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Questioning Eternity

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All he wanted to do was love.. Love the one that couldn't. One-shot.

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The church was empty and silent except for the soft tap of shiny black shoes on the floor as Frank walked down the aisle towards the large mahogany coffin that was resting at the front of the church. The lid was open and flowers were placed purposely around the coffin. The roses didn't bare any scent. They didn't seem real. They didn't seem alive. Just like everything else in this place seemed. The silence filled the room so thickly that Frank thought anything living in the room would surely be stifled by it.

When he reached the open-lidded coffin he exhaled softly and sharply. The person lying inside didn't look dead; they looked like they were sleeping. Except no breath graced their lungs.

Frank's breath hitched in his throat and he forced it out, causing himself to shudder. He stepped up onto the small raised platform in front of the coffin and sat gingerly on the shiny wooden edge of the coffin.

The person in the coffin was dressed entirely in black, as was Frank. His black hair was styled perfectly, not a hair out of place and the dark black eye shadow that covered his lids bore no smudge marks.

Frank sniffed quietly and rubbed at his nose. He told himself he wouldn't cry today. Not because he wasn't sad, but because he had to be strong. Life didn't stop for death.

----------- FRANK'S P.O.V ---------

He wasn't dead. He couldn't be dead. He wasn't allowed to be dead.

I reached hesitantly for his arm and lifted it. It felt heavy and limp. I dropped it down and it thudded silently back to the white silk.

I sniffed again and ran a hand gently along the side of his face. My fingers felt rough against the pale flesh of his face and I snapped my hand quickly away. I shouldn't touch him. He'd always told me it was dangerous to touch. Even the slightest touch meant we could allow what we had always tried to avoid.

Shut up! He's dead you moron. It doesn't matter what he said, he's not here to say it now. I scolded myself. All that shit didn't matter now. All that shit about how we had to ignore our feelings for each other because it was inappropriate didn't matter at all.

I lifted his arm again and let my fingers lace with his for a second. Then I let go.


How could you leave me?

Tears began to well in my eyes and I blinked furiously, trying to push them away. They would not spill. I swore they wouldn't.

My fingers found their way around his limp arm once more and I lifted it from where it lay.


Why did you make me deny my feelings?

Then I lifted his arm once more. Maybe if I kept doing it he would get so annoyed he'd wake up. I laughed quietly to myself. Wishful thinking.


Didn't you love me enough for us to be together?

I went to lift his arm again and stopped. What was I doing? What was I fucking thinking?

He's not waking up my brain screamed. My heart fought the truth.

I slid slowly off the edge of the coffin and stood beside it. I let out a low sigh and crouched down enough so I could rest my chin on the side of the coffin. I let my hands lay spread under my chin.

"Gerard." I whispered quietly. "Why didn't you let me love you?"

He didn't answer me. Not that I expected him to. He never answered me when I asked him questions about why we couldn't be together. He would always just shrug and tell me not to ask him again. I wouldn't stop asking until he gave me an answer. I was always persistent but Gerard was always stubborn.

Even now I don't have my answer.

I don't think I ever will.


[A/N] This originally spawned from a little joke; The idea of Frank lifting and dropping Gerard's arm is artistelamore's, so go read her fics! =]
I just built upon that little concept. Should've written an April Fools fic considering the date today, but here's this instead. Please R&R once again.
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