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SLASH SLASH SLASH Gerard/Frank DON'T read if you don't like 'em(slashes that is) Honestly people I don't want a flaming fiasco! Dedicated to MyVengefulRomance

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"Thank you New Jersey," Gerard spoke, he soaked in the screams, "We'll be back real soon."

The screaming continued as he excited the stage. Gerard laughed softly whipping his face with a towel. All the girls in the world and he was in love with a man. Frank came and stood behind Gerard.

"Your coming to my place, right," he stated lowly, glancing quickly to make sure no one heard.

Gerard turned, sexually looking over Frank; touching his chin he lead in close. Their noses touched frank pulled away but Gerard roughly grabbed his collar,

"I'm coming over," He whispered.

Frank lightly pushed Gerard away,
"Not here."

Gerard smirked.


"Yes Mikey?"

"Can Gerard stay with you tonight?"

Frank prayed for this.

"Yeah suppose that's not a problem."

"Sweet, it's just me and know we haven't seen each other in a-."

"Yeah," Frank stopped Mikey, "no I understand."

Mikey nodded and quickly went to the door leaving the rest of My Chem alone in the dressing room. Frank shivered; he didn't want to think Mikey was having sex but he was 26.

"See you guys Monday," Bob stated, "I'm catching a red eye into Chicago tonight," he paused yawning, "Then again Sunday back here."

"Have fun," Ray called as Bob left the room, "Well Gerard, Frank...I'll see you guys Monday."

"Bye Ray," Gerard said.

"Yeah," Frank copied, "Bye Ray."

Ray left with a simple wave. Finally they were alone. Frank went to Gerard's back again as he applied make up to his eyes; he breathed heavily into Gerard's neck. Obliging to Frank, Gerard turned to face him. Frank roughly took a hold of Gerard's buckle pulling there bodies close.

"Oh," He teased, "aren't we in the mood."

"Don't pull that shit," He growled.

Gerard placed a loose hand in front of his chest, theatrically dropping his jaw.

"What shit?"

"You know what I'm talking about Gerard."

"Don't you mean Gee-baby?" He whispered moving close to Frank's mouth.

Frank bit his lip in frustration.

"Gerard!" he snarled.

"Relax," He stated moving back and lazily dropping his eyeliner into a bag of makeup, "They still think it's an act."

Frank let a sigh of relief move out of his mouth.

"Now let's get to your place," Gerard whispered taking a firm but not painful hold of Frank's lower area.

"Fuck," Frank moaned lowly.

Gerard smiled.

"I know where to get you."


Frank opened his apartment door like that of a hotel's. He entered after Gerard and carefully placed their bags on the floor as not to make a sound. Frank wasn't sure why he felt he needed to be quiet; perhaps he felt he was committing taboo by having Gerard at his apartment he didn't know.

"Nice place," Gerard commented moving over to the window.

Frank rolled his eyes and went to the kitchen,
"Coffee Gerard?"

After no response Frank looked through his kitchen door, there stood Gerard at the window breathing upon it. He drew a heart in his breath.


Gerard slowly turned.

"Coffee would be nice; I'm going to take a shower."

Frank smiled and went back to make a pot. After a while Gerard came out, towel wrapped around his waist.

"Coffee's ready," Frank said blankly pouring a small amount of cream into his mug.

"Thanks," He replied taking his cup.

Frank looked to a wet Gerard; his hair loosely strung around his head.

"Good coffee Frank."

"Pfft! Whatever I make the shittist cup in the world."

Gerard placed his hand lovingly upon Franks face; rubbing at his ear. Frank closed his eyes touching Gerard's arm. The two almost instantly locked lips; jumping at any chance to touch each other. Frank struggled to remove his shirt; viciously Gerard took a hold and ripped the garment from his smaller body.

"Gerard," Frank protested looking to his shredded shirt lying upon the ground, "I liked that shirt."

Gerard roughly grabbed his jaw rearing Frank's head up he took a sucking bite of his lover's neck. They both heard blood vessel's snapping; yet Gerard still sucked.

"God," Frank shivered, "you really are a vampire."



"Take 'em off."

Frank obeyed quickly moving to his zipper he un buckled and let the pants fall from his hips. Smirking Gerard took a hold of Frank running his back to a wall; they began to kiss tongue and all. The two grazing each other's skin with their hands, everything seemed to be perfect. Dim lights, jazz music in the distance, nearly naked and in the heat of foreplay.

"Frank?" A loud knocking came from the door.
The two froze.

"Yeah?" Frank quavered.

"It's Mikey and Alicia," another higher voice stated.

"Shit," Frank cursed.

"We have something to tell you guys."

"Gerard," Frank whispered, "Get some clothes on."

"And you?"

"Maybe they'll leave if I'm just in my boxers."

"Alicia will wanna stay when she see what you've got in those little shorts."

"Gerard," Frank giggled, "shush."

"Frank are you gonna let us in?" Alicia asked irritated.

Frank turned to Gerard as the older male pulled on a robe, he conveniently mouthed "bitch" before opening the door. Gerard laughed.

"What's so funny?" Mikey questioned as he glance to a nearly naked Frank.

The two boys looked to each other then to Mikey, instantly they began to snicker.

"Frank's shorts," Gerard stifled.

"What's wrong with his shorts?" Alicia pushed.

"Nothing," Frank gagged, "What's the news you got?"

"Okay," Mikey smiled brightly, "Alicia and I are going to become," he held back looking towards Alicia together they smiled wider, "We're going to become parents!"

"HOT DAMN!" Gerard yelled gathering the two into a hug.

"Well we just thought you guys should be the first to know," Alicia stated, "considering you, Gerard will be the uncle of the babies."

"Babies?" retorted Frank.

"Yes, we're having triplets."

"Holey shit Mikey!?" Gerard cried, "And this is all natural?"

"Of course," Alicia maimed, "I would never take drugs."

The room went awkwardly silent.

"Well mikey," Gerard started, "nice one."

"Thanks Gerard," Mikey smiled, "you better find yourself a gal, settle down then I can be an uncle as well!"

Frank's face fell; looking to Gerard he tried to apologize. Gerard smiled facedly,
"Well you never know Mikey."

Frank left the hall abruptly without a word of notice.

"Did we say something?"

"No, it's just PMS."


"Yeah pissy man syndrome."


Gerard enter a dark bedroom, Frank lay in the sheets staring blankly at the ceiling. The older male lay down next to his lover, and took a long breath.

"I'm sorry Gerard," Frank cried out, tears came pouring.

Gerard gathered him into a hug,
"For what Frankie?"

Frank choked on a sob, gathering himself he managed to squeak out,
"For making you gay."

Gerard hugged him tightly holding his smaller body close to his,
"It's not your fault."

"But Mikey-."

"Look Mikey can handle it."

"But b-but."

"But what?"

"Won't he be disappointed?"

Gerard sighed,
"Yeah, he might but he's my brother and he will understand."

"How do you know that?"

"Because my short friend I have pips."

Frank began to giggle; touching Gerard's loose biceps he received a small kiss.

"Gerard, you'll never punch Mikey into understanding with these arms."

"Shut up and kiss me."

A/N: okay so this is a dedication
it can either can continue from here or stop.
It makes for a weird one shot, but then
again seems like their should be more...I dunno.
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