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Dragon's Hidden Love

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Hatori and Tohru have feelings for each other, but neither of them wants to admit it [HatoriXTohru]

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Disclaimer: I don't not, have not, and never will own Fruits Basket, Its characters, its logo, merchandising, or any of the other legal stuff. I just like to make stories, don't judge me.

Me: Hello it is I, Jarrett, lover of Fruits Basket and Hatori's Manwhore.

Hatori: (walks in) Jarrett, I have the whips, where have you... who are you talking too. (gives an evil glare)

Me: Well, uh... I was just introducing the story...

Hatori: I'll forgive it this time, but next time I might not be so nice, now hurry up...

Me: Uh, Ok! Well, er, enjoy the story, and review if you want.

Hatori: (from back room) Jarrett! Now, Man slave!

Me: (Waves then runs to back room) Coming!

Happy Birthday Ha'ri!

Hatori Sohma sat at his desk working on his usual paper work. He had been so engulfed in his work that he barely heard the phone ring.

"Ha'ri! I..."

Hatori promptly hung up the phone, no way, he was NOT in the mood to talk to the Dog. He had way too much work to do, and didn't need that nuisance. Five seconds past and the phone rang again.

'I should just let it ring' he thought 'But then Shigure will never leave me alone, I shouldn't have picked it up in the first place.'

With a sigh, Hatori picked up the phone, and pretended to listen to the Dog.

"Ha'ri, you're so mean!" Shigure whined on the other end of the line

"What do you want, Shigure" Hatori sighed, "I'm very busy"

"I just wanted to make sure you were coming tomorrow"

"I didn't agree to such a thing" Hatori said with a shock, however it did seem like he was forgetting something.

"Oh Ha'ri, please tell me you didn't forget..."
"Forget what?" How could he forget anything, Shigure was acting strange, though he absolutely could tell he was missing something.

Hatori could hear Shigure gasp on the other end, "Ha'ri, tomorrow's your birthday!"

'Dammit, that's right' He thought "What does coming to your house have to do with my birth..." he suddenly remembered. Shigure and Ayame had begged him to give him a decent birthday party. He remembered it was last Sunday.


Shigure: Hey Aya, we should give Ha'ri a decent birthday

Aya: Oh Shigure, you always have the best ideas, Oh Ha'ri!

Hatori: What is it

Aya: You must come over this Saturday to celebrate your birthday, you know a decent one.

Ha'ri: No

Shigure: Oh please Ha'ri, Please please please please please.... (goes on a bit)

Ha'ri: (on brink of insanity) Yes, I'll go, just please, let me get back to work.

Shigure and Aya: Yosh!!

End Flashback

"Ha'ri, you still there?"

"I'm sorry, Shigure, but I'm swamped with paper work"

"But you promised"

"I didn't promise anything"

Shigure sighed, "Oh well, I guess all the food our little flower is going to make will just go to waste. Don't worry Ha'ri I'll tell her the bad news. She might be sad for a minute, but It'll pass."

Dammit, why did he have to bring up Tohru. Just thinking about her made him blush. She was like Kana, but something was different, she had so much innocence, and whenever she blushed, she was so cute...

"Ok, I'll go"

"That's great, I'll see you tomorrow then?"

He sighed "Yes."

Hatori hung up the phone, and lighted a cigarette.

Tomorrow is going to be a very interesting day.

Me: (runs back into room wearing nothing but boxers) Hi, I hope you liked the first chapter.

Hatori: (comes into the room and grabs me) Slave

Me: (sweat drop) heh...heh...yes master.

Hatori: (glares at me) Now!

Me: Uh well, got to go. Chapter 2 is coming up (waves as Hatori drags me into the back room)
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