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There's always something good after something bad

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Gemma has waited her whole life for something possitive to happen. When that something happens is it all it's cracked up to be?

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Gemma's Pov

Good things happen to those who wait.


Good things never happen to me. It's always the same old shit every day.
Show up to work.
Sell some crap.
Go home.

Newport. was the most boring town in the world.
Let alone England.
Nothing ever happened.
And i mean nothing.

I work at Card and Play.
Newports biggest and best newsagents.
Every morning i serve stupid school kids.
the latest edition of Kerrang! or NME.
Music none of them really understand.
Music that is mature.
Music with lyrcis that helps you.
Music not for a good dance.

Every week now.
the same four young boys, Keep appearing on the cover.
I had no idea who they were.
They had a lot of make up for boys.

they are from Las Vegas i think.

There are in every week.
"Will we self destruct not unless Brendon kills himself!"
I laughed. I have no idea who these are and what kind of music they make.
But they are funny.
I like funny people.

I just don't know enough of them.

I don't tend to indulge in new bands.
I stick to the music i know.
and love.

Bands like.
Green Day.
Fall out boy.
My Chemical Romance.

They were easier to find out about.
Had more material out there.

"Dude. I'm sure it's not here" A tall skinny boy with a deep american acccent said.

At first look.
they were just another bunch of tourist.
But after looking at this weeks Kerrang! magazine.
I soon realised who they were.

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