at the both of us. "Don't laugh." He said, giving up on trying to stand. "Maybe you could help me up?"

I laughed and shook my head. There was no way I was going to ruin this by helping him up.

Suddenly I found myself sprawled out on the floor on my back with Frank sitting on top of me.

"Fra-ank!" I yelled trying to push the smaller man off me to no avail. I looked up at Bob who was watching us, still laughing.

When he caught my gaze he shook his head and raised his hands, "No way." He said backing out of the room. I could hear him laughing down the hallway.

Frank grinned at me from his position on top of me. "Until I can stand. You're not going anywhere." His grin spread even wider when I sighed loudly and rolled my eyes.

I could only hope the feeling in his legs would return soon; otherwise I'd be pinned to the kitchen floor all day. Somehow I knew the circulation in his legs would be conveniently absent for a while at least.
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