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Yet another couple named Blaze and Havoc! Havoc is a werewolf with a sadistic brother who meets a bounty hunter called Blaze. Oh, and one more thing, Blaze kills werewolves for a living, and why do...

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Disclaimer: I own Blaze and Havoc, and I plan on making thi story into a book. please R&R


Ice cracked against the wall of a cave as the stars twinkled down as silent spectators. A girl rolled to avoid a large boulder that flew towards her. A man stood, as silent as the stars; in a back corner; his hair covering one eye. The muddy brown strands matched the girl's who was now standing in another corner of the rock den, panting. Their eyes were both the deep, rich violet of Orchids.
"Stop this, sister so that we may end this meaningless struggle," said the man, folding his arms in front of him. His shirt was of black silk, his jeans the darkest denim. He was not one who needed money. His hair shown in the faint starlight, and his eyes reflected something more than humanity.
"I will not help you, Gregory. I can't and won't stay here," she dodged another boulder and the wall crumbled, leaving a gaping hole. Someone stood outside that hole, waiting for his chance to burn the things inside to ash.
The man heard the futile argument as he stepped on broken bits of earth. It was meaningless to him, the heartless killer. He let the strap that held his crossbow fall and grasped the edge of the weapon, pulling it to him. He undid the strap entirely and put the front of the crossbow on the ground, stepping on it to pull it back and to notch a bolt. The edge of the bolt gleamed with silver; a good amount of it ran through each arrow. The man gave only the barest hint of a smile, he looked up and the starlight gleamed off of his face. His hair could have been made of stars itself, but his eyes gleamed as red as the devil's own. His boots crunched on the rocks as he heard more meaningless arguments from inside the cavern; where his prey unknowingly awaited their deaths.
The girl was now on her knees, holding a bloody left arm. She watched as the man who resembled her in so many ways walked toward her, barely seeming to care about his surroundings.
He reached down to the girl and picked her up by her torn shirt. He lifted her into the air and slammed her into a wall, "say the words, my sister, and all the power you ever dreamed of will be yours, and you can do what you wish with these others," the man purred. Something shifted in the depths of his eyes, where a soul should have been. It was not a soul, however; it was a bloodthirsty beast, rearing to kill whoever stood in its way.
A man stood in the cavern, his head bowed. He had been the one tossing around the earth like a plaything, the one who had injured the strange man's sister. He was a loyal servant, content to kiss his master's feet for eternity.
In between pants, the girl spoke up, "I hope you rot in hell, Brother!" She spat on his face, her eyes narrowing. She knew he would take this as an insult, but was prepared to pay for her actions. Anything would be better than the life she was leading now, even death. She had spoken up against her alpha, her master; and he wouldn't spare even his baby sister the torment.
The man who had been outside carefully aimed his crossbow at the man in the corner, the man who looked nothing more than a lackey. He would gladly end the man's meager existence. Then the wind changed, carrying the hunter's scent to those in the cave.
All three people looked up from whatever they were doing, their bright gazes fixing on the hunter who held the weapon that could end their lives. The man who was holding the girl dropped her, letting her slide to the ground at his feet. He took a few steps towards the hunter, his snarl becoming louder with each passing second.
The red-eyed hunter smiled, "Would it be too late for boo?" he asked in a dark voice. He reached around to his side and drew a long, thin sword out of its sheath. The metal rippled in places, showing pure silver running down the center of the sword; where symbols lay. These symbols spelled death for anything unbidden in the hunter's sights. The sword seemed to flicker with fire as the man concentrated on it.
"Leave," growled the man with purple eyes. His anger was now focused on this man who had interrupted his business.
The hunter's eyes travelled over both men, until he found the girl sitting on the floor, defiance on her face. He couldn't make out any distinguishable features, but he figured right off that she was the weakest of the trio. Her small frame and wide, innocent eyes told him everything about her, except why she was with these two jerks. Perhaps she was a hostage, or soon to be dinner. The hunter thought briefly about plunging his own fangs into her delicate neck, but soon returned to the task at hand.
"Did you not here me, stranger?" the violet-eyed man's voice rang against the stone walls, making him sound intimidating and frightful, but the hunter wasn't fooled in the least. This man was trying to be arrogant, trying to scare him out of a kill. The man signaled and the last man in the corner sprung at the hunter. His body elongated and morphed in the air, fur sprouted in a long line down his back and the rest of his body lengthened out, becoming more canine like. Soon a wolf stood in his place, at least five foot tall. It had brown fur and bright amber eyes that glowed with an inner light that no normal wolf or human had in its gaze.
"Step down, dog. I was only sent to kill the alpha of this pack, not the lesser members," the hunter growled in a voice that could be sensual and dreamy. He brought the crossbow back up, aiming at the transformed wolf on the ground that was growling up at him with a murderous look in its beast like eyes.
"Attack, Stephen," ordered the other man. He said it as if he was answering what the weather was like, as if it was the least important thing in the world. He turned back to the girl on the floor, who was healing her arm. He kicked her over and pinned her on the ground with one foot. She succumbed easily, letting him step on her shoulder. She had to tell herself over and over that doing something foolish now would do no good. She needed to pick a better time and place, one where she clearly had the advantage and was ensured a fair battle.
"Let her go," the hunter called, dodging an attack from the brown wolf. He seemed at ease with the situation. He dodged again, swinging his sword in an arc that drew blood from the charging beast.
The man laughed; "if you knew what she was you would beg me to kill her!" he scoffed. He pressed down harder on the girl's shoulder, as if daring her to move. The girl did not take the dare; she merely clenched her eyes closed against the pain.
The hunter pulled the trigger on his crossbow as the wolf staggered toward him. He hit the animal square in the throat. It fell to the ground, trying to dig the silver melded arrow from its now burning skin. The silver acted as a poison in the animal's system, killing it almost instantly. Hopefully it would provide the same answer for the alpha; and if needed, the female.
The violet-eyed man growled deep in his throat as he watched his pack member die on the rock floor. He took a step away from the girl and his entire frame glowed with power, making the hunter's hair stand on end. He shifted, becoming a wolf that was five and a half feet in height. Muscles rippled under its midnight colored pelt. Its eyes were like amethysts in the night sky, staring at the only man in the world who mattered, the man who would surely die by the wolf's teeth for his actions.
Man and wolf collided in mid air, both having jumped toward the other. A dagger flashed, missing the wolf by inches as teeth snapped in the air where a hand had been only moment before.
The girl got up, her eyes steely. She hoped deep inside that this hunter would kill her brother and rid the world of him forever. She walked past the screaming combatants right as the hunter jumped out of the way, landing beside her on his feet. He turned, his red eyes gleaming in the dark. He met the girl's gaze for a moment before catching her arm and tugging her towards him, pressing his mouth against hers. His fang nicked her lip and he sucked her warm blood into his mouth. He let go of her arm as the girl pulled away, confusion on her face. He however, had simply loved the taste of her sweet blood, and swilled it around in his mouth for a moment like an exquisite wine before swallowing the ruby liquid and turning around to block an attack from the wolf.
The girl stood, feet planted shoulders' with apart for a second...two. Then her instincts kicked in as the man looked at her with his piercing red eyes and ran his tongue over his upper lip. The girl ran into the woods, silent as the night itself
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