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A rainy drive.

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A rainy drive.

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The disgruntled man stood aware of very little more than the irritating fact that he was standing in the rain, waiting for a man that viewed punctuality as a virtue that was as dead as chivalry. Sliding off a rather plump drop of rain from his cheek with the use of his thumb he sucked in his bottom lip and waited on a patience that extended it's use 30 rain trodden minutes ago. Finally a short horn blast came from behind the man turning to give the driver proof enough to realize the man that coined the phrase to glare daggers had received a nicer look that the one he just received. The blue Mercedes moonlighted with a streak of gray with the use of the moons light angling across the roof to the front where the headlights were reflected against a striped yield sign. Putting his hand under the handle to the door, the cool metal sending his nerves screaming in fear and an awkward feeling of tingle at the tips of his fingers he pulled open the car the heat being as welcomed as a knife would be for his late driver he slid into the passengers seat shrugging himself out of his leather jacket and setting it on the back leather seat, resisting his every temptation to crawl in the back and lay down against the seat heaters he instead rolled down his shirt sleeves that were bunched upwards at the forearm position and plucking them down to their regular position of slight concealment of his wrists he strapped himself into the seat and looked direct ahead after the affirmative click that ensured his potential safety.

"Late." Was all he said his voice soft.
"Busy, long day." He applied pressure to the clutch before pulling down on the shifter and exchanging his foots pressure to the gas function and the car jolted into action out of hotel parking lot.

The rain scattered splashed syruped slanted and surplussed against the windshield giving an odd instrumental feel to the night the windshield triumphantly sending the rain sprawling off in arcs against the windshield wiper and landing with terrific dives to the ground. The driver's skin complexion was eerie against the moon a sight haunted look as if this man's biology was processed with no regards to light and complexion and was instead absorbed in his eyes with a vibrant blue he glanced up at the moon which shone as if a king would demonstrate his dominance over a court of nobles. The clouds seeming to part to perfect this image of superiority. The effect was good, it appeared that the clouds were for some reason afraid to cross paths with the vibrant crescent in the sky. His pale blond hair, this man was at most 25 with an air of cheerfulness that seemed batted down by his day.

"He met some guy, we don't know about him.." The passenger said while huddling in front of the vents that spewed forth heat taking turns to encase his hands in each other he rubbed them together diligently in hopes of a small blaze would start.

"Oh yeah?" The driver was preoccupied with the gentle swaying of pine needles as tree tops swayed in a motion of waves the scattered blue color eerily processing over the trees giving off that they were being followed by this color.

"...You think he'll make it?"
"Do you care?"
"Here, aren't I?" The driver responded irritably snapping his attention away from the trees that left him with the vague haunting appeal of a stalker. Closing his eyes he exhaled in an attempt to release the bitterness that called these words home.
"You believe in what we're doing?"
In case this question was rhetorical the passenger took precious seconds to respond hoping that they wouldn't confront a conversation on ethics in a Mercedes. "I'm not sure anymore.."
"Chances are we die before this night is over.." He said this off handedly as if not giving general significance to the sentence would magically transform it to something not as serious. His partner never responded and he couldn't stand silence on this night of all amazing nights. "All I'm saying is, we're lucky, we have been we've gotten through things that much better men than ourselves have died in and well, maybe it's only been just that luck I mean.. this is our life, love it or hate it, it's all we have."
The passenger placed his thump nail between his teeth and engorged on the nervous habit and bit through the nail before removing the end of the removed nail excess. "Damn shame.." He turned to look out the window before he had to reply more, it was a beautiful night.
The driver pushed down on the clutch again before shifting to a higher gear and the sounds of a revving engine took over all use for conversation. Rain flaying away from the tires in a leap of faith before landing again on the ground.
"Damn shame" he said this cold and withdrawn from himself, as if preparing himself that all his dreams wants and ambitions, everything that made him essentially human would be over with tonight.
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