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Bits & Bobs #2

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Bits and bobs, drabbles, this, that, the other, all originals. Collected here. Less loving romance. The first drabble is about the trip of a girl from her school to her home.

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She walked out the building, looking up at the sky. 'I better hurry home before the rain starts,' she thought to herself, looking at the grey clouds.

She walked over to where she usually parked her bike. It wasn't there. She started to panic - 'Gone? But where? And by whom?' -and suddenly, she remembered. She had used public transportation that morning. 'Damn that laziness of mine,' she cursed to herself.

She started walking towardds the station as she looked through her purse. Where was the coins she had this morning? She looked back on her day - The lunch break. She had used it for a bit extra for lunch.

She sighed, giving up, crossing the street. She entered a fancy, modern building. That's where her brother worked. She walked up to the front desk, asking for him, and got reffered to his secretary.

"Go right in," the secretary told her.

"Hey, love..."
"Hey, sis! What's the honor of this visit?"
"When are you off? I forgot that I wasn't on bike and don't have no money. I figured you could give me a ride."
"No, sorry. I'm not off for a while. But you can get a bit of money for the train."
"Alright, then..." she sighed, taking the money, "see ya at home." And she was off.

She came down on the platform. A sign was up. 'Oh great,' she thought as she read the sign, 'the trains aren't driving...'

She walked out in the open air again. The rain slowly started dropping. She slowly started to walk home.

The rain poured down. She was soaked to - and pretty much through - the skin as she took out her keys - which she had been lucky enough to remember - and opened the main door. She took off her wet clothes and hanged them to dry. She wrapped a towel around her hair and put on a rope. She made herself a cup of hot cocoa, went to the living room, turned on the TV, and leaned back, enjoying her cocoa.

But then again, isn't that what life is about?...
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