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Suppose I Never Met You

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Brendon & Tracey have been friends forever. Brendon thinks that he wants more than that, but Tracey's thinking Pete Wentz.

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Jon Walker fans can hate me because I replaced him with a Female(My own OC). Brent was never in the band, I don't really have a reason for it, it just makes the writing process for me easier. I'm not to sure where this whole Fic is going. Um, P!atd & FOB do not belong to me. I own Tracey only. This chapter is in Brendon's POV, hope you enjoy. -Rory

Tracey stumbles out of her bunk; Her hair looks like some brown animal attacking her face and head, bangs fluffed over her green eyes; Clad in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt and black skull boxers.

She looks amazing.

I know for a fact that the floors on the bus are freezing about half the time, no one ever goes barefoot. And here Tracey is wobbling over to the coffee pot, sockless. She pours herself a cup, and collapses in the booth seat in front of me.
"Sleep well?" I asked.
A dirty look seeped through the wild thing that was her bangs.
"As a matter a fact I did." I laugh as she mumbles 'Jerk' into the table.
"Aren't you just a cup of sunshine this morning."
"and your on a role of witty remarks today." She sits up and takes a sip of her coffee.
I let my face take an amused look as her own face takes a disgusted turn.
"What the hell is /this/?"
I shrug. "It's Ryan's. It tastes like shit right?"
"Yeah. Oh, and I appreciate the warning."
"Don't mention it."
She stared at me with arms crossed, a smile on her face shaking her head.
"This is something that'll never change between us. The Sarcasm & arguing. Like we're married."
"Hey, that's something we don't have with Ryan or Spencer. This is thing that makes our friendship special."
"Hmm, and I always thought you were the thing that made our friendship /special/." She got up.
I sat back, putting my arms behind my head.
She backed away slowly. There's no insulting Brendon Boyd Urie without a price. I jump up. She squeals and runs back to her bunk. I chase after her. She's laughing hysterically. I'm on one side of her bed she's on the other, deciding what to do. I leap onto the bed, she screams again and runs out. This time she pushes the bus door open, and jumps the three stars. I start laughing now as I follow her.

Where does she think she's going?

She's barefoot. I'm in socks. She's at least ten feet ahead of me, and we're running on hot asphalt. I chase her around other band's tour buses. I have an idea of what she's doing, and we're she's going. But...I don't think she would. Of course she would! She's Tracey Marie Saller! Brendon you are such an idiot.
I speed up, trying to catch her before she gets there.

To Late.

There's our tour bus destination. I'm six feet behind her. She stops at the door and yanks it open. Ten seconds later I jump up the three steps, and I'm in there Kitchen/dining area. Tracey's no where to be seen.
"Tracey?" I whisper. I creep around looking for her. I turn around to look behind me, but when I look back. I'm eye to eye with...Pete. Startled, I jump.
"Bren, what are you doing here?"
I laugh nervously.
"Well, see. I was going to make you breakfast...yeah...."
He stares at me.

"Brendon there you are." Tracey says popping her head in the door.

She's such a bitch.

"Haven't you ever heard of leaving notes, Bren. God, I thought something bad happened to you."
My jaw falls open.
"Morning Pete."
He shuffles over to her, and hugs her.
"Morning Trace. Bren here was going surprise the boys and I with breakfast."
"Was he? Huh. He never does that for us."
"Uh, well I wanted to test it out first. But I forgot the pancake mix back on our bus. Shit. Let me go get it."
I brush past them.
"Lunch later?" Pete asks her.
"Uh...yeah. I might be a little late though."
"No problem. I'll order for you?'
"No, that's okay. I'll see you later."
He closes the door behind us.
She starts cracking up.
"Your sick. You know that?"
"Aw, Brendon--Wenden can't take a little prank.?"
"Tell me. How do you do it?"
"Ah, A magician never reveals her secrets."
I look at her. "You went out the drivers door, didn't you?"
"Yeah. I did." she grins.
"I have no idea what I, or the world would be like if I never met you."
"We both would be boring people. The world would go to shit. We wouldn't be rock stars. Dinosaurs would still be around, and Britney Spears would've never shaven her head."
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