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You What?

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Gerard's had enough of fan fiction

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"That's it Frankie!" Gerard yelled as he continued looking through fan fiction sites.

"What's it Gerard?" Frank yelled back as he was in the other room watching TV

"All of these fucking fan fictions. They're all so clichéd and obviously not actually gonna happen"

"That's why they're called fiction, dude"

"Yeah well, I don't like it"

"Gerard, get over it."

Gerard turned his computer off and walked into the sitting room, where he saw Frank lying on the couch with his arms tucked behind his head, watching some crappy cartoon.

"Look, they all basically go like this." And he stood in the door frame and looked at Frank with longing eyes.

"Frankie.." Gerard muttered.

"Yes Gerard?" Frank asked, curious as to what Gerard was doing.

"Look dipshit, just play along. You have to say, 'yes Gerard' in a caring way, not some confused idiotic way"

"Oh, right. Yes Gerard" Frank tried again

"Erm, w-we need to talk"


"NO! You have to say, 'I'm always here for you Gerard' and then I start crying or something"

"Oh, I'm always gonna be here for you Gerard" And Gerard fake cried

"I- I love you Frankie." Gerard fake sobbed, then stopped when he realized that Frank wasn't saying anything. Just looking at Gerard, with such a look in his eyes that Gerard couldn't even understand what he was thinking. They were best friends, and Gerard could always tell what was on the younger mans mind. It scared him a bit. "This is the part when you say it back.." Gerard urged.
"Oh, erm. I love you too Gee" Frank said

"YOU SEE! IT'S FUCKING STUPID!" Gerard roared and turned around to walk back out of the door.

"G-gerard" Frank called after him.

"Yeah?" Gerard stopped and turned around to look at Frank

"I love you." Frank said.

"You what?"

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