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A Little Too Late

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Has Gerard left it to late to spill his feelings to Frankie? Slash/One-Shot

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You know how long I've waited to hold him this close? To listen to his heartbeat as I rest my head on his chest, to feel this warmth wrap around me like a blanket? I've waited what seemed like an eternity. Now the moment's actually here, I hate it. I hate it a lot. I can't listen to his heartbeat because he's not breathing. And I can't feel this warmth wrap around me because all his warmth left him just like the colour in his face.

"Frankie, no." I say softly. "Frank! No!" I shout more determinedly clutching him tighter as I let tears snake their way down my cheeks. But no matter how loud I shout, or how hard I cry, he isn't going to come back.

Now I'm just sitting out in the snow, clutching the love of my life. The love of my life doesn't even know he is the love of my life. I was going to tell him how I felt tonight, that's why we were driving out to the same park we used to go to when we were teenagers. The roads were slippery, it was dark, and he died on impact.

I'm still clutching his body for what seems like hours in the freezing cold. I'm startled by a pair of headlights pulling over near our car wreck.

"Oh my god," The person says when they see me, a bloodied up rock star, clutching his fellow band mate that is lying there lifeless, a large gash across his head. "I'll call 911," They add reaching for their phone.

I can hear sirens in the distance.


"Oh shit, hurry up and finish it Gee. The cops are coming," Frankie said to me as I shook the spray bottle. Nothing was coming out.

"It won't spray," I said shaking it harder.

"Here," Frankie said taking the bottle of blue from me. He shook it and accidentally pressed the top at the same time. He was coated in blue paint. I cracked up. He wiped off some of the blue to reveal an evil grin.

"No way, Frank. "I said backing away.

"I promise it won't hurt," He said pouncing on me and covering me in blue spray paint. We erupted in laughter as I stole the can off him and stained his school clothes with more paint. The sirens of the cop cars were getting louder. We ditched the can and ran.


Everything is reminding me of him and Mikey has to basically pull me off him. Frankie's body is being taken away on a stretcher, Mikey is hugging me, all I can think about is Frankie. Frankie on that day we lit the storeroom on fire, how gorgeous he looked in the firelight of the burning school supplies. Frankie in his 'Black Parade' uniform. Frankie lifeless and dead in the snow.

"I love him," I sob to Mikey. This seems to come as no surprise to my little brother.

"Oh Gerard," He says and not in the way that you're parents do when you can't have something but in a different way. "You didn't tell each other all these years." He says. I pull out of his hug and look at him in the moonlight.

"What?" I say.

"He loved you too Gee, he just never thought you felt the same way. " Mikey says.

I go back to hugging Mikey. I can't hold back anything, I just cry. Mikey cries too, we just hug each other in the snow for what seems like hours.

"Mikey, I can't go on without Frankie. I love him too much." I say burying my head in his shoulder.

"Gerard, when you wrote all those songs where you just preaching? I am not afraid to keep on living." He says.

"Its Frankie," I say. "I'm not afraid to keep on living, I just don't want do it without Frankie.."

Authors Note: Hmmm, I'm not happy with this one but my sister forced me to post it. Oh and by the way in this one Frankie is single, his not married.
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