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The Ocean Cries For You, My Love

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"I'll love you even as I take my last breath, Frank Iero." Frank's met the one he was destined to love, but will he believe this beautiful man's story, or will skepticism ruin his only chance at ha...

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` Disclaimer- I own...the plot. That's it. sad face**

A/N- Don't. Fucking. Ask. I've been having this crazy obsession of the past few days, so, yeah. This is definite AU, but I won't explain why 'cause that'll give it away. Just know that Frank is a 21 year old college student, and Gerard is...well, you'll find out. Written from Frank's POV. No other MCR person is in this. Enjoy, loves...

Spring break. Supposed to be great, supposed to be fun and shit, hanging out with your friends? Well, then why the hell am I now walking on the beaches of California, completely alone, half-sobbing as I clutch a picture of my (ex) girlfriend and a bottle of my new best friend, Jack Daniel?

Well, I don't know. Ask Jessica. Damn whore. I don't fuck her, so she throws me (Don't make fun of me. She's like 6'4"! I'm 5'4"; I can't defend myself against /that/!) against the wall, beats the shit out of me, and then goes and sleeps with my (now, once again, ex) best friend.

My life sucks.

So, there I was, taking random swigs from the bottle as I staggered across the beach. I wasn't drunk or anything, I was just tired and I ached and I'm pretty sure I was still bleeding.

Yeah, that's right, my life collapsed exactly twenty minutes before I found myself on that beach, musing on how much life sucks. After I regained consciousness, I ran out of the hotel like hell and just started walking.

By then, I'd gotten so far there was no one else out there. I wasn't even sure which direction I'd come from, everything looked the same. But, was so beautiful.

I paused, staring in utter awe at the pink and orange horizon.

The water was a crisp blue, the waves crashing and rolling on the sand like a playful dog. The sun was low and orange, highlighting a ribbon down the water and across the blue, pink, and orange sky. Not one cloud was in the sky that evening. It was so perfect, immediately lighting my spirits to the point I wasn't ready to take a gun to my head.

And then, I saw /him/.

My jaw dropped as I stared. He was highlighted in the orange sun, his perfect porcelain skin glowing in the light. He was facing me but his eyes were cast outward to the sea, an almost pained, melancholy look on his gorgeous face.

His face was round but not chubby, his cheekbones high and his raven hair flowing down to just above his shoulders. He was not short but not tall, but so wonderfully thin. Muscles rippled on his chest as he moved his arm to swipe his bangs from his brow, but he wasn't overly muscular. In fact, the muscles he had were finely tuned but barely showed.

This perfect man wore no shirt, and a simple pair of deliciously tight jeans. He was barefoot, and I could see the black polish on his fingernails.

And his eyes...oh, they showed such emotion and even sad they sparkled and danced and glowed. They were hazel, a light color but so dark with emotion and thought. I found myself lost in those eyes, those eyes not even looking into mine.

And me, a self-proclaimed 'most straight man in the universe', wanted nothing more to be the object of affections in those beautiful eyes. So, I did what I could. I stood silently and stared.

Which is mostly why when his questioning eyes finally met mine, I turned and ran for my life.

To this day, I'm not sure why I ran, I guess mostly because I was scared. This man was too beautiful. He was making me question something I'd been pretty damn sure of since I was 12, my goddamn sexuality. So, like always, I ran from a potentially beautiful relationship. Because I was scared.

I barely heard his cry to the wind of, "Why do we want what we can't have?"

But I did hear it. And I stopped running, turning slightly to watch him. His eyes glowed and shimmered as he walked slowly towards me. I swear, I saw them flash a neon green as he looked me up and down, but then again, I did finish a quarter of the forgotten bottle in my hand.

He tilted his head to the side as he finally met my eyes. ( beautiful. I'll never forget the high I felt as I got lost into those pools of thought and emotion.)

"Why did you run?" he asked softly, reaching up to caress my cheek. I grabbed his hand without thinking. He flinched, and I stared in absolute wonder at the softness and the strange coldness of his skin.

That's when I noticed the faint glimmer on his chest.

My eyes widened as I leaned forward slightly, inspecting. His skin was /not /perfectly white. It had a very faint, greenish glow to it. And, across his chest in a crooked, zigzagging line was a row of green, shimmering /scales/. The line crossed from his right collarbone down to the jutting bone of his left hipbone.

"What /are /you?" I blurted without even thinking.

He stiffened under my touch. I gaped slightly. I had forgotten that I was still clutching his hand tightly, and let go. He pulled his hand to his chest, inspecting it.

"What are you?" he deflected the question with one of his own after awhile, finally finding his soft, melodic voice.

"Frank," I replied, once again without thinking. It was a stupid answer, but it made him smile. He had a perfect smile, too, one that showed all of his small, pointy-ish white teeth.

"And I'm Gerard," he responding, reaching out and shaking my hand. I shook back, grinning like an idiot.

"What are you doing out here all alone?" I asked. "I'm here for spring break, and my idiot of girlfriend just dumped me so I have a reason, but what's yours 'cause I already told you mine." I somehow managed to get that out in one breath, but I sucked in another breath because, obviously, I was out of it.

Gerard smiled slightly, sadly, the sort of smile that ghosts your lips and is never truly there and never reaches your eyes. So badly I wanted to make those eyes smile.

"I'm always alone. There are always people around me, my own people who don't understand or care. So I come up here. To your world. It's so perfect quiet and peaceful."

"I don't understand," I said dumbly. "If there are people all around you, how are you alone?"

"There are always people when you're alone," he responded sadly. "That's how you know you're alone."

I stared at this man, Gerard, suddenly confused. He was so could such a gorgeous creature be sad? He looked so innocent, like a child as those eyes glistened with a fluid I knew he'd refuse to shed in front of a stranger. And oh so badly I didn't want to be a stranger anymore.

"Why are you so sad?" I asked, wanting to make him feel better. I caressed his cheek as his did mine earlier, except he fluidly jerked (if that's even possible) away from the touch.

"Don't," he whispered.

"I don't understand." I repeated my earlier statement, because I meant it. I didn't understand, and truth-be-told, I still don't to this day.

He smiled that ghost smile again.

"If what they say is true, you're a boy, and so am I. I will fall in love with you if I get the chance. Which is why I have to go."

"No," I said, grabbing his arm as he turned to leave. A quiet desperation filled his eyes.

"Please...let go," he pleaded.

"No," I said firmly, pulling him close to me. Gerard whimpered, crystal tears rolling down his pale cheeks. "Please, tell me what you mean. I don't understand."

"And you never will. Just forget me and let go!" Gerard said near hysterically, trying to pry my fingers off of him.

"NO!" I shouted. "What are you? What do you mean; you'll fall in love with me? I just met you!"

His eyes widened, his eyes darting to the sea.

"I'm not what you think I am. We're destined to be together, Frank Iero. Father won't allow a human and I to be together. He won't allow it! He'll kill you if he finds out, and then I'll die myself. I have to go now before-."

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!??!!" I yelled, grabbing his shoulders. He squeezed his eyes shut, before reopening them and locking those deep crystal orbs onto mine.

"Tell me you didn't feel it. Tell me you didn't know the second you saw me that we would be together. Tell me this, Frank Iero, and you know you'll be lying."

I froze.

"You're right. And...and I never told you my last name."

He grinned, "Destiny awaits."

I stared at this insane man...wait, no, /creature/, and shook my head, chewing on my lip ring.

"What the hell /are /you?" I whispered.

"Do you believe in...mermen?" he asked.

I laughed, "You mean, like mermaids and Atlantis and shit? Hell no."

His face fell, and suddenly I felt horrible. Those eyes had been so close to smiling and now they were on the brink of crying.

"You don't...believe?" he asked.

I shook my head, blinking rapidly.

"'re telling me that you're, like, a mermaid or something?" My voice was incredulous, disbelieving. Of course I didn't believe. Who the hell did? Seven year old girls?

He nodded slowly, watching my face.

I bit my lip so hard it bled, and then let out a soft sigh.

"Explain, and I'll see if I believe."

He blinked, looking broken and betrayed.

"Al-alright. Mermen and mermaids, we live in the sea. We can come on land if we wish, but only until we turn one century. Once we hit that age, we must choose between the land and sea. But then, there's our destined loves. We only get one chance to love, and if rejected, we die. It's a horrifying choice, between our two true loves, the sea and our actual lover/companions. It's driven many of us to madness, but for me, I always thought it'd be easy once I met him. I always thought it'd be one of our own, but since it's a land human, it's more difficult. I...I never thought I'd fall in love with someone who didn't believe."

I blinked, trying not to laugh. I had really liked this bastard, too.

"So, you're almost a century then? Are you immortal?"

He nodded slowly, hope creeping into his beautiful face.

I raised and eyebrow, before turning and walking away.

"Wait!" he called after me, standing in the same place with a confused and hurt look on his face. "Where are you-?"

"Fuck you," I growled, walking away backwards, watching his face fall and his heart shatter and the flame in his eye go dim and then die. "You led me on. I kinda liked you, too. I hope I never see you again."

He squeezed his eyes shut, and then called after me, "Oh, how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying."

I froze, tears filling my eyes as I walked away.

I knew I'd never see him again, or know if he was insane or of I passed up a chance for true love. All I know is that I'll never forget that beautiful man, standing on that beach, his quiet voice a whisper in the wind.

"I'll love you even as I take my last breath, Frank Iero."

A/N- I'm real proud of this one. Kinda strange, I know, but hey. Everything that was weird about that relationship was DONE ON PURPOSE! DON'T FLAME ME ABOUT UNREALISTICNESS, IT WAS ABOUT MERMEN FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!!!

Song of the day: 'Devotion and Desire' by Bayside. That song is da sex.

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