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Finding Alternatives

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Pete meets a girl, she knows him but he doesn't know her...yet. Pete/O.F.C

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As I pushed open the swinging door, the thick scent of alcohol hit me like an on-coming bus. It made me sick in the stomach but still I continued into the dimly lit bar and took at seat at the counter.

"One beer," I ordered. Now this was a first for me. I was attempting to drown my sorrows in alcohol. Usually its pain killers. The bartender placed a large, glass of ginger liquid in front of me. I took a swig. It was bitter, I screwed my face up at the taste.

"Not a drinker?" Someone asked from beside me. I turned to see a woman, she had long, loose curls that stopped just below her shoulders in all shades of reds, blacks and browns. Hazel eyes, messily covered in black eye make-up that looked green in the light of the bar. And she had a black hoodie, skinny jeans and combat boots on.

"No," I said taking another swig. "I'm not."

"Why are you drinking then?" She asked, I think my eyes gave her her answer. "Oh, well join the club." She added raising her glass to met mine. It made a soft clinking noise before she took a sip.

"No," I suddenly said. "This isn't right." She looked at me confused as she took another sip. I put my glass down and took hers, putting it down next to mine. I then took her hand and lead her to the door. We got out onto the deserted Chicago street, she inhaled deeply. She then looked at me, "Why did you bring me out here?" She asked.

"Walking. That will be our new way to deal." I said looking down at my feet and placing my hands into my hoodie pockets. I gestured for her to come as I began to stroll down the sidewalk. I could see my breath it was that chilly.

"I'd rather have a whisky," She said shrugging but also placing her hands into her hoodie pockets and catching up to me.

"I didn't catch your name..." I said looking over at her. Her hazel-green eyes were now shimmering a grey from the light of the moon.

"Ebbie Smith," She replied taking her right hand from her pocket to met mine.

"Pete Wentz," I said as I shook hers.

"Oh, you're him." She said as we continued to walk. "I just didn't notice you, the lighting in that place is awful," She said referring to the bar. She had an Australian accent.

"Say awesome," I said. She smiled, "Why?" She asked the dimples in her cheeks growing deeper.

"Just say it." I said.

"Awesome," She said prouncing it with an 'O'.

"Say it again," I said still smiling. She laughed.

"Awesome. Pete Wentz you are awesome!" She shouted taking her hands out of her pockets and holding them above her head.

"God, I love you're accent." I said happily. We continued to walk.

"So, where are we going anyway?" She asked as we turned a corner. Before us was a whole lit up park.

"There," I said gesturing towards the carnival I didn't even know they held in Chicago. "Race you to the carousel." I added taking my hands out of my hoodie so I could run. We jumped the fence, very awkwardly mind you because we were both wearing skinny jeans that we could hardly bend in and raced over to it. It was completely vaccant but still running. I hoped up on a purple unicorn, Ebbie chose one next to mine. A silver pegasus. We went around so many times, I thought my head began to spin.

"Win me something and I'll say awesome again for you." She said getting off the horse and jumping to the ground, falling over immediately.

"Deal," I said jumping off and landing next to her. "Are you okay?" I added as she lay on the ground laughing.

"I can't stand up," She said. I slowly got to my feet, laughing and pulled her up. "I was never good with the whole spinning thing," She added landing in my chest as I attempted to get her up right.

"I see," I said almost bursting out in laughter at the sight of her wobbling around. I helped her over to the carnival games, there were people everywhere in this section of the fare. She sat down on one of the benches as I payed the guy $5 to play. It was one of those games how you had to shoot the moving targets. I got 5 shots and missed them all.

"Tough luck buddy. Would the lady like to try?" The bald guy asked from behind the counter.

"Okay," She said giving him $5 before lining up the shots. She got them all.

"Aww, you're making me look bad." I said.

"Yep, now I must get you a prize to never make you forget that you suck at this game and that I am awesome at it." She said triumply emphaising the word awesome. "I'll take the panda," She added pointing at the large plushie panda half her size.

"Here you go," the guy said passing it over to her. She turned to me, "Here you go." She said.

"Thank you," I said. "Ironically people call me Peter Panda," I added as a random fact. She just grinned.

"Anyway, wanna get a hot dog?" I asked gesturing towards the food stand. She nodded. I payed and we went and sat down by the large willow tree growing just outside the carnival grounds.

"I wonder why they're running a carnival at like 11 o'clock at night anyway." She said, absentmindedly, shrugging as she took a bite of her hot dog.

"So, you're from Australia and you're name's Ebbie Smith. Thats all I know." I said as I studied her in the moonlight.

"You're Pete Wentz, bassist, back-up vocals and lyricist for Fall Out Boy. You come from Chicago...and I'm going to stop myself before I start looking like a stalker." She said.

"You can be my stalker if I can be yours, just tell me, why are you in Chicago?" I asked.

"Personal reasons, my dad just passed..." She said her voice trailling off. "And I was just over here for the funeral and such." She finished.

"Oh, I'm sorry." I said looking down. Awkward.

"Its okay, I'm fine." She said. "Anyway, enough of the boring stuff. My real name is Eboni. I'm 26, I have an obbession with art, horror movies and..." She said but I cut her off.

"Me. If you're my stalker you have to be obessed with me." I explained. She smiled.

"Yeah, you." She said.

"So, I'm Pete Wentz. Obessed with...I don't know." I said thinking of more about myself. "You probably read more in magazines and on the internet then I can tell you." I added.

"Maybe. Maybe I'll just have to hang around you a little bit longer to find out whats true and whats not." She said.

"Maybe, I think I'd like that." I said.

We spent the rest of the night talking, just about anything. We must of fallen asleep on the huge plushie panda because I was woken by the sun beating down on us. I rubbed my eyes as I got up from the lying position I had been in.

"Did we fall asleep out here?" Ebbie asked me getting up with the plushie.

"I think so," I said looking around at the dead carnival. Suddenly my phone rang. I felt around for my sidekick.

"Hu-lo?" I asked.

"Pete! Where the hell are you?" It was Patrick. We shared a house together. "You didn't come home last night. Please tell me you're okay." He said sounding really worried.

"I'm good. So I made you worry? I'll be home soon." I said.

"Oh, okay, well see you." Patrick said. The phone line went dead, so I shut my phone.

"Girlfriend?" She guessed.

"Wrong. Patrick." I said pocketing my phone. "Anyway he's getting worried so I have to go. Can I have your phone number?" I asked. She gave me the plushie and I gave her my phone. She typed in her number and gave me my phone back.

"And yours?" She asked giving me hers. I typed in my number.

"Well call me?" I asked.

"Okay," She said giving me a slight wave as I turned to leave.

"And Ebbie, thank you." I said clutching the panda and continuing to out to find a cab. Forget pain killers, or alcohol. My new anti-depressant is Ebbie Smith.

Author's Note: a kind of teaser thing. if you like and i have time i will write more.
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