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As Time Moves On

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The Second War is about to begin, with Voldemort gaining power, and the Ministry denying his return. Ron&Hermione are looked as the ones to destroy HIM, but no one saw the return of the Savior they...

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A/n Well, here's a new chapter for you, this one is somewhat of an interlude before the action, so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Chapter 12: As time moves on

The Hogwarts Express slowly moved towards its destination while the students on it were looking forward to a new year. Harry, Hermione, and the others were sitting in a compartment by themselves, mostly discussing the war with Voldemort. Despite his protests, Harry did not take any active part in it since the end of last year, when his true nature was finally revealed to the Order.

However, the weapons he had provided for the Order proved quite effective, and there were now about sixty Death Eaters less to worry about. It took some time to train everyone, and Harry had to threaten Mr. Weasley with painful dismemberment several times to prevent him from tinkering with the weaponry.

But now, he was going back to Hogwarts, and he had to rely on the Order to take care of the war for now. His greatest worry was Hermione's new appearance, but Dumbledore solved that problem by enchanting a necklace with a complex glamour. She looked just like she did before, even though she wasn't happy about it.

Harry was quite surprised by her. She took to her new mental abilities like a fish to water, and Harry was sure that with her keen organization skills, she could match even his Lord as a leader. However, she lacked the coldness and the inherent anger of the Lantrisi. She was just too nice. Harry hoped to awaken a more violent side in her, but even his strongest efforts were rewarded by only small bursts of rage.

Caught up in his thoughts, he was startled to notice a new scent in the compartment, a scent he was quite familiar with.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Ron spat.

"Nothing from you Weasley. I just want you to know, Potter, you'll pay for what you did to my father." The blond sneered, but it faltered under Harry's glare.

"I'm not interested in your empty threats, Malfoy. If you try something, your father's death will seem quick and painless compared to what I'll do to you." Harry replied, without even turning to the boy.

Malfoy paled a little, and left hastily. "Well, that was fun. I'm gonna meditate for a while, Hermione, call me when we get there." Harry told his friends, leaned back and closed his eyes.

As Harry meditated, he heard Hermione's voice calling him back.

"Why did you call me? We can't be there yet." Harry asked mentally, and she pointed to a breathless third-year who was holding a scroll tied with a violet ribbon.

"Err, I'm supposed to deliver this to Ha-Harry P-Potter..." She stuttered.

Harry took it, and the girl left at once, glad to be away from him. He opened the scroll, and after he read it, he looked up in confusion.

"Who's Professor Slughorn?"

"Oh, I overheard a few teachers talking about him about a week ago. He's the new Potions Master. Snape got the Defense post this year." Hermione told him.

"Well, let's see what he wants." Harry shrugged, and left for the designated compartment.

It was almost comical how everyone got out of his way once they saw him. Clearly, after his actions in the Ministry, he was considered as dangerous as the Dark Lord.

'Let the sheep think what they will. They are inconsequential. All it matters is my revenge.' Harry gave a group of second-year students a rather evil smirk as he passed their compartment, and smiled as two fainted and one wet himself.

'Humans are just too easy. I wonder what happens if I show my fangs?' Fortunately, he didn't find out, as he had reached Slughorn's compartment.

The old man seemed nice enough, but his motives behind Harry's invitation were clearly obvious. Harry's influence and abilities, combined with his connections, would get Harry well ahead in society, and the old man would get the boost to his reputation, as well as some possible favors in the future.

However, Harry had other plans, and as politely as possible, declined the man's invitation to join his Slug Club.

Once he returned to his own compartment, he told them briefly about what Slughorn wanted, before his clothes rippled into a Hogwarts uniform.

"God, I can't wait until I can do that." Hermione said enviously.

"Well, in about a thousand years, you'll be able to." Harry smirked as she groaned.

"Now, now, nothing good comes easy, Hermione. You know that." He said in a sagely tone.

She glared at him, but remained quiet as they left the train, and headed for the coaches.

"Say, those are some weird looking horses." Harry commented as they climbed in one of the coaches.

"What do you mean? There are no horses there." Ron looked at him like he was crazy.

"Oh yeah, I remember reading a book about them. They're thestrals. You can only see them if you've seen death." Harry replied.

"Then, I hope I'll never be able to see them." Ron shivered as the coach moved towards the school.

"Say Harry, I had an idea. You know, while the Decimator is a pretty good weapon, it's not very effective against large crowds." Hermione suddenly turned to him.

"Yes, I know. There was no need. With spaceships, and other vehicles, it became impractical to fight with large armies. Ground combat is usually fought with about two hundred men at most on each side. So, your point is?" Harry asked.

"Well, you said I would do well in research, right? I had an idea for a new weapon, I've been combing the Link for information, and I think I can do it." Hermione said rapidly.

"Do what?" Harry sounded curious.

"A railgun." Harry's eyes almost fell out at this.

"No way. It can't be done. Not the size of a personal weapon. A turret the size of a giant, perhaps. The smallest I know of is the size of Hogwarts and orbits a moon, Hermione." Harry snapped.

"Will you at least let me try it? Just get me the materials, and let me try. I finished the basic training, you can't order me around unless it's absolutely necessary." She glared.

"Alright, alright, I'll get you what you need. I still think it's a waste of time, though." Harry sighed.

"What's this railgun thing?" Ginny asked.

"You tell them, it's your idea." Harry turned away.

"Well, you know those weapons Harry gave the Order? It's something like that, only it works differently. A railgun fires a piece of metal instead of energy, but at such high speed, that no shield or armor would be able to stop it. In theory, the force of the impact would be strong enough for the shot to pass through several targets before stopping." Hermione explained.

"And you can build this?" Ron asked.

"No, she won't build it, because it can't be done." Harry told them matter-of-factly.

"Alright, Mr. Potter. I say we make a wager. If I build it, you'll turn into a girl, and French-kiss Malfoy." Hermione told him, and Harry shivered.

"Alright. But if I win, you have to jump on the Gryffindor table when everyone is there and give them a nice long flash of your naked chest." Harry smirked as she blushed.

"You got yourself a deal. I suggest you start thinking how to approach Malfoy because there's no way I'm gonna lose." Hermione stuck his tongue out.

"And you make sure you're facing me when you give the students some eye candy." Hermione blushed again, and remained quiet for the rest of the trip, while Ron and Ginny sat slack jawed at the display.

"Say Harry, have you ever... you know... been with a girl?" Ron stammered.

"Ron, I'm over six hundred years old. I've had about a dozen girlfriends, not to mention quite a few one-night-stands, and a handful of junior officers giving me reasons for promotion, if you know what I mean." Harry smirked lightly, while everyone else was doing a pretty good imitation of a red beet.

"Damn, Harry, I didn't think you've slept with more people than there are in our school." Ron grinned weakly.

"Well, once you get past a certain age, you tend to act a bit wilder, you know. And besides, since we don't have to worry about diseases or unwanted pregnancy, we don't put such a stigma on sex. Most of the one-night-stands were something like this: I walk into a bar after a long day of training, find a random girl, and say 'Hey baby, wanna shag?' She'd look me over, say sure, and we spend a few hours together, then each of us goes our separate way." Again, the trio blushed furiously at his casual approach to what they considered an embarrassing subject.

"You guys need to relax. And Hermione, do me a favor and search the Link for 'Torok-amn Jorpal'." She sounded confused, and her eyes seemed to be looking for something only she could see, before she gasped loudly, and blushed so deep, that Harry thought she had pushed all her blood in her skin.

"My god, I'll be scarred for life. That was revolting." She growled at Harry, but she didn't move, knowing perfectly well she couldn't harm him.

"What? What happened?" Ginny asked confused.

"I just had a rather disturbing pornographic video burned into my brain. Harry, you better make sure you make that kiss to Malfoy extra long, or you'll be the first victim of my railgun." She glared.

"Well, that would mean I'm getting an eyeful in the foreseeable future." Harry replied, still keeping his usual cool and casual composure, while Hermione growled so loudly, that Ron and Ginny flinched away.

Moments later, the coach stopped, and everyone got to the Great Hall. After the sorting and the feast, during which Hermione shot dirty glares at Harry at random intervals, everyone went to their dorms, and Harry and Hermione to their rooms. About four AM, Harry heard his door open, and he felt Hermione's presence.

"How can you stand to sleep so little, Harry?" Hermione complained.

"It's hard at first, I know, but you'll get used to it." Harry smiled and gave her a few books, before sending her on her way.

The next day, the lessons began, in a much more relaxed atmosphere, now that they knew the school was safe, thanks to several Order guards patrolling trough the school, the Decimator rifles safely on their shoulders.

The classes themselves were a lot more demanding than before, but Harry continued to excel just as before. The fact that, despite his natural advantages and his knowledge, he was still no match for Voldemort on a magical level, pushed him to study magic even harder.

As the weeks rolled by, the only excitement were Hermione's frequent requests for materials. He got her what she wanted, simply to humor her. He knew that the chances of success were less than slim.

Then, his greatest nightmare came true. Hermione told him she's done it. She refused to let anyone in her room, and she spent over two months working on the railgun whenever she didn't have classes.

So, now, Harry, Ron and Ginny were on top of the Astronomy Tower, waiting for her.

"Do you really think she did it?" Ron asked Harry.

"I sure hope not. Well, we'll soon find out." Harry replied as Hermione arrived, carrying the largest rifle he had ever seen, two frozen tanks on her back, a pair of strange goggles and several earmuffs.

"It's a bit large, isn't it?" Harry smirked.

"Well, if I had access to a few special alloys, I could make it about 30% smaller. So, shall we test it, Mr. Potter?" She grinned.

"By all means. Where will you shoot?" He asked.

"I think the best place would be the lake. Here, put these on, I'm still working on a way to dampen the sound." She handed them the earmuffs, then turned the rifle towards the lake.

"How much does that weigh, actually?" Harry asked quickly.

"About 700 pounds. Without the tanks." Hermione replied shortly, and began to aim. After a few moments, she pulled the trigger, and much to Harry's horror, a huge blast erupted from the muzzle of the gun, and a blink later, the lake was hit from the shot, causing a huge wave to rise.

While Hermione calmly put the gun down and took off the goggles and earmuffs, Harry simply stared dumbstruck at the lake.

"Bloody hell Hermione, that was awesome." Ron grinned as he took off the earmuffs.

"What the hell was that sound? It sounded like an explosion." Several guards, accompanied by McGonagall and Dumbledore rushed to the tower, wands and guns drawn, but they relaxed when they saw who it was there.

"False alarm men. Return to your posts." Dumbledore sent the guards back, before turning to the students. "Would you care to explain what happened here?"

"We were just testing my new invention, sir. I'd say it worked perfectly." Hermione pointed the ten foot long rifle.

"I see. What's wrong with Harry?" Dumbledore looked worried at him, as he stood catatonic staring at the lake, mumbling quietly.

"Is he saying something? I can't understand it." McGonagall approached him.

"Wait, let me see. He seems to be in shock, professor. He's speaking Lantrisian. He says 'I should have known', over and over again." Hermione shook her head, then swung her arm back, and punched him square in the jaw with enough force to send him back to the edge of the tower.

He stood up slowly, spluttering and letting out deep, guttural words as he did.

"Hey, I resent that. You have no right to insult me like that." Hermione gasped as she caught his words.

"Well, you did break my jaw." With several nasty crunching sounds, he set his broken jaw, and moments later, spit out several teeth.

"Nice punch. Next time, aim a little lower. So, you did it. I should have known. I never won a bet before, so why start now?" He sighed.

"Well, how many bets have you made?" Hermione asked.

"Three, counting this one. The first one was during my training. I lost, and ended up with my arm to the shoulder in reactor coolant." Harry sighed as Hermione winced.

"Ouch. You really did that? Wouldn't that melt..." Hermione asked.

"Melt off my arm? Yes, it did just that. My first re-grown limb." Harry smiled lightly.

"That wasn't so bad, actually. The second was much worse. I lost, and ended as the Retriever for the Grimskulls." Harry winced this time.

"I thought people volunteered for the team." Hermione frowned.

"They do, for the most part. The Retriever position in the major league teams is a bit hard to fill though. The teams would do anything to get a player. My replacement for example, the captain threatened to skin him while he was wearing a maxed pain amplifier if he didn't join." Hermione's eyes widened at that.

"But now, this bet beats it all. And it's all your fault." Harry threw her one more glare, and left.

"What is he supposed to do, Ms. Granger?" Dumbledore asked.

"You'll find out at dinner tonight." Harry's distant voice was heard from the stairwell.

That night, the school was gathered for dinner, when suddenly, loud clatter was heard from the places nearest to the door. Everyone turned to the sound, and they also found the reason for it. The most beautiful girl they have ever seen had just entered the Hall. Flicking her long raven hair casually out of her eyes, she scanned the room slowly, before she smiled a bit, which earned a collective sigh from the male population of the school, and she walked gently towards the Slytherin table.

She stopped before Draco Malfoy, who gulped loudly as she raised his chin a bit, gave him another smile, and raised him slowly. When he stood up, she embraced him slowly, and gently put her lips against his, beginning slowly, and deepening the kiss as she went. Moments later, Draco ended up with his back against the wall, getting the life snogged out of him.

Finally, their lips parted, and the girl whispered gently in his ear "Later cutie. Hope you liked it." With that, she turned around, and she left just as quickly as she arrived.

The moment she left the Hall, it erupted in talk, while Malfoy slumped to the ground, giving an impression of a Dementor victim.

"Albus, that wasn't who I think it was, was it?" McGonagall asked.

"I think it was, Minerva. I think it was." Dumbledore smiled as he watched several Slytherins trying in vain to break Malfoy from his stupor.

Ten minutes later, three Gryffindors walked into Harry's room laughing like mad.

"That was bloody brilliant. Did you see Malfoy's face, Ginny?" Ron laughed, but quieted instantly as something pushed him into the wall, and he felt someone's lips being pressed against his, giving him a long kiss before he could even think.

"What the..." Ginny said before the same happened to her, and she found herself pinned against the wall, kissing a girl.

"Payback's a bitch, eh guys?" The girl smirked before she rippled into Harry.

"You bloody kissed me. Ugh, that's disgusting Harry." Ron had a sour look on his face.

"Don't make such a fuss about it, I was a girl when I did it. And admit it, you liked it." Harry smirked.

"I-well, you, argh, I need time to think." Ron stormed out, while Ginny was still standing there, staring into space, whispering 'I kissed a girl'.

"Ginny, wake up." Harry shook her a little.

"You-you-why?" She sounded angry.

"To show you how fun it is. Did you like it?" He purred in her ear. Hearing that, she blushed, and ran out of the room.

"That wasn't very nice, Harry. You..." Hermione stopped speaking when she noticed the look in his eyes. Before she could even flinch, he grabbed her wrist, and pushed a few buttons on her bracelet, making her slump on the floor.

"What did you do?" She looked at him in fear.

"I zeroed your bracelet. Right now, you don't have enough strength to even stand up." He replied as he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.

"What are you going to do?" She asked in a trembling voice.

"Don't worry, not much. So, sit back and enjoy yourself." Harry smiled as he threw her on his bed.

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