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hes soo hott

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-04-01 - Updated: 2007-04-01 - 669 words

I was so excited that my big bro bob was comming home it had been about three

years since ive seen him and the boys. "Jessica" Bob shouted as he walked through

the front door haslumped over because of the weight of suitcases in his

hands. "Ohh here let me help you" I said while helping my brother out. "Jessica

Lynn Bryar go put some clothes on" he yelled at me. I was wearing a t-shirt that

was cut so it was showing half of my stomach and I was wearing my pj shorts that

happened to be short ones that were signed by Fall Out Boy. "But bob im dressed" I

said while running over to give him a hug, "no your not the boys are comming up to

the house right now so you better get dressed" he said pointing towards my

room. "Fine you dont have to be such a bastard though" I said looking at him with

attitude. "Whatever bitch" he whispered hoping that I would not hear but I did and

I walked up to my room and got a MCR shirt on and some skinny jeans on. "better" I

said not paying attention to who was downstairs. "YES way better" he said as i

looked up "RAY, MIKEY, FRANK, GERARD your here!!!!!" I screamed as i ran to them

and gave them a hug. "wow you guys got hott" I whispered to myself. Gerard used to

be chubby and used to have dark brown hair but now he is tall and skinny with jet

black hair, Mikey looked the same except he didnt have any glasses, and Ray was

the same but way more buff and way taller, and Frank now theres a transformation

he used to be this goody-twoshoes boy that was a teachers pet but now he had black

and white hair with tats all up his arms and one on his neck wow they were hot. "I

cant believe that its acctually you guys i havent seen you in such a long time!!"

I said while giving everyone a hug. "Wow Jessica you have changed" Mikey said

while looking at me with a smile. "What do you mean by that mikey????" I asked

him, "god dammit Jessica your all grown up and hott" he said. i started to blush

like there was no tomarrow, "garsh your not so bad yourself" I said back looking

innocent. "well im going to bed guys goodnight" i said while yoning "goodnight"

They said while i was walking upstairs to my bedroom

gerards pov
"wow Bob jessica looks good" I said in shock.

"what do you mean by that???" He asked in an overly protective voice

"Dude Bob calm down whats gotten into you" Frank asked bob looking over at me mouthing the word 'PARANOID'

"Yeah bob what wrong with you lately?" Mikey asked him

"I dont really know, but when i walked in i saw my baby sis wearing a hooters type shirt and shorts it sorta freaked me out i guess i have to come to the fact thet Jessica is growing up and i cant stop it from happening"he said to us while setting up guitar heros


"WHY" Ray yelled back


"wait a minuite my birthdays tomarrow and that meand Jessicas is in three days" i said in shock

"lets throw a par-tay for Jessica"frank said

"A TMNT party!!!" bob shouted with glee

"Noo bob lets throw a party with just close friends" Frank suggested

"that sounds good" i said

"cool night guys" Frank said walking upstairs to one of the spare rooms

"Yeah i think im gonna go to bed too" I said while Walking upstairs to one of the other spare rooms

"night Gee"ray and bob said without taking their eyes off the tv screen


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