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Have a Nice Trip, See Ya Next Fall

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My Chemical Romance, a clumsy Gerard, and some evil stairs at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. What could be better? A really stupid one-shot that I wrote to destroy writer's block. ...It didn'...

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` Disclaimer- I own nothing, fools.

A/N- Once again, don't ask. I have no inspiration for my chaptered fics right now. This comes from me falling down the stairs earlier. (My leg hurts! cries I tripped over nothing. That's how I fell. smacks forehead Damn, I'm stupid.) Oh, and just pretend that My Chemical Romance was nominated for something at the Kids Choice Awards which just ended because they totally should've been. Please, just enjoy...

Gerard Way is an icon to all misfits in the world. He is sexy, inspirational, artistic, talented, and...clumsy?

His explanation for the events of March 31, 2007? A very simple: "This is what happens when you spend two years straight of your life drunk and high out of your mind. It kills brain cells."

In LA, on this March 31, 2007 evening, the Kids Choice Awards had just begun. Nominated for best group, the band My Chemical Romance was sitting in their reserved seats, talking and laughing.

The band always enjoyed the Kids Choice Awards, due to their childish nature, and because Way loved children.

So, of course, when Nat and Alex Wolff and Hilary Duff introduced the nominees for Favorite Musical Groups, Way and his band mates Frank Iero, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, and Bob Bryar sat up a bit straighter.

And when Duff leaned in the microphone and yelled, "MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!" Way jumped up with a huge grin on his face and hugged first his brother Mikey, then his boyfriend Iero, and then Toro and Bryar. He then ran up the stairs to the podium with Iero, and hugged Duff before turning to the microphone with a huge smile on his face. Iero clutched the orange blimp to his chest, and waved to the kids in the audience.

"THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!" Way yelled, tucking a strand of black hair behind his ear. "We'd like to thank Reprise Records, our families, our friends, our supporters and our lovers. Thank you for believing in us when we were just lost kids in the big bad music business, and thanks for catching me when I fell. And remember, never let them TAKE YOU ALIVE!!!!!"

Way stepped back from the podium, and waved as the audience burst into cheers.

Iero and Way, walking next to each other, walked towards the stairs, talking and grinning wildly.

Iero went down the stairs first, and then Way started down the stairs. And then, the unthinkable happened.

Gerard Way slipped and fell down the stairs.

Iero, his eyes wide, watched as he landed hard on his butt, and then burst in laughter. Way, his eyes wide and unbelieving, just sat there.

All of the cameras were now on Way, and most of the audience was now laughing at his expense.

Blushing furiously, Way slowly stood up and walked back to his seat, sinking down into his chair and covering his face as he burst into insane laughter.

Mikey glanced at him and whispered something into Way's ear, who then gasped and looked up at the large screen behind the podium, which was showing instant replays of his fall.

Then he began to laugh hysterically, shaking his head as he mumbled something into Iero's ear, who laughed along.

None of them paid any attention to the rest of the show, quietly laughing and talking.

"Hello, I'm Rachel Giovanni here on E! News with Gerard Way and Frank Iero. Last night, as we just recapped on the screen, was a surprise to us all. What happened there?" the beautiful woman asked, smiling as she held the microphone out to the blushing rocker.

"Well...I, uh, don't really know. As I've said before, don't spend two years of your life drunk off your ass. It'll kill your brain, and then you'll trip over nothing and fall down three stairs at a kid's award show."

Rachel laughed.

"Were you hurt at all?"

Gerard blinked and shrugged, "My ass is pretty much black and blue."

Frank started to laugh really hard, and had to turn away from the camera.

"What was your reaction, Frank?" Rachel asked, a false smile firmly in place.

Frank gathered his breath and gasped, "Oh, man, that was hilarious. I mean, I've seen him fall down and trip before, but not on live TV. And then, everyone was laughing at you, Gee. Poor you."

Gerard rolled his eyes, "May I remind you of the TRL incident?"

Frank rolled his eyes and shook his head. Rachel, clearly intrigued, asked, "Do tell."

Gerard, laughing, said, "On our first TRL, no, wait, live TRL experience, Frank stood up on the drum set and fell off, taking down half of the drum set with him. Good thing Bob is an amazing drummer. He managed to finish the song impromptu."

Frank sighed, "I'm so stupid."

"Yes, you are," Gerard said, patting Frank's shoulder.

Rachel smiled and turned to the camera, "I'm Rachel Giovanni, and you're watching E! News."

Twenty years from now...

"Jesus, what are you watching, Frank?" Gerard asked, walking into their living room.

"Remember this?" the smaller man asked, turning to grin at Gerard. Frank hit 'rewind' on the remote, and pressed 'play' just as Gerard slipped down the stairs.

Gerard rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Are you ever going to let me live that down?"


A/N- Okay, I'm sorry it ended so early, but my dad is a B-I-T-C-H. He is, for real, pissing me off. Christ. Just, review and make me feel better, please? 'Cause I feel like shit. REVIEW!!!!!
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