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Girl from the Mist

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Imagine being in Squad 7' shoes when they find out they've got 3 psycotic girls after them: The Demon Sisters and Akira Momochi!

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"Rise, Sister Wolf. Tears are meaningless." I growled as we buried our brothers.
"You speak as if they were nothing! How heartless can you be?!" Raizu, the nicest of us all, cried.
"Well, look at my God damn brother! I won't fall the way HE did!" I said walking away.
"Those Leaf ninja will DIE." Kaizu breathed.
"I agree. A lot." I vanished.
"Let's go, Sister." Kaizu and Raizu followed.


The gaurds were dead. So were three other fools that had croseed our pathes.
"KAKASHI HATAKE!" My voice echoed.
"What do you want?" He was calm, I had to give him that.
"I want to have your blood spread across this village and to see the light leave your eyes.
"Who the hell-" He took a step back, alarmed.
"Demon Sister Raizu!"
The fool fell before we could even blink. Kakashi used that Chidori move on her. Kaizu fell next. It was just me and him. The fools met no better fates than Meizu or Gouzu. But I would kill Kakashi or die trying. I promised that to my breathern wolves the night I saw them dead. And now he would pay.
"You will die now, Kakashi." I said, formimng hand signs by instinct. He uncovered his Sharingan but I was ready.
"Copy this!" I yelled. My clone had distracted him long enough for me to bring a fatal blow with my kunai down his back. I felt and heard every vein, arteriey and bone crush and snap. The warm blood that sprayed me tasted sweet. Like a victory.
"Is that all?" I reached towards his chest, broke the skin and gripped his heart. All the while, I stared mercilessly into hi eyes. I had won.
"Not quite." Kakashi pulled his arm back and punched me. Chidori still remained therefore my face was cut open. It stung but that blow had cost Kakashi.
I gripped his still beating heart in my hand. "Pathetic." I growled. I summoned two wolves to carry my comarades back and the Mist village lost all contact with the outside world.
Perhaps they feared us. Or perhaps Lord Mizukage wanted no more unnessasary deaths caused by us. Whatever the reason, I stand gaurd, waiting for outsiders to come, holding up my brother's impressive sword for all to see. And I carry my prize.The pup's first kill. Although I was nearly 16, Haku was 15 and Zabuza nearly 27, we stood as friends and more importantly-family. So..
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